Rave Master
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Synonyms: Rave: The Groove Adventure
Japanese: RAVE
English: Rave Master
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Type: Manga
Volumes: 35
Chapters: 298
Status: Finished
Published: Jul 7, 1999 to Jul 27, 2005
Genres: Adventure Adventure, Comedy Comedy, Fantasy Fantasy
Demographic: Shounen Shounen
Authors: Mashima, Hiro (Story & Art)


Score: 7.861 (scored by 2229722,297 users)
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Ranked: #9942
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Popularity: #285
Members: 46,850
Favorites: 2,042

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Preliminary Show Spoilers
Jun 26, 2009
VK11 (All reviews)
When people hear the name Hiro Mashima today, they instantly think of his most recent work, Fairy Tail, which is steadily growing in popularity since its debut in 2006. However, its clearly easy to see where Fairy Tail's roots come from when one decides to undertake his previous, massive shounen story, Groove Adventure Rave. The anime adaptation of Groove Adventure Rave, named Rave Master, suffered considerably because of character designs that were not consistent with the manga counterpart, and because the anime adaptation covered only the first 90 chapters or so, leaving many unanswered questions and open plot holes. Groove Adventure Rave read more
Jul 24, 2013
Polyphemus (All reviews)
Moderator Edit: This review contains spoilers.


Groove Adventure Rave, or Rave Master, was the first long-running manga of the mangaka now acclaimed for Fairy Tail. I used to be pretty biased towards it, due to it being one of my first manga, but the nostalgia wore off on my latest reread.

At one point a character is introduced as being just an ally of Demon Card, which is this manga’s cliché “evil organization.” Then it's decided that he's a Demon Card general, but he is the weakest of the generals. Then it's decided that he's somehow the strongest. I’m not basing this on observation, I’m actually read more
Feb 8, 2008
missind33 (All reviews)
Story: At first I didn't think the story was originial. It's mainly about a guy who is destined to save the world, and he's given a sword and travels around in search of something (in this case Rave stones) in order to save the world. But when I began to read Groov Master Rave aka Rave Master, it captivated me. The story may not be original but there's a spice to the series that makes me love it. But what Haru (main character) does on his journey (the friends and enemies he meets, the obstacles he faces, the story twists) are all original and are read more
Jul 12, 2010
Kamnum (All reviews)
Groove adventure rave is a rather unique manga. The story is quiet simple and usual, but after some point(where the anime series ends) the storyline becomes better and better. The art is wonderfull, both with unsual creatures and great characters. I recomment this manga to all manga lovers and to all who finished the anime.
Dec 4, 2013
bunny1ov3r (All reviews)
Today, I am going to write a review on Groove Adventure Rave, otherwise known as Rave Master. I am going to try a different format today. We will dissect this manga in slightly different aspects.

~ Exemplary Shounen-ness ~

First of all, Rave Master is Shounen. There is no dispute about it. It is also a good Shounen, and that means that every once in a while, readers starts to feel blood rushing into their heads. Or, as I would like to put it, it is epic. In this regard, it is on par with Naruto, Bleach, One Piece, etc. As we will soon see, though, read more
Jul 17, 2012
whyisthis (All reviews)
Forget about Fairy Tail kids, Rave Master is the real deal when it comes to battle shonen. Having read over both manga several times, I can easily say that Mashima really dropped the ball with Fairy Tail and that Rave is a much better story and it stands above almost every other shonen I've read.

Now, as much I as I enjoy hyping Rave Master up, I can't deny that it's another generic and cliche shonen. It has the stereotypical characters and tropes. But what I am saying is that Rave takes these cliches and executes them in a way that is better than just read more
Jun 13, 2010
Irisi (All reviews)
I started watching Rave Master a long time ago - it was one of my first ever anime that felt like an anime - before I even knew what anime and manga were. I was kinda lost watching it out of order on TV and then it's abrupt end. A year ago I found the manga and dived right in. By then I already knew the beginning plot and was accustomed to the shounen style; this is typical of the shounen formula.

Story - 7
Rave starts as a light-hearted adventure with three goals - one each distinctly for Haru, Elie, and Musica - a read more
Nov 28, 2009
SCHX (All reviews)
Rave, the anime was the reason of my anime addiction. I was disappointed when it was left at episode 50(around volume12 I think). And so, I picked it up from where the anime left off meaning that I, until today have not read the first few volumes.

Its so cliche but since it was my first manga, I didn't feel so then and was completely engrossed in it. There are many twists, some are brilliant, some are dumb. I consider myself as a sadist because my most enjoyable part throughout the anime/manga was when Elie got tortured (it happened 3 times). :D
I found it very arousing... read more
Apr 10, 2013
WineZ (All reviews)
Groove Adventure Rave : An epic adventure with lots of emotional events.

This is probably the only manga I completely read, so I think I should write a review about it.

Note : I have watched the 51 episodes anime 10 years ago. I just finished reading the manga recently. I am also watching Fairy Tail, the same story wrote by Mashima Hiro, so I will write this review based on this condition.

If you read or watched Fairy Tail, you should also read this manga. They had a 51 episodes of anime based on this manga, but that anime is not done, so reading the manga is read more
Nov 19, 2015
emojipiggie (All reviews)
Rave Master is by far, my favorite manga/ book/ anything ever written (though the anime kind of sucked). It is Hiro Mashima's work before Fairy Tail. Even if Fairy Tail is amazing, this is even better. It is amazing, and I give it a 10. Heck, I'd give it a 17 if I could. T^T Anyway, to the review:

- STORY - 10 - I love the story, and I feel it is quite original. I know, it probably could relate to something here and there, but it is still good, I mean, what other stories have you heard about a boy who was chosen to read more
Aug 2, 2015
Imagineflame (All reviews)
Groove Adventure Rave(known as rave master in north america) is easily one of my favorites for shonen's also it's my 5th favorite manga EVER! Let's get down the story, A boy named Haru Glory is the chosen one...The rave master (meaning he is one of the only one's who can use rave stones) along his journey with a snowman named plue (who is called a dog) meet's an etherion girl named Ellie, a man who can shape shift metal named Musica, a dragon from the mystic realm named Let, and numerous other characters. Along the story, Haru goes through hardships to make him stronger read more
May 23, 2012
PUUN_Eyolf (All reviews)
Great beginning! Likebable characters, exiting story, funny dialog and very well drawn fights. Volume 1 was absolutally fantastic, extremely well written, good character introduction and dramatic. Volume 2 was a bit weaker, it could get a bit messy at times and more fights than story telling. But it was still good! Great character development, and cool that a new funny and cool character (Elie) joined the adventure.

- PS: If you already have read the comic DONT watch the TV series. It leaves out volume 1 and is just absurd. You will get frustrated!!

- I will update as I read more
Sep 11, 2021
Alex_Jaro (All reviews)
What comes first to your mind when thinking about Hiro Mashima? Fairy Tail, his obsession with re-using characters like he has found the best character set ever, uhh yeah most people would stay there without knowing much about his other works. Much like Fairy Tail, they are clearly shounens and he is great at not missing any generic detail a shounen should or normally have.

Fairy Tail was quite succesful with all the ecchi content and final plot twist it had but what about Hiro's previous best seller, Rave or Rave Master. Rave's anime rushed a bit and couldn't adapt the whole thing leaving empty read more
Jan 5, 2021
whylime (All reviews)
TL;DR? While not amazingly perfect or objectively brilliant, Rave Master is one of the best shonen I’ve read that combines the most lovable shonen ideals together into a well-paced, heartfelt adventure story.

You know, one of the last things I ever expected was to become a fan of Hiro Mashima. I only watched a bit of Fairy Tail back in the day and declared it so-so at the time. But after completing Rave Master, it would be a lie to say that I am not, at the very least, impressed. Because Rave Master… crap, it was really, really, good.

Fresh off the high of his newest series, read more
Feb 21, 2011
xienna (All reviews)
Story: 4
Character: 4
The story and characters are really cliche. There is a warrior, and he is the only one who can save the world from an evil organization. Along the way, he meets people who join him because he changed their heart. He brings a few evil people onto his side, absolutely refuses to kill, is the typical naive good guy. I found the general direction of the story easy to predict as well.
Art: 6
Reminiscent of One Piece, and I am one of those people who likes One Piece, so I could tolerate it. The art got a lot better after approximately 7 volumes? I read more
Aug 18, 2009
pooey__lofl (All reviews)
i havent read any manga for a while so it was interesting to finally read another one. i found this rave master and thought it looked good so gave it a try. it was an origional manga so you had to read it backwards which is part of the whole enjoyment tho a little confusing to begin with.. anyway...

the characters are interesting and you get to know their personalities very well.. they also have new characters that arent human which are fun. plue for example.

the main story is good although its one that has been used many times before.
basically a young warrior wannabe meets someone read more
Jun 20, 2011
kagomeyuki89 (All reviews)
First i would like to say i really enjoyed this anime and manga. To be honest i loved the manga more then the anime but i would have to say the story is far to complex for it to all be in an anime so maybe that's why they stopped doing the anime. After i watched the anime i quickly went to find somewhere to read all the comics to it. I really wanted to find out what happens with all these wonderful characters. To be honest most of this artists characters have qualities that i would hope that all humans would strive to have read more
Jun 12, 2012
boku-wa-kuma (All reviews)
Ok so first of all, overall, I give Rave Master a 10. To me, it's really the most outstanding thing I've read. I believe Mashima sensei did a great job writing this story out. It's filled with PLENTY of humor so it keeps the reader entertained. Not only that but he manages to delve deep into the roots of the characters. Even the bad guys seem likable in some way. Not only that but he makes sure to give reason behind the villains going down the wrong path. It's really incredible. I cried when reading the manga and got attached to so many characters. His read more
Nov 19, 2012
shibalover (All reviews)
Rave Master was one of my first mangas so I might be slightly biased towards it but don't say I didn't warn you! I also won't be using my review to compare this to Fairy Tail.

Basically, Rave Master has it all. You want fighting? It has that. Romance? Got you covered. Comedy? It has some of that too. This manga has a bit of every genre in it so it appeals to a wide range of people. The story isn't all that special, but it is executed well and is supplemented by some nice art and fantastic characters.

The fights aren't too dragged out like read more
Dec 15, 2013
G33K (All reviews)
Mashima-sensei's first manga, Rave Master (Or RAVE, or The Groove Adventure). The story is not new for sure. But once you start reading. You will get hooked. The art drastically improves throughout the lifespan of the series.

The one thing that stood out the most was the Characters, some good-hearted, some wicked, and some just downright strange. I highly recommend this for fans of Fairy Tail. An alternative world(s) filled with magic, curiosities, and monsters is much like Fairy Tail. Who couldn't resist that?

Overall I give Rave Master/RAVE/The Groove Adventure a 9 out of 10. It is an excellent debut-manga by Mashima-sensei.