Akame ga Kill!
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Akame ga Kill!

Alternative Titles

English: Akame ga Kill!
Synonyms: Akame ga Kiru!
Japanese: アカメが斬る!


Type: Manga
Volumes: 15
Chapters: 80
Status: Finished
Published: Apr 22, 2010 to Dec 22, 2016
Genres: ActionAction, DramaDrama, FantasyFantasy, HorrorHorror, ShounenShounen
Authors: Tashiro, Tetsuya (Art), Takahiro (Story)
Serialization: Gangan Joker


Score: 7.981 (scored by 5776857,768 users)
1 indicates a weighted score.
Ranked: #7652
2 based on the top manga page. Please note that 'R18+' titles are excluded.
Popularity: #25
Members: 118,658
Favorites: 8,184


Both stories are about rebellious and powerful groups of people fighting against nation-wide evil. And both are equally awesome. 
reportRecommended by Noitrus
Similarities: - violence/gore - disturbing scenes - dark/mature theme - some sort of romance (although AgK has more) - unique weaponry Differences: - AgK is a bit more light-hearted (has more comedy) - assassins in AgK kill other humans and beasts - in SnK, they kill titans  
reportRecommended by HakuNami
Those two are really entertaining you will get hooked up really easily both have action adventure with some gore into it  
reportRecommended by KiryuKun00x
Akame ga Kill is a better version of this story, much better and that is why i want to recommend you akame ga kill if you liked deadman wonderland. Both shows are atrocious in the amount of gore they pour down just for the sake of it. However in akame ga kill it has greater meaning, it's a way to push the plot forward. You will see a much more effective way to make use of gore for the sake of story telling. You will see elements that are rather cartoonish and unrealistic in both shows, but overall a serious and creepy, sinister atmosphere is persistent in  read more 
reportRecommended by JudgeRuthless
Altough akame ga kill is more light hearted. I think it is very similar to beserk. both have fantasy weapons and armor, but it's more realistic then in most manga. Both stories aren't afraid to let people die, even if they are innocent or important characters. In both they are in a corrupted world fighting monsters (some humans are also monsters) against odds. although guts is alone.  
reportRecommended by h4ff
In both stories there is gore, and great battles, but if I choose I would stay touch with Terra formars 
reportRecommended by jonatanskb
Shounen/action manga about groups of people whose goal is to kill a certain person and set everything straight. Akame ga Kill is much, much darker than Assassination Classroom, but their art styles both include some darker panels. Both have large character casts and well thought-out development. 
reportRecommended by Asfaria
Fairly dark stories about young assassins each with their own unique special abilities, Akame takes place in a fantasy setting while Arachnid takes place in "the modern day". Akame also has significantly less gratuitous rape than Arachnid. 
reportRecommended by Uthred
OK, both the stories are about killers, BUT in Jackals it's like the artwork and the characters are made to capture more adult audience. There is a lot of blood and gore in these two, and almost every chapter in these two manga titles start with the name Kill. So if you like Akame ga Kill and you want something similar. I suggest you read Jackals, you will not be disappointed.  
reportRecommended by Valkata
Uprising against government, likeable characters, and a reliable MC. Both have lots of action with great strategies in fights, brilliant storyline. Must read 
reportRecommended by Narutotaku
In times of oppression, those who have been taken advantage of are going to do what is in their power to fight back. The end result is that no matter how good your intentions are... the actions you take in your battle against the establishment can make you as bad as those who took advantage of you. While two different kinds of manga this is the central theme I find unifies Akame ga Kill! and A Certain Scientific Railgun. Like how Akame ga Kill! focuses on a renegade group getting back at a corrupt government by committing assassinations, A Certain Scientific Railgun also shows the  read more 
reportRecommended by McExplosions
Both contain a lot of fighting(Action) None are afraid to show gory deaths. AgK a bit more dark and emotional perhaps. MC's are alike. 
reportRecommended by Raegar
The MCs are both really similar, a kid who has skill for where they are placed. Both have violence and gore,so a lot of the tones are similar. Though the plots are totally different: Akame ga Kill! focuses on killing people to purify a kingdom while Aphorism is about just surviving a crazy high school. Don't let that turn you off though. If you like one, I guarantee you'll like the other 
reportRecommended by pandoracat3
The code word is "KIll", meaning that you should expect lots of violence, gore, blood and characters that will change the meaning of the word "twisted";) 
reportRecommended by susan00
= both have a main cast of assassins plus one "normal" person that has been drawn into the mess. = both aren't afraid of making you care for characters before killing them off (or at least removing them from the running) 
reportRecommended by Scath-kun
Similarities: - tons of violence and gore - art style is between realisitc and cartoony - interesting power systems - plot focuses on a conflict between two groups - relatable characters (including the antagonists) Differences: - the two groups are separate species in Doro - AGK uses weapons for powers and Doro has real magic - the main protag is Killer Croc 
reportRecommended by OnyxSaiyan
Another violent slasher with toons of blood, gore and insane characters! 
reportRecommended by susan00
Both manga have cool art styles and groups of powerful characters fighting to the death in really good action scenes, violence/gore, and medieval fantasy settings with elements of other time periods mixed into it. Drifters, however, is more mature than AgK due it being a seinen, therefore, being more gritty and serious when handling its dark themes so it can appeal to adults. 
reportRecommended by AngelofDeath447x
Both are about a group of notorious heroes trying to save a country from corrupt government officials. Lots of action in both.  
reportRecommended by Dignity
Epic Fights, Justice, and Boobs... I mean Blood! Akame ga Kill! and Taboo Tattoo are more or less set in an alternative world, whilst AgK! acts in a fantasy world with a corrupt empire, Taboo Tattoo is more similar to our world, but includes the fictive Serinistan Kingdom. Both series deal with main forces which fight against each other: In AgK! the army of the empire against the rebellion army. In TT the U.S.-Army against the forces of Serinistan. In Akame ga Kill! they have to kill the emperor, and in Taboo Tattoo they have to defeat princess Aryabata. Both Manga include special weapons from an ancient time,  read more 
reportRecommended by Fall-Moon
Both are about anti-heroes that kill corrupted people. Despite they are published in shonen magazines, the graphic content could fit more into a seinen magazine. But, while Akame ga Kill take placs in a fantasy setting, Akumetsu do it in comtemporary Japan. 
reportRecommended by BlancaXLobo
- Action, fantasy genre - While Akame ga Kill is much more gory than Magi, both have a lot of blood - Both deal with the problems of society - The metal and household vessels in Magi are similar to the Teigu in Akame ga Kill - Both have very good supporting characters with a lot of attention given to them 
reportRecommended by Asfaria
Both are quite gory and don't have a overly clear separation of good and evil. And there are several pretty insane people in both stories. 
reportRecommended by Xiob
These series both employ the usage of unique weapons being the main source of power for their characters. Akame ga Kill has "Teigu" or "Imperial Arms", strange relics that can only be used by powerful people, and people who are able to utilize a Teigu have access to powerful techniques like controlling ice or creating zombies. 666 Satan, aka O-Parts Hunter, gives us "O-Parts" ancient weapons and items from the past that essentially do the same thing; for those that are able to use them, they can powerful abilities. With such items existing, both series gives a sense of adventure as some force in each  read more 
reportRecommended by TheWiseman843
Both have a fantasy setting with a corrupt government. They are quite gory and don't have a overly clear separation of good and evil. 
reportRecommended by Xiob
Tragedy, despair, hopelessness, disaster, calamity, catastrophe, cataclysm, misfortune, mishap, adversity in every pages as you can see and very similar anti-hero themes, easily capable of killing and has a straight forward goal. Both seem that they are the heroes but then you see the other side you don't even know who is the righteous one anymore and both are Seinen Manga it is filled with blood, gore, and body parts flying off. If you like one you will almost certainly like the other.  
reportRecommended by AkatsukiUlquiora
Both are stylish shounen manga that present themselves as light-hearted, but regularly turn grim. Soul Eater has a halloween kind of theme that occasionally goes overboard while Akame ga Kill! has vivid displays of corruption and a rule saying if "Teigu" users fight, one will always die. They also both feature a particular city as the main location and most villains range from twisted to oh god what. Akame ga Kill! is still quite a bit more down to earth than Soul Eater, but in return, it's also harsher. 
reportRecommended by Nyuu3
Both involve main character's who want to over throw the government for the betterment of society 
reportRecommended by Jackster27
Both mangas look like cliche fantasy stories at the first glance and then unexpectedly turns out to be unique masterpieces. Akame ga kiru is about the boy with noble intentions searching for adventure and instead finding cruelty and corruption of the empire, while Tate no yuusha is about a modern guy thrown into fantasy adventure, but getting rejected by it from the very start, and struggling to survive. 
reportRecommended by Noitrus
Both series takes place in a more fantasy like setting of the dark ages times. Both series has a lot of action, drama, and involving organizations carrying out certain tasks that are often dangerous and puts the characters' lives at risks. Both series' main female protagonists are tough, independent, and also has a dark past/back story. Both series also has supernatural themes involving with their abilities during various combat sequences. 
reportRecommended by Stark700
Both stories include a bit of humor and violent/dark theme. They have some sort of formed "organization" where they have missions to kill the "evil" for the greater good and these characters can acquire powers/abilities by magical entities. The difference is that Akame ga kill! is a little more graphic and disturbing. 
reportRecommended by Sath
Both main characters join an organization to fight evil after witnessing the death of people close to them. Both have similar artwork which is especially noticeable in darker moments where the artwork highlights the negative emotions and violence. Both contain a lot of blood. 
reportRecommended by Asfaria
Both are set in places where evil prevails and the good guys don't always win. While both have their serious moments, they both break it up frequently with humour. Both star an MC that slowly grows and improves over time. 
reportRecommended by vmnguyen
Both plots center around assassination and have lots of extremely comedic moments, however Akame ga Kiru! is much more serious and dark at times. If you're a fan of either series, I highly recommend reading the other. 
reportRecommended by Twily
People with super human powers battle to the death 
reportRecommended by Zeth44
These manga feature dark materials that truly depicts humanity at its worst. What a relief that both mangaka puts some comic relief materials between the gruesome pages so that the story is not always depressing. These are set in fantasy world where supernatural and magical powers exist.  
reportRecommended by bunny1ov3r
Similarities: + Dark action/fantasy manga centered around groups of people fighting against each and again monsters + Similar art styles and character designs Differences: - Akame ga Kill is much gorier and darker with a larger character cast - Dungeon is more like an MMORPG style world (though it's not a game) with dungeons as well as a harem aspect 
reportRecommended by Asfaria