Ao no Exorcist
Blue Exorcist
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Ao no Exorcist

Alternative Titles

Synonyms: Ao no Futsumashi, The Blue Magic Exorcist
Japanese: 青の祓魔師〈エクソシスト〉
English: Blue Exorcist
German: Blue Exorcist
Spanish: Blue Exorcist
French: Blue Exorcist
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Type: Manga
Volumes: Unknown
Chapters: Unknown
Status: Publishing
Published: Apr 4, 2009 to ?
Genres: Action Action, Fantasy Fantasy
Themes: Mythology Mythology, School School
Demographic: Shounen Shounen
Serialization: Jump SQ.
Authors: Katou, Kazue (Story & Art)


Score: 7.901 (scored by 5743857,438 users)
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Ranked: #9432
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Popularity: #61
Members: 149,821
Favorites: 7,154

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Rin and Allen are both exorcists and both of them are "cursed" in some way. Both have demon traits and both of them have really awesome powers!  
reportRecommended by GothicShadow22
These two shounen serialisations share similar male protagonists. Both protagonists has suffered isolation because of their identity, and both has also overcome their isolation by fighting for what they believe in. Moreover, the two titles are mainly action-oriented so they both feature a lot of combat and the use of unique abilities and fighting styles. 
reportRecommended by radiantfire
Jumps from comedy to dark story pretty frequently. Lot of similarities in characters and the way the story evolves. 
reportRecommended by BlindNoldor
Sousei no Onmyouji and Ao no Exorcist focuses on the main characters and their fate to become exorcists. Their motivations aren't similar but they both face difficult challenges on their path to becoming an exorcist. Throughout both series, we also learn much more about the characters including their past. There is also a consistent amount of supernatural themes that relates with demons, apparitions, and exorcism. Sousei no Onmyouji is also known for its romance that is subtly developed while Ao no Exorcist focuses more on shounen aspects. 
reportRecommended by Stark700
If you like the type of supernatural phenomenon, along with sword fighting and secrets, these could be for you. Both take place in modern times. 
reportRecommended by eagleswing8
Both mangas seemed similar to me because the main character in both is playing host to Satan's powers. Ao no Futsumashi's character is the human son of Satan, while 666 Satan's character is the human host of Satan. Both characters face adversity because of that fact and fight against their supposed fate. 
reportRecommended by ViralChaos
Main character has to learn to understand and deal with a fate that he didn't intentionally ask for. Both involve demons/ghosts that interact with the main character and he also has to keep his abilities secret from everyone, including those most close to him. Both authors have a very similar illustration and writing style, but is kept individual by key features within the characterizations. (i.e. you always feel like there is WAY more going on within the story than the author is willing to tell you. There is a constant feel of foreshadowing.) 
reportRecommended by karbear
they both have a similar vibe in that the protag gets into fights because they care about others. they also posses a "demonic" power and become involved with strange organizations as a result.  
reportRecommended by jewishsuperhero
Ao no Exorcist (Blue Exorcist) and Noragami takes place in a modern setting with supernatural themes. The main male protagonist possesses special abilities as well as a connection to a past that is explored in both series. Throughout their story, they battle against supernatural foe in the form of spirits, ghosts, and occasionally their own personal demons. Comedy throughout both series are generally lighthearted. Do note that Noragami has some subtle romance while Ao no Exorcist's relationship building has more friendship/parental themes. 
reportRecommended by Stark700
While the lead character of AnE is much more friendly both characters initially come across as delinquents but really love the people around them. They both start off with finding companions in a school setting as they also learn to combat the enemies they wish to get revenge upon. 
reportRecommended by fiore777
Both of these shounen titles revolve around demon children who have been or is currently being raised by a human parent. Although Beelzebub is more comedic and Ao no Exorcist is more plot heavy, both do feature a lot of action. 
reportRecommended by radiantfire
The similarities in these two series are profound. First, the setting is dictated by two groups. In Ao no Futsumashi, we have the humans against the demons. In Soul Eater, we have the meisters against the witches. Second, due to the uniqueness of the characters featured in both series, we are introduced to different fighting styles characterised by weapons, spells, and physical poweress. Third, the general asthetic is relatively similar. 
reportRecommended by radiantfire
Both of these titles revolve around characters who belong to an organisation that vanquishes demons. Both are action titles that depict the use of a variety of fighting styles such as CQC and spellcasting. 
reportRecommended by radiantfire
Although nearly everything about Ao no Futsumashi (a.k.a. Ao no Exorcist) and Fullmetal Alchemist is completely different, there is something about Ao no Futsumashi that makes it feel like the next Fullmetal Alchemist (in terms of greatness). Despite all their differences (concept, story, world mechanics, plot, etc...), there are some very notable parallels within the format of the two mangas. Both mangas have a smooth way of floating through it's more comical moments and underlying drama without seeming false. All characters, from both series, were drawn with great care and detail, thus making every character have it's own unique look. Each chapter has a  read more 
reportRecommended by Pezz
Both series share a similar appeal in that their stories follow descendants of youkai. As such we are introduced to the world of the supernatural. They are also action-oriented series that are geared for the shounen demographic. 
reportRecommended by radiantfire
Ao no Exorcist and Enen no Shouboutai follows a modern supernatural story with many abnormal events. In the world of Ao no Exorcist, there are demons, apparitions, and spirits that must be contained. From Enen no Shouboutai, there is abnormal phenomenons of people bursting into flames. The main male protagonist portrays themselves as someone to help society contain their problem while also discovering their true potentials. Both series are also known for its standard shounen themes. In addition, the main male protagonist seems to have a mysterious past that connects with the story. 
reportRecommended by Stark700
-Half demon main character. -Father died, protecting his son. -The MC is now on a path to avenge his dead father. -Gets in a school for demons/onis. 
reportRecommended by Christty
Both series deal with spirits, demons, have idealistic protagonists, set in Japan, power ups, that sort of stuff. 
reportRecommended by slouchbag
reportRecommended by hootiee
Both series: * Main character has supernatural powers * Takes place in a modern setting * Main characters orphaned * Involve exorcism * Have demon kings as side characters 
reportRecommended by JonnyBGud
Mostly recommending both of these because they both have action, supernatural, fight against bad guys manga. Both have a grey scale of good vs bad, though Bungou's lines are more blurred. Orphan MC. The biggest similarity between them is the similarity between Bungou's Dazai Osamu and AnE's Mephisto and later on, Lewin Light. They are all very cunning, manipulative, slightly twisted characters that could be collaborating with the opponent in order to achieve their own goals. Yet most of the time, they have the facade of a fool which makes their serious moments more striking. 
reportRecommended by SkyFullOfStars
both have demons and supernatural creatures. main characters don't have parents and have a really deep backstory. 
reportRecommended by KenApplepi
- Both series deals with the protagonist as something supernatural, but part human. - Supernatural creatures. - Demon/supernatural schools. - Both main characters don’t have much, to any family left. - Character relationships are kinda similar. - Villains who wants power over the worlds. - Interesting battles! - Both are very underrated [Hopefully will both get more recognition when Jujutsu gets its anime and if Ao no Exorcist gets a third season]. 
reportRecommended by Sirimirihiro
(They both have a overpowered MC. (Both MCs have great character development. (Both have to do with devils. (Both have an Amazing cast. I would Recommend Blue Exorcist because the highs of it (Blue Night) can match the high quality of CSM. However Blue Exorcist does not get as good until little later (around chapter 60).  
reportRecommended by Malone3443
Both Tokyo Ghoul and Blue exorcist are about a boy (Kaneki and Rin respectively) who both are something they don't wanna be. Rin Is a demon but at the same time wants to kill satin and Kaneki is a wanted Ghouls to die but then becomes one. The two stories similarities don't go to much further but the overall mechanic of being something you wanna kill is in both manga. 
reportRecommended by NamelessWeeb
Both series start out with a simple supernatural premise, and become more complex as they go on. Characters are similar, starting out as archetypes but gradually developing in interesting ways. Both have a school setting. Both balance humour, action and the supernatural. They have some horror undertones, that become more prominent later on, as the plot gets darker and the stakes - higher. Hanako-kun has a faster pace than Blue Exorcist.  
reportRecommended by UfolyCloud
Both are action manga that follow the theme of exorcists and demons.  
reportRecommended by Sakurai_Aoi
Has similar demonic themes, even uses the same names for some of the demons (although they have different roles), however if you liked the concept of the demons in Blue Exorcist then you'll definitely want to give this a go too. 
reportRecommended by Sabzilla
Ao no Exorcist (Blue Exorcist) and Iron Knight has a protagonist who is part human/demon. They learn of their role in the story and what destiny has in stored for them. Despite their demonic instincts, both series explores their humanity and the relationships they forge with others. Expect plenty of action and mysteries regarding the origins of both series' setting and characters. Recommended for fans of shounen/fantasy.  
reportRecommended by Stark700
Both main characters are keeping secrets from their classmates that they have powers / or they don't have powers at all. Learning new skills, fighting and getting better. I think they have a lot in common. Both happen in special schools. 
reportRecommended by Lylaaz
They don't have similar characters, they don't have similar story lines but what they do have in common is what makes them both so good! They're both well written, both have good plots and both have good amount of characters that have their own stories! If you have read one, then try the other, you definitely will not be disappointed. 
reportRecommended by Merkul
The main character in both are half demons whose father is so powerful it's stupid. Inuyasha and Rin are very similar in personalities and both have befriended a powerful priestess. The real difference is the motive of the antagonist. The antagonist in Inuyasha (Naraku) made it very clear what he was after early on. The antagonist in Ao no Exorcist hasn't even been fully revealed yet let alone his motives. If you like one, you will definitely like the other 
reportRecommended by Megan140
Both are stories where the characters try to directly or indirectly help others when something corrupts a person's soul leading them to commit things against their will. The main characters investigate and try to get rid of the creatures causing problems to others. 
reportRecommended by Liinah
They both have main characters who are part human, part demon. Both main characters are part of an organization who take care of demons that do harm to humans. Both main characters use their abilities and fight with swords. 
reportRecommended by spineslayer
Both manga involves the main character into a supernatural world. Both manga have a shonen and dark auro that helps the story line stand-out. Both main characters are protective towards their family and friends and both have their own individuality that helps the stand-out. For Rin in Ao no Exorcist he is the son of satan while Oz in Pandora Hearts have a connection to the Abbys.... Both mangas will keep you hanging but wanting more... 
reportRecommended by escaflowne080
The characters are quite similar, they want to protect whats important to them and fight against their own kind... Only the main character in Meteod, Tooi, is more innocent. Warning...if you do plan to read this, i suggest reading it through Mangafox than Mangareader 'cause it has the updated version of the first chapters. (The grammars are'll know) 
reportRecommended by Kizuka
Similar art styles. Boy with strange traits (Rin: ears+teeth - Amon: steam) goes to school and lives a normal life. One day, they find out that they're actually related to a demon, thus having demonic powers. Both Rin and Amon also use fire. 
reportRecommended by lzzydy
In both of these shounen titles, we follow characters who work for an organisation specifically created to fight spirits/demons. Most of the characters have unique ways of fighting; and this is something that is also characteristic of both titles. 
reportRecommended by radiantfire
Ao no Exorcist and Ushio to Tora are classic battle shounens with an emphasis on story development. Both series' main male protagonist has a lot of potential in power. And throughout their story, they face powerful adversaries while discovering more about their past. Both series' main antagonist has a dark history that has connections with the MC as well. There is also emphasis on a lot of demons and apparitions that appears throughout their story.  
reportRecommended by Stark700
Spirit familiars and magic reign in these two manga with amazing art and interesting characters. Apprentice Exorcists and Apprentice Sorcerers, what's not to love? 
reportRecommended by noirgrimoir
Known for its shounen themes and style, Ao no Exorcist and Black Cover adapts a world where supernatural forces exist with extraordinary feats. The main male protagonist are also similar in terms of personalities and has a competitive nature that revolves their role in the story. Both series also contain explorations of powers with hidden potentials especially with the main protagonists. Recommended for fans of supernatural fiction. 
reportRecommended by Stark700