Ashita no Joe
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Ashita no Joe

Alternative Titles

Synonyms: Rocky Joe, Tomorrow's Joe
Japanese: あしたのジョー


Type: Manga
Volumes: 20
Chapters: 171
Status: Finished
Published: Jan 1, 1968 to May 13, 1973
Genres: DramaDrama, ShounenShounen, SportsSports, Slice of LifeSlice of Life
Authors: Kajiwara, Ikki (Story), Chiba, Tetsuya (Art)


Score: 8.911 (scored by 1021910,219 users)
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Ranked: #152
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Popularity: #383
Members: 30,853
Favorites: 2,720


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Aug 10, 2014
ClownOnACloud (All reviews)
Simply put, Ashita no Joe is nothing short of a timeless masterpiece of a manga. This really is likely to be one of the greatest manga creations that has ever been created as well as one of the greatest that will ever be created. In every single medium, whether it be in literature, film or anything else for that matter, there are a select few creations that manage to transcend the media in and off itself and become something truly epic, truly beautiful and truly classic. Ashita no Joe manages to pull of this staggering feat. It manages to go far beyond being just another read more
Aug 21, 2012
Ikazuchi93 (All reviews)
In a corner of Tokyo there is a place where the garbage flies with the wind, where the stink of the river is intolerable and the outcasts overwhelmed by alcohol go home destroyed by their working day, but not all are abandoned to themselves, not everyone is cut down despite adversity, among them there are those who aim high.

Story: The story follow the life of Joe Yabuki, a rude boy without parents that grows thanks to wins and losses.
However Ashita no Joe is not only the story of Joe, it represents the post-war Japan, its economic and social condition and the vision of a defeated read more
Sep 20, 2016
Hornpub (All reviews)
The intense aura of a wild groan overwhelmed the whole hall, as the two gladiators standed between each other in unsteady gaze. The coach pushed your back, as the 10th round got started, by the decisive ring of the bell, crucial for recognizing the winner during the next 3 minutes. This local hall never felt such big applaud, yet couldn’t predict, that someday it would hold a world title match for their local hero. You can’t recognize anything from these mutters. As a matter of fact, you can not feel anything anyway. There is no fear, no strategy, no meaningless thoughts. Just pure descent into read more
Oct 12, 2015
mangareader123 (All reviews)
There are so many manga easily available that as a reader it is hard to decide which one to read. Many are just good, some are very good and sometimes we start reading something that we don't want to finish. Rarely we come across a manga that transcends time and brings joy and tears to the reader. Such a manga can be called a Masterpiece. Ashita no Joe is one such manga.

This is the story of a boy who became a great boxer. If I write like this I won't be able to convey my feelings and anyways the summary has been provided. Many a read more
Oct 30, 2020
BrawlerJoe (All reviews)
word's can't describe how much I love Ashita No Joe. I completed it in 2015, but I wanted to make Review right now idk why haha.

Manga that inspired many mangakas, created the epic era, Joe yabuki who inspired Kamina from Gurren Laggan, Joseph joestar from Jojo, sendo from Hajime no Ippo even whole rocky franchise! and there's even more! Manga is really great, one of the best of the bests... It' needs more attention! if you love Tragic, drama, boxing, slice of life, and want to FEEL manga, then it's for you.
Joe Yabuki meets Tange danpei, a retired boxer, and trainer, who became a vagabond, read more
Jun 7, 2021
VictorBranco2021 (All reviews)
Extremely overrated, characters that border on cognitive delirium, I don't give a damn about the historical value that this work has, something rarely happens
of value in this manga and Joe is a horrible and extremely inconsistent character.

I watched the 2 animes and read the manga to see if I understood why I was so loved. The manga and anime only has an effort to be good after dozens of episodes and chapters.
I'm disgusted with this community that feels cool for consuming old stuff.

The only thing 100% saved in this disaster is the art, which is not a Berserk level masterpiece but is full of charm.
Dec 9, 2015
ThatRayGuy_ (All reviews)
Before I begin my review, I want to say that I am not the most serious critic. I only state my opinions in my reviews, and I don't shove false facts down peoples throats saying the show is bad. With that out of the way, let me start the review.

Woah. This series is... something. This is really something. Ashtia no Joe filled my expectations to the max, not even that. Probably past the max. Ashita no Joe will probably make me read more manga series, to find a manga series as great as it. Hajime no Ippo is probably the new era's Ashita no read more
Sep 4, 2014
ghostcardinal (All reviews)
Most people haven't read this, which is a shame, because its simply amazing. Its impact and influence on manga is so incredibly massive, that the number of anime and manga that reference it or pay homage to it cannot be counted. That being said, it is referenced and paid homage to so many times that many people will already know the ending despite having never read it. For example, the ending of ashita no joe is a recurring theme and symbolism throughout Bakuman, but I wont say the ending because I dont wanna spoil.

The story was great, following Joe Yabuki taking up boxing in read more
May 22, 2020
Kelvin_0815 (All reviews)
Story- The story is truly amazing!Form the unknown Joe to the Joe that gonna fight the world champ.Very exciting and cant guess what gonna happen next,like they said ,anything can happen in a boxing fight.I had feel surprised about few times like 3 ~4 times.Like while Riikishi died,and when Joe died. 9.5/10

Art- The art may feel old but after a few chapter,I can read it normal and feel it is not very bad,but it is a classic art style.And the art style had improve much after some arc.The fighting scenes is very clear,and don't have any trouble while reading it. 9/10

Character- The characters deign is read more
Dec 11, 2018
Brondi (All reviews)


History 10/10
The characters develop very well throughout the anime, mature, physically and psychologically, is very real, portrays well Boxing, teaches about boxing, further on in the review I go into details

Art 9/10

A simple, normal art that at times is well done to cause excitement and fights are incredible, but a 9 is a good note, an 8 maybe? no ... I think 9 is read more
Sep 18, 2016
KingHarkinian (All reviews)
Ashita no Joe/Tomorrow's Joe is without a doubt one of the greatest and most powerful manga ever made, and its ending alone sets it among the most amazing stories there is...but it is old, and time has hurt it a bit.

Story: 8 : Some punk ass teenager who packs a serious punch and has a severe inferiority complex meets an old drunken and retired boxer who decides to teach him how to make a living through his craft.

This setup might seem like the buildup to a powerful relationship between future student and master, but it really, really isn't.

One of the first things Joe's future trainer, read more
Nov 29, 2019
anoncology (All reviews)
//Somewhat spoilers ahead, be caution
//Also, I wouldn't say this is a proper review, but just some thoughts I needed to get down somewhere.

Some of my favorite quotes from final chapter are: "Is Joe Tabuki not afraid at all of dying or becoming crippled? Does he have no one... to weep for him?" and "I haven't turned completely white yet."

I love Yabuki Joe. His tenacity, stubbornness, his selfishness, his character design, and plot armor (lol) all made for an incredible combo. His dialogue was always on point. His actions made sense for his character. His personality, despite some changes, was so natural and read more
Jun 8, 2016
DOWA (All reviews)
Ashita no Joe is simple the best ''sports" series
but i think for a microsecond and this IS NOT ABOUT SPORTS is a story of his characters
as i said the story of ashita no joe is about there characters growing don't confuse that is a slice of life because also has boxing story is a decoration (a good one) the boxing only supports the story
the main character Joe is simple amazing is no special or have great ability he is a jerk but finish in a recognized boxer the experience of the read more
Oct 16, 2016
Gundroog (All reviews)
Simply put this manga is amazing and aside from a few pretty inconsequential problems I had with it this is gonna be nothing but praise.

At the core Ashita no Joe is a character driven drama about Joe himself, people around him and they they go through their difficult lives. As such I don't you can't talk about story without talking about characters and you can't talk much about characters without spoiling manga.
What I can say though is that impressive how much nuance the main cast has. Aside from some supporting characters that don't play a large part in the story everyone has a very read more