Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji
Wolf Girl & Black Prince
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Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji

Alternative Titles

English: Wolf Girl & Black Prince
Synonyms: Junketsu Lullaby, Pierrot ja Nee yo, Kamatte-chan de Gomenasai!!, Kimi wo Suki ni Natta Riyuu, The Reason I Love You
Japanese: オオカミ少女と黒王子


Type: Manga
Volumes: 16
Chapters: 67
Status: Finished
Published: Jun 11, 2011 to May 13, 2016
Genres: ComedyComedy, RomanceRomance, SchoolSchool, ShoujoShoujo
Authors: Hatta, Ayuko (Story & Art)
Serialization: Bessatsu Margaret


Score: 7.641 (scored by 1916019,160 users)
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Ranked: #18122
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Popularity: #183
Members: 45,179
Favorites: 1,156


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Apr 8, 2012
Parisbelle (All reviews)
"A secret no one can say, a true nature that can't be shown, everyone has an 'underside'!" --cover page of Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji

Welcome to Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji, a mouthful to say and tiresome to remember but it's worth the trouble. OStKO, for convience's sake, is your standard shoujo. There's the main lead who wants a boyfriend and the male lead who wants anything but. However, what readers think they may be led to a road for disaster finds themselves spiralling on a jounery of tears and laugher, as well as the universal meaning of things being not exactly how they seem read more
Oct 9, 2014
DawningFog (All reviews)
The protagonist. Oh the protagonist. Erika, can she recognize a hopeless jerk when she sees one? Can she recognize when a person cannot return love and is only going to hurt her? Especially a person as cold as him with sadistic inclinations?

Nope. Or maybe she does, but she relentlessly stays with him anyway. Even when she really does know better.

Basically the whole manga up until chapter 13, which is the point I've stopped reading at, is just him treating her like dirt, and a dog(literally) and her continuing to run back to him, putting up with all his abuse, holding onto a hope that he read more
Jan 31, 2017
tachibana_mei (All reviews)
So I was reading the other reviews before I started to write this. And well from what I saw, you might have gotten a really bad impression on this manga, huh?
But honestly people shouldn't judge it based on reading just a few chapters. Some of them rated this series even without getting to the part where the protagonists get together. So take my advice and read this. Its worth it a hundred times!
The manga in itself is just a cliché. But who hates cliché? I don't really. In fact I was caught off guard by many of the events even when expecting it. It might read more
Jul 12, 2015
Fiyorin (All reviews)
To start off with my review I would just love to say:
This manga is stupid.

First of all, I've watched the anime and read all the published chapters and I must comment how disgusting this anime/manga is. When I started watching the anime I never really liked the couple 'Kyouya x Erika'. A lot of people did but I just couldn't get myself to like them.

It starts off with Erika trying to fit in with the cool kids in school (both anime and manga). Shows how much peer pressured she is. She lies to them about her non-existent boyfriend and goes in detail what happens when read more
May 14, 2016
phlph (All reviews)
As someone who painfully followed the monthly release of this manga, I at least can say it was worth it. Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji might leave a bitter taste in your mouth for the first quarter of the story, but it's still too early for judgment. After all, it all comes down to the details, isn't it?

I believe you already know the gist of the story (since you read the synopsis) and yes, it dumbly started that way. One of the typical dumb shoujo starter kick-offs. You will start to hate the guy to the very last bone and you will also start to read more
Jan 17, 2016
arajiki (All reviews)
I like this manga. End of story.

For everyone who is complaining about this manga is needs to chill the fuck out.. this manga is more realistic than most shoujo manga
and if you don't like it go back to the kiddy, fantasy, play house mangas that you like reading..

Granted this manga does have some typical romance clichés the manga does well in portraying real life situations beyond - cheating, stealing peoples gf/bf, and relationship insecurities.

It shows stuff like...the struggles a couple goes through at the end of high school during the time they need to chose what they want for there lives, and the feeling read more
Oct 25, 2012
TinyGurl80 (All reviews)
Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji ~ Wolf Girl & Black Prince what a perfect couple isn't it? This story is very sweet, good natured slice of life romantic comedy. I actually really enjoyed ready this manga. I highly recommend to read this :)

This story is about a Wolf Girl main character (Shinohara, Erika) who is being bully or you could say it blackmail by Black Prince main character
(Sata, Kyouya). It is begin when Wolf Girl explain it to the Black Prince about being a faking as lovers. However, after being told by the Wolf Girl about it, the Black Prince agree about that. But, read more
Jan 22, 2017
AzeliaHartwoods (All reviews)
So, from what I've seen, most people that read this manga fall into one of two categories:

I am part of the latter.

I normally don't write reviews, but for this manga, I feel like I had to. Maybe to justify why I like it so much?

But anyhow, this is a shoujo manga. Typical school setting, with a kind of ditzy girl as the MC (Erika Shinohara). She just wants to be loved, so she fakes having a boyfriend to her two "friends". However, scared that they're getting suspicious, she takes a picture of a good looking guy on read more
Apr 26, 2014
ygfan (All reviews)
Verdict: Definitely recommend!

First of all, just want to say that this manga feels underrated?

Not sure if this kind of plot is common in the shoujo world but basically a guy pretends to be a girl's boyfriend, not because he likes her, but because he just wants someone to torment. He is quite popular in school because of his looks but in reality, he is actually a sadist. Yes, basically he likes to inflict pain on others.

Typical but beautiful shoujo art. The heroine has short hair (different from the usual long-hair heroines?). The physical characteristics all represent each character individually.

First read more
Jun 1, 2014
Taylormomsens (All reviews)
You choose a group of friends, and then you suddenly find out that they will start looking down on you, because you're arent like them. Even though you wanted to be.

This story is about a girl Erika Shinohara, who's obsessed by getting her friends to be "jealous" of her. Her best friends have the best boyfriends, and that's really all they're talking about. The only way she can become closer to them is by finding the perfect guy out there.

She tells her friends about her romantic experiences, but the problem is she doesn't even have a boyfriend. In her despereate position, she finds read more
Apr 9, 2013
Night--Walker (All reviews)
Ookami Shojo to Kuro Ouji~~~~ May I start off with the fact that the Idea plot of the story is not too original, But even so the art and characters are very enjoyable! The diversity of the characters with their speech is very heartwarming
The art quality is very good. You are able to see a nice clear picture of characters from different angles!

Personally I like this manga enough to keep checking for updates on the chapters!

read more
Jul 9, 2017
jcrayz (All reviews)
I am amazed that this series has such a high average (currently ~7.8), considering it is one of the worst shoujo manga I have read. But, if you're like me, you'll read the series to the end because you're running out of lengthy shoujo and you keep hoping that it will improve.

It does improve a little...somewhere in the 30's. Up to that point I was astonished that a series could so blatantly promote blind, unwarranted devotion from a naive girl towards an abusive, sadistic guy. I read some of the fan's comments throughout the later chapters, and I was surprised to read read more
Mar 6, 2018
Paulip13 (All reviews)
So, this manga could have been a good one, but as a female, i can't tolerate the behaviour of the male protagonist. He abuse, insult, and psychologically mistreat the female protagonist. I can't understand what the hell was the autor thinking. If the male protagonist would have evolved into a person that is aware of his mistakes and his bad behaviour and then change an treat her properly then it would have been a good manga because people toxic like this guy would have seen that it is possible to change and that it is not good to have that behaviour. Please, would some of read more
Jul 22, 2020
lisa_capo0b (All reviews)
My thoughts on this series (rlly minor spoilers):

The story may seem unrealistic, but I think it makes sense with the personalities of the characters. A popular and sadistic guy, Kyoya, agrees to act as the fake boyfriend for a bubbly and airheaded girl, Erika, just because he is bored out of his mind and finds the situation amusing. A normal guy would never agree to that, but he honestly has nothing to lose, and she's so ditzy and desperate that she'd be willing to ask something as absurd as that, so I have no complaints in that regard.

What doesn't make sense to me is how read more
Mar 20, 2019
ultrafloral (All reviews)
I'm actually writing my first manga review ever because I loved this series *that* much, and I'd really like more people to give it a chance.

**light spoilers throughout?**

The story is a bit different than your typical shoujo manga. Our main hero, Kyouya is an asshole and if you haven't noticed, is purposely portrayed this way. Most negative reviewers are incredibly disgusted by his behavior in the beginning and (apparently) refuse to overlook it the entire series. I personally had no problem dealing with it because this is a manga, my dudes, not a documentary into a real person's life. But I can see how Kyouya's read more
Feb 14, 2016
CorneliaT123 (All reviews)
Yes, this story does start like many other shoujo manga. Girl and boy make an agreement, boy teases girl, they end up falling in love. BUT! Give this manga a chance before you decide to give up on it.

Unlike many similar stories, this manga actually follows the relationship of the two main characters AFTER they get together. It shows them develop as a couple and learn things about each other.

As far as characters go, they actually DO develop. The main male character starts out as your typical nice-on-the-outside-but-a-devil-on-the-inside guy but he opens up as the story goes on in a way that is very read more
Oct 21, 2018
lunahoney (All reviews)

Let's go about this review through the different categories.

Story: The story started out promising (I enjoy these types of cliche shoujo plots) but it turned out to be quite disappointing when the story and the characters turned out to be pretty one dimensional, without depth. It was getting better by about halfway through the series (the part where the childhood friend comes in) because it was getting interesting, but after that it was a bit of a let down. I kept waiting for something more to happen, something more meaningful, but was not given it.

Art: I enjoyed the art, it's definitely the type of style read more
May 14, 2018
WhatABatch (All reviews)
This series is one of the best that I have ever read. It follows the female protagonist, Erika, from her first day of high school to beyond college. The characters are what truly set this series apart from the rest. They are like a breath of fresh air in a stale world. You will laugh, cry, and cheer them on through every step of their journey.

The female main character, Erika, is amazing. It's impossible to not want to be her friend. She is a genuinely good person whom is just a tad bit impulsive and naive. Sometimes you want to strangle her but ultimately, read more
Nov 13, 2017
jsrdsl (All reviews)
The story is so painful for like 30 chapters.
The beggining is so awful that I just kept reading because I was hopeful that Erika and Kyouya's story would change somehow. It did, but not as much as I expected to become a good manga.
Maybe I'm overanalysing but Kyouya's character is so abusive and Erika is so insecure that makes me want to die.
He freakin thinks that love demonstration to Erika is a favor that he's doing for her. Like WTF? AND SHE ACCEPT IT?
I dont know I think the ending got a little better but not enough.
It feels like her childhood read more
Jun 28, 2017
Otaku365 (All reviews)
I am uncertain whether to give this manga a 6or 7. I decided on 6 because while I really like the ending enough to bump it up a bit, it still didn't make up for everything else. The manga is simply really basic (if anything to make it different, more abusive). It's a combination of typical archetypes and story arcs. It has the overnight hot springs chapter, the "are they cheating on each other?" chapter, the field trip chapter, heck even the area of their field trip is generic: Kyoto/Hokkaido, and other common scenes that you find in other manga. And nothing is done differently. read more