Ousama Game
King's Game
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Ousama Game

Alternative Titles

Japanese: 王様ゲーム
English: King's Game
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Type: Manga
Volumes: 5
Chapters: 25
Status: Finished
Published: 2010 to 2012
Genres: Drama Drama, Horror Horror, Mystery Mystery, Supernatural Supernatural
Theme: School School
Serialization: E★Everystar
Authors: Renda, Hitori (Art), Kanazawa, Nobuaki (Story)


Score: 6.461 (scored by 1783117,831 users)
1 indicates a weighted score.
Ranked: #131012
2 based on the top manga page. Please note that 'R18+' titles are excluded.
Popularity: #379
Members: 34,978
Favorites: 575

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Dec 2, 2013
bunny1ov3r (All reviews)
First of all, Ousama Game is a manga title that is not of yet completely translated in English. The translation group only did 10 chapters. I had the "privilege" of reading this manga in Chinese, which had complete translations.

Having completed this manga, I don't blame the English translators for abandoning this manga. Not one bit.

Granted. This manga starts with an amazing set up. A class of high-school students receive mysterious instructions to participate in the King's Game. If somebody does not do as told, he will die a gruesome death. Until chapter 10, everything looks great. The artwork is cutesy, the characters seem fine, read more
Nov 26, 2014
Vaniltea (All reviews)
One day, the students of a high school class all recieve the same text message and suddenly get caught up in a dangerous game. Everyday, an order is issued, and if it is not obeyed within 24 hours, the student who was given said order will die.

Ousama Game could have been an average, but somewhat enjoyable, 'deadly game' manga among many others. It is, however, not the case, and shows perfectly how a story that starts in a mediocre way can end up being a catastrophe.


Ousama Game doesn't have a particularly impressive start. The first orders given by the Ousama mostly revolve around kissing or read more
Jan 24, 2015
liddymae71 (All reviews)
Ousama Game!

Story: 7

A group of school students are given orders which they must complete within 24 hours. At first, the orders are childish like kissing each other and licking feet (foot fetish much!?), although it soon goes downhill for the students as the orders become increasingly harsh and violent. What I really like about the story is it's unpredictability; you never know what order is coming next and with the manga constantly giving slight hints about the true identity of Ousama, you'll want to know what happens next. Will the students kill one another to betray their friends? Or sacrifice themselves to save another friend? read more
Aug 3, 2015
soarz (All reviews)
I stumbled upon this manga through the Youtuber "The Anime Man", and I kind of regret reading it.

Story 5/10

The story starts off being kind of childish, with silly orders, although the orders quickly become difficult to follow. While the story does become interesting at some points, sometimes there are lulls, in which the same information is repeated over and over again, which can get really annoying. The pacing is just awful, since the manga starts off at an extremely slow pace, but in the latter chapters, a lot is happening at once, almost too much for a reader to really follow. I also found read more
Jul 24, 2014
ssoui (All reviews)
When I got the first two volumes of this manga, I was honestly so addicted to it.
It was so great that I didn't want to stop reading, but that time, only these two volumes were released so I had to wait.

Waiting for a new Volume was really hard. So of couse, I was the happiest person ever when finally, the last volume came out.
The last chapters started out very good, just like the ones before.

The end, however, was a total disappointment. I had expected everything, but this was a bit too..crazy.

Still, the manga is pretty awesome. A very good manga for all splatter read more
Feb 2, 2017
Paraturtle (All reviews)
I want to preface by saying I received Ousama Game from a Secret Santa during 2016's Christmas event. I am so thankful and it feels so great to know that someone looked at the things I enjoy (horror manga!) and picked something out for me. I know my score shows that I found it rather foul and tasteless but I am still grateful that someone offered this to me. It means a lot to me, even if I think this manga was, well, real bad.

So, without further ado~

Really quite horrid. It's exploitative, abusive, and offers nothing in return to the reader. It's constant abuse on read more
Dec 3, 2016
amerphose (All reviews)
Ousama Game is ambitious. It strives to be character-driven. And this clearly becomes challenging as we delve further into the story. With the mysterious entity "Ousama" being the prime antagonist that is responsible for the story to continue on as it is, the manga often tries desperately to keep the story intense by having melodramatic conflicts between characters, sporadic killings and the question "who is the Ousama?" hang perpetually over the heads of the readers. The story handles the first two issues surprisingly well and unfortunately, disappoints with the latter (which is the main complaint of most readers as well).

Ousama Game involves a variation read more
Apr 29, 2018
Masshiroi (All reviews)
Okay I might be in the oposite club for overall hated Ousama Game, but I´m kinda used to that already. Personally I really enjoyed Ousama Game manga. I binged it during waiting for anime.
The story is way better than in the anime, not to mention tension and action. Nobuaki is better portrayed, even enjoyable and when his part in the story ended, I felt he was missing in it. I do understand that lot of people don´t like Ousama Game because of anime, but manga seems like a different and better story in my eyes. Art was nice. And ending, read more
Jan 19, 2020
64912 (All reviews)
I would like to preface this review by saying that I haven't finished this manga, nor do I ever intend to, but after looking at other people's reviews I doubt that the ending would change my opinion of the story at all.

Story: 2

The story for Ousama Game is simplistic, which isn't necessarily bad but doesn't help it much. A whole class of students begins to get texts from someone named "Ousama" that tells them to do things, but the tasks quickly escalate from juvenile things such as kissing and licking another's foot (for some reason...) to telling other students to die. This could be an read more
Mar 23, 2016
tanshiyu (All reviews)
First of all, I want to say that English is not my native language so I may have a lot of grammatical error throughout the review, please bear with me.

This book started off great, really great. The story was interesting, the characters are okay, the realism in this manga is pretty good. It depicts quite well what people do when they are in fear and how desperate they are when encounter death.

Now, the manga do give you goosebumps at many times, it really questions people whether what the characters in the manga are doing is correct or wrong, say if the order was to let read more
Jul 7, 2014
HatefulEnjay (All reviews)
If I had to sum the whole thing up, I'd say it's "a pretty good journey to get to a really, really, really bad destination." The ride to the ending is pretty entertaining and makes you wonder exactly what's going on. Then you actually get to the ending, and not only does it make absolutely no sense, and not only does it feel like it was made up on the spot, but several things in the story make much less sense in hindsight than they did before.

The ending largely renders everything that happens in the story pointless, pointless enough that if I'd known what the read more
Dec 13, 2016
Jacob_Chimera (All reviews)
I actually read this story's prequel (Ousama Game: Kigen) before I read this. The prequel was fairly average, so I had hoped that its predecessor would have been about the same or perhaps a bit better. Sadly, I was disappointed.

The story follows a high school class as they participate in "The Ousama's (King's) Game". The Ousama gives an order, the class obeys or else suffers the consequences. While this setup seems promising, the execution is rather lack luster. The early orders are very immature, involving sexual activities between the boys and girls of the class. While I have nothing against sex in my manga and read more
Sep 26, 2017
MaiIsMe1 (All reviews)
This is honestly one of the worst things I've ever read. A youtuber I like recommended it, so I read it in a few hours.

It starts out interesting, but quickly just turn into nonsense. There is no real objective besides surviving, then suddenly at the very end there is an info dump with a very unsatisfying ending.

The art was really good, and one of the only things that I actually liked. It was slightly cutesy, which I thought was a good contrast to the situation. I also liked that they didn't add pointless fanservice, even though they could have at times.

The worst part. read more
Apr 3, 2016
711nono (All reviews)
The concept of survival has been heavily explored in nearly every form of media imaginable. A product of this concept are games that pit people against each other such as the hunger games and Battle Royale. However Ousama Game is a bit different. Despite Ousama Game having great promise, it clearly spiraled into a disappointing mess to be perfectly honest with you.

The Story of Osama game is easily the best part. It exentuates intrigue in the reader and you definitely want to know more. The author also does a great job of actually telling the story and building up great suspense. This is read more
Jan 9, 2018
anime_chibi1290 (All reviews)
I found Ousama Game to be quite entertaining. It's not a brand new idea, like it's truly your run of the mill "Follow my instructions or else", "We have to find the bad guy" kind of stories, but it was executed well enough to keep me wondering "Who is Ousama?" The art was well done and wasn't overtly gory like I know these kinds of ideas can be; All in all it was quite tastefully done. Each character was fleshed out enough that I actually cared about some of them and the others I wished would die. Overall I enjoyed this series to the point read more
Dec 22, 2017
Meatbag42 (All reviews)
I loved GANTZ, Berserk and Battle Royale. Horror/torture porn/emotional roller coasters and gore fests can be interesting and worth watching. This isn't. It's not going to become hentai or titillating. There's no payoff. The gimmick is pointless and there's no explanation.

Story: 1

The synopsis says it all. Kid's dying. There were a lot of creative things they could have done with punishments, the backstory could have gone somewhere, the way it plays out could pay off....but it doesn't. And the last few seconds confirm that the entire story is a gimmick: there's no story, just a lot read more
Dec 9, 2017
aleenya (All reviews)
Well then. That's three hours of my life I'll never get back.

I've always had a soft spot for the survival game trope. Battle Royale, Hunger Games, hell, even Mirai Nikki - for all its ridiculousness and flaws - managed to keep me entertained right until the very end. There's something wholeheartedly fun about the idea of a group of people pit against each other in psychological/physical warfare to the death, nor is it a very hard thing to write and write well; so why is it that Ousama Game failed?

It all boils down to one single fact: Ousama Game takes itself way too seriously. read more
Aug 8, 2021
nat385 (All reviews)
This manga was recommended to me by a YouTuber. You can probably guess who it is: TheAnimeMan.

Summary: Interesting premise, poor execution, terrible characters, good art.

The story premise was simple but compelling. It's almost like the equivalent of "Truth or Dare" with astronomically elevated stakes. Although the premise is good, the execution was poor. It took off but didn't know how to land right and belly flopped into the pool. But actually, it started going down after the midpoint.

The characters were extremely bland, and while it wouldn't be easy to build characters to get attached to in this kind of series, I felt as read more