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Koko ni Iru yo!

Koko ni Iru yo!

Alternative Titles

English: I Am Here!
Synonyms: Here I Am!, I'm Right Here!
Japanese: ココにいるよ!


Type: Manga
Volumes: 5
Chapters: 21
Status: Finished
Published: Jun 2, 2007 to Dec 17, 2008
Authors: Tooyama, Ema (Story & Art)
Serialization: Nakayoshi


Score: 7.861 (scored by 13484 users)
1 indicates a weighted score. Please note that 'Not yet published' titles are excluded.
Ranked: #13152
2 based on the top manga page. Please note that 'R18+' titles are excluded.
Popularity: #193
Members: 26,366
Favorites: 814


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May 11, 2009
MsMcMorbid (All reviews)
An amazing, beautiful manga.
People don't really take notice of those lone wolves in the world. They believe that they prefer to be alone, to be secluded from humanity. Though, 99% of the time that isn't the case. It's lonley, and Sumino is the perfect character to show the truth.
Hinata's help to bring Sumino into the sunlight is extremly touching. For those who have felt such lonliness will be sure to shed some tears for this manga.
Beautiful art work, beautiful story, just an all beautiful manga.
Aug 7, 2011
Reksho (All reviews)
Ever had a conversation on the internet that felt more meaningful than real-life ones? I’m sure you had. Anyone who has been on the internet for more than a week is familiar with this. The point is though, does this phenomenon take a place in your life? Does it matter to you whether the person you talk to online – and online only – is available or not? Sometimes, these kind of online conversation can mean so much to people, can be so helpful and encouraging. It can even upset them if the person they talk to is not available anymore. But to what extent read more
Oct 1, 2009
Pyapi (All reviews)
This story, while it does have the annoying stereotypical "shy girl", is very touching and absolutely lovely!

Story: (9)
The story is very realistic and one that many people can relate to. It's not too complicated or complex, but is very interesting and encouraging for people who have the same problem. While a few parts are a bit exaggerated (Especially when she's practically invisable, even shy people aren't that unnoticed!), most of the story is very touching and realistic.

Art: (9)
The art was pretty good! Although in some parts I found some characters to be a little too similar, even to the point I wasn't sure who read more
Oct 8, 2009
Sailor-Mitsuki (All reviews)
This manga is absolutely stunning.
It is, in my opinion, extremely realistic overall, but there is also a slight hint of classic shoujo--shy girl, no friends, afraid to talk to everyone--and instead finds joy in her online friends who comment on her blog, Black Rabbit and MegaPIG. No doubt, Koko ni Iru yo is one of the most encouraging manga I have ever read. Even if it is just a manga, it, at least for me, gave me courage and lifted my spirits highly. ^^

Art: Such pretty artwork! In my opinion it was above average of most shoujo. The official color pages were colored amazingly and read more
Nov 23, 2009
MeltyBlood_Len (All reviews)
There's something to be said about school dramas. In my opinion, a school drama must be connected to the real for the most part-- anything that is supposed to be imitating, and not mocking, reality should be connected to the real. Reality, where things are not black and white, requires that an author look at their characters and make judgments based on the characters they meet on a day to day basis.

That's why I can't give this a good review. I just can't.

Story: 2/10
I give this a 2 because this type of story is dry and uninteresting. A shy girl needs to pick between two read more
Jan 25, 2014
iSuckAtWriting (All reviews)
“I am here!” is a manga I have conflicting feelings for. On one hand, a story about a girl, Sumino, who’s practically unnoticeable in real life and can only find solace with people on the Internet is a relatable story. On the other hand, said girl breaks out of her shell with everything falling into place almost perfectly. With that said, this is still a good manga, but it’s held down by some hard to ignore flaws.

Near the top of the manga’s problems—but also one of its best strengths—is Sumino. She wants to have friends in real life, but people hardly notice her. But, Sumino’s read more
Dec 7, 2009
Dorothea (All reviews)
This was formulaic and pretty syrupy, but still a very enjoyable read. I've always liked shy, quiet, timid heroines. The solitary girl whom no one ever notices is suddenly being pursued by one of the most popular boys in school, and he gradually coaxes her out of her shell. I like that formula no matter how many times I see it.

It's a decent story IF you like the genre. I think more could have been done with her blog friends and I'm not sure I like who she ended up with. I was left feeling like the other one read more
Aug 21, 2010
Maz-Maz (All reviews)
Sumino, Hikage is unreasonably and stereotypically shy and (unfortunately) she is the heroine.
Honestly, why are depressing and almost mute heroines all the rage now?

If I see a chick like that and if she keeps comparing me to objects, like say... The sun. I'd seriously question her sanity.

Not what happens in this lukewarm story, in fact, she almost starts worshiping the other two main characters (dude, seriously?) and absurdly enough, they both fall for her.

What message does that send?
That chicks have completely zero personality or that guys like weird, fanatic chicks?

She's also obsessed with her blog: people, there is life past the computer read more
Apr 13, 2015
Flaxman (All reviews)
I'm writing this more as a warning than a review so I'm going to keep it brief. STAY AWAY FROM THIS UTTER PIECE OF LAZY UNORIGINAL GARBAGE. There is nothing redeeming this manga, the only thing that's passable is the art, and even that is just your typical shoujo flowery, giant-eyed whatever. The plot has been done a million times before, all of them better I might add, and is about as predictable as it gets. The characters are nothing but stereotypes and not a single one is likable because no one feels even remotely like a real person. It shocks me how a manga read more
Oct 27, 2009
ShoujoCrisis (All reviews)
Koko ni Iru yo! is a very good drama, romance manga. Its about a girl who's really shy and the only to express herself is through her blog. Through her blog she meets two people always encouraging and supporting her. This manga got lots of emotions out of me. I cried and smiled and laughed with the characters during the process of reading the series.

I really like the art especially how she drew the characters. I loved how Teru looked and Hikage's hair was very cute. The character's were very cliched but still very cute and likeable. Hikage is an invisible girl who wants to read more
Feb 9, 2012
x3Bemma (All reviews)
Tiny Summary: So, this manga is about a girl who never gets noticed. On the first day of school, she saw a cat who almost got ran over by a car. She wanted to help the cat and somehow let someone notice her. Though, the driver only saw the cat and didn't see her.. so she got ran over. Because of the car accident, she missed out on signing up for club activities for school. Which made it harder for her to make friends. She continues her life of being 'invisible' until she met a popular boy named Hinata who helped her through school. The read more
Oct 24, 2009
Anime12 (All reviews)
Koko Ni Iru Yo is an anime which on the surface seems like yourshoujo but well to be honest is a jewel in it's genre and a manga to be read!


The story is basic and easy to follow. It seems like your typical shoujo manga in its first chapters being based on a shy and extremly timid girl named sumino with little confidence or self esteem. Sumino confides in her online blog and her 2 online friends "BlackRabbit" and "Mega Pig" in troubled times. Sumino feels alone and worthless till popular boy Hinata confesses his love for her one day, with this in mind Sumino read more
Oct 24, 2010
DarkDendra (All reviews)
This story is really simple yet very cute and amazing , it's a great manga and it really proves to show anyone who is shy and lives inside their shell and can't get a friend , you can actually get a friend if you try to stand up and reach out to others even if you happen to only get internet friends but due in time you can still get real life friends.
The art in this manga was really adorable and I loved it , the only thing I didn't like was the backgrounds. The backgrounds were really simple and sort of plain and I read more
Oct 23, 2011
Kushukushu (All reviews)
Mhm. Most of my reviews tend to be "overly biased", so I'm gonna try to be as un-biased as possible for this one.

Story [ 8/10 ]

The story was great. Creativity and realism were both included, to my delight. Although, some people prefer anime that are totally UN-realistic and off the walls, so if you prefer an anime where there's a meeting with fairies, or the person that falls in love with the heroine just so "happens" to be a wealthy, perfect person, I don't suggest expecting too much from this. Although... The two main love rivals were both pretty popular, so I have nothing to read more
Oct 1, 2009
ClannadForever (All reviews)
Story: 8
It went with the generic "loner" story but it never went over board with it and the author constructed it so that everyone could relate to it a little.

Art: 9
The art is fantastic, it really is. It's ridiculously cute but not overboard with the eyes. It's quite consistent the whole way through and Sumino is the cutest girl character in a shoujo manga.

Character: 8
Yeah, it's not too bad. Sumino has been developed quite well whilst the two guys didn't get enough chapters to create that deeper connection between the reader and them.

Enjoyment: 9
I enjoyed it, I really did. This was one shoujo story read more
Aug 24, 2011
iZombi (All reviews)
The first thing that drew me into reading Koko Ni Iru Yo! was the cover art. I thought, "Oh, what cute art!" And with it, I expected a lighthearted, cute storyline. As I started reading, I automatically fell in love with Sumino, the main character. Her situation as being the "lonely girl" who's trying her best to make friends was relateable, at the least. As I continued reading, I found that the storyline wasn't just cutesy-cutesy, but had a deeper feeling to it as well. As a huge shoujo manga fan, the typical aspects don't stand out to me, like crushing on the cutest guy read more
Aug 7, 2010
toffee_bean (All reviews)
another story about a shy and lonely girl, although it is short (5 volumes) it is a cute and sweet manga to read.

it was very sweet and a bit dramatic, but i enjoyed every chapter of it. although it could have been a little funnierthan it was. the storyline was easy to understand and the character development was good. the characters are like other shoujo characters except instead of an energetic, peppy main character we have a shy and timid girl.

overall it was a good manga to read in my spare time.
Mar 30, 2010
Torii-chan (All reviews)
This story starts out a little too similar to Kimi ni Todoke for my preference. However, as the story progressed it was an encouraging story of the heroine "blooming" into a wonderful person. I liked the art and the characters were deep and cheerful, which is always good. Overall, it was very good but not one of my favorites.
Oct 12, 2009
rinn4 (All reviews)
Sure the story was typical and the main character wasn't that amazing but this was still a super cute manga. I really enjoyed it and I thought the art was just so adorable and really suited the whole premise. The sunflower imagery and all the cute little avatars and pictures just amplified everything. I think this is going to be one of those manga's that I will read again, later on because it is just that cute and an overall really solid story.
Oct 6, 2009
reinadeldisfraz (All reviews)
Well, what can I say? I found it really cute and enjoyable. However, there're some questionable points. But in the end, it's a nice manga.

Story: Mm, let's say that the questionable points focus mostly here. It is a simple story, with a simple development and quite a simple ending. The fact that I didn't know who I wanted the main character end up with, and then finding myself disappointed of her decision, and how she suddenly got there, well... talks by itself. We've already seen similars plots, and sometimes the reactions seemed a lil bit too exaggerated to me, and sometimes not enough. Anyway, it read more