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Pandora Hearts

Pandora Hearts

Alternative Titles

English: Pandora Hearts
Japanese: PandoraHearts


Type: Manga
Volumes: 24
Chapters: 107
Status: Finished
Published: May 18, 2006 to Mar 18, 2015
Authors: Mochizuki, Jun (Story & Art)
Serialization: GFantasy


Score: 8.641 (scored by 41124 users)
1 indicates a weighted score. Please note that 'Not yet published' titles are excluded.
Ranked: #752
2 based on the top manga page. Please note that 'R18+' titles are excluded.
Popularity: #31
Members: 102,038
Favorites: 13,380


Both stories have similarity, between the Contractor and the Demon. They also have similar style and era. Characters wear Victorian-dress and Gothic style. The main characters have same deep conflict regarding their past times.  
reportRecommended by Jirichi
Similar in that they both deal with monsters from other dimensions. Alot of action and great animation [drawing] The main character is also one that is "special" which separates him from the rest of the characters.  
reportRecommended by lovelove
When reading both of these titles you start to notice the similarities to one another. both start out being more or less light hearted, as the story progresses they become much darker as the story and the characters start changing in unexpected ways, which can be both heartwarming and heartbreaking. The story's it self are both nicely written as the authors pay attention to the details and symbolism, most everything is connected in someway which makes it interesting, like putting pieces of a puzzle together. This aspect especially in Pandora Hearts, when this is certainly true for Tsubasa, Pandora Hearts has more of a mysterious vibe, figuring  read more 
reportRecommended by ValerianWizard
Both manga display some similarities like, for instance: - A Powerful Organization (Pandora/Circus) & some weird monsters. - An alternative fantasy World, where PH is set in an alternative Victorian Era and Karneval in a Modern Steampunk World. - A blonde happy go lucky main character (Oz/Yogi) that apparently has no problems, but later on some secrets are revealed. IMO, I like PH better because of certain elements you do not find in Karneval: While PH & Karneval start with a happy feeling, PH soon becomes heart wrenching,leading to a profound character development and an intricate twisted plot, while Karneval manages to keep the happy feeling by  read more 
reportRecommended by Orulyon
It's by the same author so the feelings and atmosphere around it are very similar. Some characters are also very similar both in looks and personality with some of the Pandora Hearts characters. I also tend to believe they both happen during the same time period aka the 19th century basing myself on the clothes, just that Pandora hearts happens in England while Vanitas no Carte in France.  
reportRecommended by xgreeneyednekox
Although Pandora Hearts is considerably less violent and gritty than Dorohedoro, they are both mysteries revolving around characters with lost memories who want to find out who they really are and how their past relates to the present. Except that in Pandora Hearts, instead of one character having identity issues, it's practically the whole main cast. 
reportRecommended by Neiru2013
Pandora is abit similar to FMA, Ed is a person who as a child had his father leave him , while in Pandora hearts, Oz's father abandons him and though they are entirely for different reasons, it still has the aspects of their father's being a mystery. Both FMA and Pandora hearts have deep plots such as Homunculus being mysterious group that have unknown intentions, while in Pandora hearts, the Baskervilles are a family whose leader is unknown and their intentions also unknown. They both contain fights which explore characters,different abilities as well as the theme of immature main characters who start growing out of  read more 
reportRecommended by Arondight
Alice in Wonderland references. The character designs are quite similar. The main characters - Oz and Alice (AYA?) are dragged into a abyss/world where they don't belong. They're personalities are quite similar but Alice seems a bit older than Oz. Gil/Mad-hatter has to protect Oz/Alice. Gil and Mad-hatter are very similar in character design and personality. Both characters are dragged into a plot where they have to find something. Alice, a white rabbit and Oz, shards of memories. Genres are also very similar. Note: Alice is a guy. 
reportRecommended by Zombiee
Both the characters are warped, considered keys of somesort to help reach their goals/others goals, are protected/in a similiar situation with a sort of contractor, and have dark pastses. 
reportRecommended by AuroraStar
Not too much similar plot-wise but it has that slightly gothic atmosphere to it, both main characters are royalty and also have rather similar personalities. Plus, within the story there is a talk of contracts and the ability to summon demons. If you do like Pandora Hearts I can assure that you willl enjoy Makai Ouji - Devils and Realist too. 
reportRecommended by Gonee
Both characters are warped, used to live rather peaceful lives, have a dark past, trusts people easily, are hunted down for a reason/reasons, have a contract of somesort with someone/other, ect... 
reportRecommended by AuroraStar
Both are from the same mangaka and they have a similar setting, as well as characters who look similar. 
reportRecommended by Canal
The art is done by the same person and the characters are really similar, as well as the atmosphere. Some main points in the story are also similar.  
reportRecommended by xgreeneyednekox
The characters are mysterious and both have dark pasts, while they are also kind of warped. 
reportRecommended by AuroraStar
I like to think of Kubera like a great combination between Pandora Hearts and One Piece. Both Pandora Hearts & Kubera are beautiful and painful tragedies that will shake your heart, with a protagonist that develops dramatically through the story. The atmosphere in both stories very similar- a dark and deep storyline with comedy to balance everything. The stories also contain a wide cast of great and complicated characters. Every character in the story has a unique and fun personality, all of them has their role to play in the story- non of them is unnecessary. Fun plot twists and beautiful, touching to the heart artwork (though  read more 
reportRecommended by GiselleBollinger
In both the main girls have lost their memories or only hold some pieces of it. The guyst help the girls get their memories back, while fighting the evil guys. 
reportRecommended by greenforv
if you read both this manga , will notice it's quotes some things from the novel 'alice in wonderland' particulary in arc lily 'the door and garden , complexity memories , even the family name 'alice in' doudo , the twins and clock , i think that lily he's bunny . 
reportRecommended by BA_12
Well the art is similar, not the same but similar. Both a rather uncommon style. And there are some similar conspiracy theories.  
reportRecommended by RemnantSoul
I might be wrong but I think the similarity is that both Pandora Hearts and Heart no kuni no Alice ~Wonderful Wonder World~ kind of related to Alice in Wonderland. Alice in Pandora Hearts is both the rabbit (B-rabbit) and Alice. Heart no Kuni no Alice ~Wonderful Wonder World~ has bishie rabbit guy and Alice from foreign country. 
reportRecommended by tsubasalover
I can say the most mutual thing in both manga is that the main genre is mystery and MC characters are really similar. MC female from PH and MC male character from Metronome are ready to kill only to protect the one they need/care about. The atmosphere is dark and each chapter shows new secrets who are confusing you more and more.. 
reportRecommended by Shadake
Both stories twist the readers prospective of reality bringing into question their concept of morality. The adventure is packed full of mysteries to be solved in a world where nothing is quite impossible but everything comes a cost. 
reportRecommended by GaugeII
both have betrayal and secrets that are gradually discovered over time, with immature, child like mains 
reportRecommended by unexpected123
ive only seen the first chapter of kurenai but it reminded me of pandora hearts right away. ayame really reminds me of alice not in terms of personality but in terms of her role. alice asked oz for a contract , ayame asked Youichi to become her sheep. i cant describe it but if you like one then you should definitely check out the other.  
reportRecommended by Amandeep
They seem cute at first but they are both dark and even creepy at some parts. They mess with your head in more than one way. They share some of the same themes and have similar characters. They deal with pyschological issues and have small amounts of gore here and there but nothing too graphic or a hard to look at. 
reportRecommended by delladork
While they differ greatly in storyline they both have hidden much deeper meanings to their plot. Their stories mess with your head and answer some questions to their mysteries while at the same time adding even more mysteries along the way. They share similar themes and the most of the characters in both series have problems and/or psychological issues that they struggle with. They may come across as dark but they carry very meaningful messages hidden throughout their stories. 
reportRecommended by delladork
Although both series follow a different set of premise, their world fantasy and colorful cast of characters has some resemblance. Indeed, both series takes on a variety of fantasy elements as the main characters indulge on memorable experiences. There is also a psychological path that follows both series' storyline as the main characters discover startling revelations.  
reportRecommended by Stark700
Pandora Hearts involves contracts with chains; Undertaker Riddle involves contracts with undertakers. Both feature cute shota looking main characters. 
reportRecommended by DalPuri
Similar manga that builds a fantasy world where different organizations vie for a ultimate goal that could decide the fate of the world. Both manga starts innocently with little details revealed about the fundamental structure of the world. However, the comical misadventure of the protagonists belies the dramatic revelation later in the story that will subvert readers' understanding of the entire story. Betrayals are everywhere, and alliances could switch in a instant. A character is not at all what the readers first thought he would be.  
reportRecommended by bunny1ov3r
Both feature characters with deep backstories and mysteries surrounding them, which are unveiled as the story progresses. Both stories are very well thought out. Both main characters are young boys. Pandora Hearts is darker and doesn't have the Harem/Ecchi stuff Negima has. 
reportRecommended by Fruitfish
Summoning manifestations from hell to battle, dark themes, social masks, philosophy, sad stories, badass shounen battles and bloody art. 
reportRecommended by The_Shinjinator
1) Both works are full of mistery about his respectives themes ( the abyss in "Pandora Hearts" and the wave in "Tate no Yuusha") 2) Both main character want protect to all his loved people even if that mean lose his life 3) The mistery in both works is revealed to measure the story get moving 
reportRecommended by Sherak
The two of them have a dark side and aura, the atmosphere make you feel the same thing and both of them are historical, tragedy, psychological and dystopia. The most important there is Pandora Hearts and Baraou no Souretsu are my best manga for me. 
reportRecommended by hanasmina
While reading Pandora Hearts i kept getting reminded of Blood Sign, the character relationships felt similair too and both stories have alot of refrences towards Alice in Wonderland in it, also both MCs are the Rabbit in their story. 
reportRecommended by BlackFIFA19
If you enjoy adventure, mystery and supernatural with a survival element then be sure to check out this manga. A very well-done quest of survival that requires immense cunning and intellect with some shocking twists as you progress into the plot. Enjoy ~ 
reportRecommended by amaya_marian
Heroes share the same qualities and also there is the secret of the cellar and the mystery of the Chains and what happened 100 years ago shared among them may feel like a copy of Pandora Hearts 
reportRecommended by Xerxes_Break11
No. 6 and Pandora Hearts share in common an intriguing, charming eccentricity and focus on genuine character relationships. The art in both is mind-blowingly gorgeous, and both have plots that seem simple at but become much more complicated, interesting, and layered. 
reportRecommended by ShadowMelon
The main characters are similar. The main characters both seem like normal people but are are acutely not. They both hide their blood lust. There both really goo animes. 
reportRecommended by newsyringe
Alice in Wonderland Anthology and Pandora Hearts are manga based on the classic tale by Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland. Jun Mochizuki has something to do with both series. However Alice in Wonderland Anthology is a bunch of stories by different mangaka, while Pandora Hearts is one continuous story. I find them both enjoyable! (Mainly because I love the story of Alice in Wonderland) 
reportRecommended by RosaMess
The "Mafia Family" and the families showed in Pandora Hearts are quite similar. And the same we can say about the main characters; they don't really want to be as important as they trully are. They don't want violence or being involucrated always in fightings. 
reportRecommended by RyuuNokaru
Although they express different goals, Hitsugi no Chaika and Pandora Hearts takes place in a similar setting with fantasy elements. Both series' main characters are searching for something and therefore on a journey of discovery. Throughout that journey, the main main and female protagonist bonds and learn more about their world and one another. There is mystery especially revolving around the origins of both series' main characters as well. If you're looking for a fantasy/adventure series, then give both of these a try as they may appeal your interests. 
reportRecommended by Stark700
Both has servant-master relationships, romance, supernatural powers, powerful heroines and mysteries that surrounds the protagonists. If you like Tsukihime you mustread Pandora Hearts. 
reportRecommended by toumei_
I'm not sure if both stories have similar plots. But I do think that some of the characters in both stories have similarities/ reminds me of this and that For example: Lark & Oz - They are both cheerful and both are the kind of people who doesn't want anyone to worry about themselves. Both have blonde hair, have red eyes too. (In case you haven't read some later chaps of Pandora Hearts, Oz's eyes became red (lol such spoiler)) Setz & Gilbert - Both were cheerful in their youth days, but became cold after 10 years had passed. Neal & Break - Both have a problem with one of  read more 
reportRecommended by a-cupofcake
- Kirito and Oz are protagonists that had troubled pasts and have brave personalities; - Eugeo and Gilbert act as the protagonist's childhood friend and are their inseparable companions; - Asuna and Alice B. are brave and beautiful girls that behold an immense power; - Alice S. and Echo are cold and emotionless girls that are highly competent in combat; - Similar genres (Drama, Fantasy, Tragedy); - Romantic subplots (and something that can be interpreted as a "Love Triangle"); - Complex, confusing and downright mind screwing storylines; - Vincent/Gabriel and Quinella/WotA are great villains/antagonists; Both series are heavily influenced by Lewis Carrow's work: Alice in Wonderland, they borrow character traits, personalities,  read more 
reportRecommended by Nick-Knight
both are dark, gore-y, psychological, horror, mystery, and well, awesome. Pandora Hearts is about a guy named Oz, who on his 15th birthday, is banished to the Abyss by the "red shinigami". Quote," We judge you now using the chains of conviction. Your sin is your very existence." then chains shoot out from under the ground, dragging him into the ancient prison known in fairy tales as the "Abyss". If I say much more I'll be giving spoilers but it is a must-read. 
reportRecommended by purplebird76
Plot lines among plot lines... A billion characters, all well developed. Both are very good for people who like unique stories with multiple branches and character/plot development in general. 
reportRecommended by Sekaiou
These 2 mangas have so much in common - I love it ^0^ Both can be dark at times, as well as occasionally humorous - consist of a large cast , involve past lives, magic, plot twists, violence, romance, a Victorian setting, morally gray characters, brotherly love (not in an incest way), a mystery involving an incident which occurred at a castle - many years before the main cast was born , and characters looking for the answers involving their lost memories (relating to their past lives.) And maybe, and I say MAYBE, imply shoujo/shounen ai themes - but mostly have straight *cannon* pairings  read more 
reportRecommended by kaypeace17
Both series are set around the same time period and deal with the underbelly of high society. The strong bond between master and servant is also present in both series as well as a secret organization. The artwork is also similar in style and beauty. Though Godchild is much darker and more mature, both mangas share a macabre supernatural feeling.  
reportRecommended by poznati
The main characters are all girls who are trained to be assasians or weapons to be precise; they're both warped. 
reportRecommended by AuroraStar
The main characters are both warped, with having dark pastses and being considered not a human. 
reportRecommended by AuroraStar
Both have a contract of somesort with someone/other, have a dark past, have a goal in mind that they're trying to accomplish, are warped, ect... 
reportRecommended by AuroraStar
Amatsuki is a manga that strikes me to be the very same ,or at least alike, to Pandora Hearts; both of the characters think optimistically, can act very creepy and cool at the same time when very freightened, and are both considered a "key" of somesort to help reach their goals/others goals. 
reportRecommended by AuroraStar
It's similiar in how the characters aren't human and are a bit warped; one of the main characters also blindly trusts the real main character too. 
reportRecommended by AuroraStar
Both characters are warped, used to live rather peaceful lives, have a dark past, trusts people easily, are hunted down for a reason/reasons, have a contract of somesort with someone/other, ect... 
reportRecommended by AuroraStar
Both characters have a contract of somesort with someone/other, are warped, have a dark past, are hunted down for a reason/reasons, ect... 
reportRecommended by AuroraStar
It's a bit hard to explain how they're alike, but I think that they're really alike in so many ways, from looking at them at a different point of view. But Kekkaishi is a manga that shouldn't be passed up either. 
reportRecommended by AuroraStar
Raven, stuffed toy rabbits, naive main character who has a darker side, the unknown, need I say more, other then the story lines tend to be very dark. 
reportRecommended by Yemi_Hikari
Bleach is simular to Pandora hearts in that they have simular elements to them, yet these elements are put into place in the story line in completly different ways, making them two completly different stories with simular vibes. 
reportRecommended by Yemi_Hikari
In both in the "past" arc, there are two best friends, but one of them is secretly "evil" and wants to end the world as he knows, for a certain purpose. In the middle of those two best friends there is an extremely important girl for both, yet one of them ends up killing her. Then the "evil" guy reveals his plans and they become enemies, but deep down, the "evil" guy is not entirely evil and it is capable of feeling and loving, he cries a lot or he is usually emotionless with empty eyes. Usually the nice flashbacks of the "evil" guy with  read more 
reportRecommended by Orulyon
Both of the characters have extremely warped mines, always thinking optimistically of the situation that their in. They are both very scary and interesting at the same time. 
reportRecommended by AuroraStar
Both characters are warped, said to be a key of somesort, are hunted down by someone/other, trust people easily, are easily fooled, have a contract of somesort with someone/other, ect... 
reportRecommended by AuroraStar
Both characters are warped, said to be a key of somesort, hunted down by a far darker force (can't say it exactly, it would spoil it), trust people easily, ect... 
reportRecommended by AuroraStar
It starts off as being pretty bad in the beginning, but later on in the story, the main characters start to seem very much alike with blindly trusting people and being slightly "warped." 
reportRecommended by AuroraStar
Both manga involves the main character into a supernatural world. Both manga have a shonen and dark auro that helps the story line stand-out. Both main characters are protective towards their family and friends and both have their own individuality that helps the stand-out. For Rin in Ao no Exorcist he is the son of satan while Oz in Pandora Hearts have a connection to the Abbys.... Both mangas will keep you hanging but wanting more... 
reportRecommended by escaflowne080
Both are slightly gothic fantasies with similar "dark fairytale" themes. Art and style similar. SK has a modern setting, PH is historical. (PH probably has more depth to it) 
reportRecommended by IceAndCream
Both are mangas with mystery as the main characters try to rediscover a shocking past. Both also have slight Alice in Wonderland themes. 
reportRecommended by cursebreaker
Both series share a supernatural horror theme, feature incredibly warped main characters with huge secrets and take place around the same time period. 
reportRecommended by Kiayin
The story is completely different. But the atmosphere is similar. And also the art. I particulary recommend it for those who like gothic lolita!! 
reportRecommended by Scarlet-Hime
Both are gothic, interesting and has amazing art. The characters are alos very funny and addicting and unique. They both are also dark and bloody. 
reportRecommended by AceLice
Both have a slightly gothic aura, action, and references to Alice in Wonderland.  
reportRecommended by IceAndCream
The background of each uses fairytales with Kataribe no List using Grimm's various fairytales as items and Pandora Hearts relying on "Alice in Wonderland" to portray parts of the story. What they have more in common though is that they equally have great comedic scenes and interactions between characters which lightens the mood appropriately even when things are serious. Also, albeit the story in Pandora Hearts is a lot more developed and complicated and deals with more themes, they both include a mystery of sorts with the main protagonist(s) being chased by certain enemies, similar plot twists at every corner and not knowing really which  read more 
reportRecommended by Maffy
I think that they're similiar with the main character working towards a goal in working with a team. It's pretty good, even if it's not exactly like Pandora Hearts. 
reportRecommended by AuroraStar
Both of the characters are warped, with the latest chapters of Pandora Hearts giving you a creepy feeling when they act weirdly, with laughing a bit insanely for instance with a creepy, blank look on their faces. They both have a dark past. 
reportRecommended by AuroraStar
The main characters aren't condsidered humans; the main character in this makes a contract/deal with a vampire, who wants him to become his sort of legacy. Very different with how Oz and Alice are with their contracts, but it's still similiar. 
reportRecommended by AuroraStar
The time period may be somewhat the same since they both wear those royal gowns etc. The protagonist in Pandora Hearts has a personality similar to Fred's. Romance isn't one of its biggies though and its more like action than romance. 
reportRecommended by eternal_aria
In both there exists a chaotic dimension inhabited by beings who could grant your greatest wish in return for blood sacrifice. Both involve characters having to deal with the aftermath of betrayal and a tragic massacre. 
reportRecommended by Neiru2013
Pandora Hearts and Zetsuen no Tempest deals tells a fantasy story that is shrouded by mysterious origins. The main female character has a goal and they must seek the truth and identity of their intentions. Both series has a various subplot that ties in the character roles together. In retrospect, expect fantasy tropes and a story about discovery, magic, and identity. Recommended for fans of supernatural and fantasy taking place in an imaginative world. 
reportRecommended by Stark700