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Special A

Special A

Alternative Titles

English: S.A: Special A
Synonyms: Mikansei Chorus, Incomplete Chorus, Shoku no Miyako, Food Paradise
Japanese: S・A スペシャル・エー


Type: Manga
Volumes: 17
Chapters: 104
Status: Finished
Published: Feb 26, 2003 to Mar 19, 2009
Authors: Minami, Maki (Story & Art)
Serialization: Hana to Yume


Score: 8.051 (scored by 15388 users)
1 indicates a weighted score. Please note that 'Not yet published' titles are excluded.
Ranked: #8602
2 based on the top manga page. Please note that 'R18+' titles are excluded.
Popularity: #222
Members: 31,920
Favorites: 1,212


Well, the two main characters of Kaichou wa Maid-sama! are the top two students at school. The same is very much true for Special A (the plot sort of revolves around it). Also like in Special A, Misaki from Maid-sama considers Takumi her enemy while Takumi oh so obviously has an interest in Misaki. The main pairings are similar is my main point. Bascially, if you like Kei and Hikari's relationship, but want some faster development, Kaichou wa Maid-sama is a good manga to read. 
reportRecommended by FuyuMaiden
The rivalry between the couple is verys imilar except in Last Game the guy is the one who is always second place. Other than that, in both the guys are both trying to get their love noticed by the dense girl. The difference in social position is the same, both childhood friends. Special is longer and completed Last game is ongoing, not many chapters so far and more romance oriented. Both INCREDIBLY cute. 
reportRecommended by lolkid_0417
Hikari reminds me of Takami both being very boyish. And Kei reminds me of Akira. If you like Special A/Venus Capriccio I'm sure you'll enjoy the other. 
reportRecommended by Totinona
Special A is similar to Ouran because of the similar situations. Hikari (Special A) is a poor student attending a rich private academy who worked her way up to become second in her school. Haruhi (Ouran) is also a poor student on scholarship attending a rich private academy. Both girls seem to be oblivious to the potential love interests around them. 
reportRecommended by ReverseHarem
Both of the female main characters view the male main characters as their ultimate rival. Because both female main characters are too stubborn to notice the male main characters' feelings, the male main characters propose date resulting challenges which both the female main characters accept. 
reportRecommended by BrokenRainbow88
--both of them got almost the same storyline-- a girl that always feels she's number 1 and tastes her first defeat with a guy.. ((the guy is always no. 1 and the girl always no.2))  
reportRecommended by ka-ki
Kare Kano is better but the story is similar: A girl who hates boy because he's better than her or as good as her at school, and it turns out the boy loves the girl. ~___~ 
reportRecommended by Talu
Somehow this reminds me of Special A, the two main characters are rivals and have known each other since they were kids so will they end up falling in love? =P  
reportRecommended by BrokenTrinkets
Both protagonists are poor girls in a rich school. They fall into an unexpected romance. They both encounter the same problems within their romances. 
reportRecommended by lhagan
Five has its own Special A class, it's just not as exclusive as the one in Special A. In Five the class consists over several students, male ones though. That is up until Hina transfers in. Still though unrealistic antics ensue in both these mangas, due to the school's bizarre curriculum along with the top students' family backgrounds. 
reportRecommended by Nyx23
the story is like S.A (special a). Both heroines are determined to achieve there goals. Also both the boy main character are always greater than the heroine.They also have their friends to support them. Both mangas have the same author Minami Maki. 
reportRecommended by ange-san
In both mangas, the main females character is studying in a high class acadmy and are poor. In both the main male character is interested at her.  
reportRecommended by TARU_CHAN
The first thing I noticed when I was starting to read Kapon was how similar it was to Special A. It starts out about a girl who tries her hardest to be number one in the school, but is forever cast aside as number two by her rival. The strength and determination from the two female leads, and the overall attitude from the two male leads are very similar. The similarities end after that, but both are enjoyable reads. 
reportRecommended by Aarana
The main characters are quiet similar, the main guy is in love with the girl who will take a while to understand their feelings .. both are Shoujo Comedy Romance with a touch of Drama .. 
reportRecommended by LoveSong
- Guy is head over heels in love the the lead female - Guy won't admit love - Girl is waaaaaay too dense to notice - A hilarious romantic comedy ensues 
reportRecommended by Monomi
The main protagonists are both freakishly strong and are clueless about love and those who love them :3 The atmosphere and humour is quite similar too. You'll like them both :D 
reportRecommended by lolkid_0417
In both mangas the main girl is strong and naive. The main guy is stronger than the girl. Plus he likes her without her realising it. 
reportRecommended by Anastasia
Both Manga have the female character being the bright counterpart for the male character.  
reportRecommended by EclipsedRogue
Both have strongly-aspired martial arts main characters. Both male main characters propose challenges in order to win future closeness from the stubborn female main characters. 
reportRecommended by BrokenRainbow88
- Main Female Characters are stupid when it comes to love. - The female characters like to have competions. - Sou and Kei has the same personailty. - Hikari has known Kei since childhood, and the same situation goes for Anna and Sou... Yup, There is a long list. If yhu like Special A then yhu will like Stardust Wink.  
reportRecommended by sahlee__fangs
The lead guy is head-over-heels crazy in love with the female lead, who is a bit of a tsundere (cause she doesn't take the guy's feelings that seriously and can be mean/hurtful at times). They're also utterly dense and at times, too naive. The mangas are also similar since the lead characters seem to be separate from everyone else, having their own little world, and EVERYONE looks up to/adores them. We can also see a whole lot of I'm-using-the-girl-you-love-the-most against the male protagonists. 
reportRecommended by dannaloo
A girl who's hard working guy who's naturally super smart the guy likes to tease the girl the guy is in bad terms with a family member major difference between two school buildings I'm tired see for yourselfs 
reportRecommended by colorful_smile
These 2 mangas take place predominantly in a school setting (as do most shoujo), and what I felt was pleasantly similar between them was how desperate the male protagonist would become whenever the main girl was in (or suspected to be in) some sort of danger. They lose their usual cool headedness and rush to the rescue. In both cases, the girl and the guy have a unique relationship that makes them very close but the girl refuses to entertain the thought that the guy might have romantic feelings for her. The adventure of how these characters transition into a couple is very enjoyable and  read more 
reportRecommended by lunafly
Both girls in the mangas are trying to surpass a boy. They are both shoujo. 
reportRecommended by FishyWish13
The female lead is always competing (but is always beaten) by the male lead. Guy falls in love first. 
reportRecommended by susannetann
-childhood friends -the boy fell in love first  
reportRecommended by ameba_95
In both manga there is a "Special" division in the school catering to the elite of the academy. The lead heroines are unaccustomed to such splendour and have to get used to this kind of life. There is also the pairing between the poor girl and the rich male student.  
reportRecommended by Sorghaghtani
A girl who is used to getting first in everything is beaten by a guy who falls in love with her. The guy also falls in love with the girl first. They have a similar feel and we get to see the relationships between a bunch of characters. 
reportRecommended by MeNaK
Although not in an elite high school class as in Special A, the female leads are perpetually in "second place" to their top-scoring love interest.  
reportRecommended by clio
- both have a rich guy who likes a poor girl .. - both girls have some sort of abnormal physical abilities .. - both contain some thriller and action .. - both girls dislike the guy at first but end up liking them - both guys have a friend who tries to make a move on the girl and alot more I'm afraid I'd spoil it if i went further .. I'm surprised no one recommended this so far .. 
reportRecommended by colorful_smile
Hikari and Kei are both rivals since childhood and Kei was the first one to take the first step towards their romantic relationship. 
reportRecommended by mirelavx
I found the art in Special A strikingly similar to that of Fruits Basket. I actually checked to see if they were by the same mangaka (they're not :P). Also, Tohru and Hikari share several character traits: they're both kind, sweet, very motivated, and are loved by the people around them. Plus there are a large number of characters in both mangas that eventually form a special kind of relationship with the main characters. Both mangas are recommended!! 
reportRecommended by Chocobana
If you loved one you'll love the other. In both mangas the main male is interested in the main female without her knowing, also both mangas are so funny! ^_^ 
reportRecommended by HearMeRawrx3
well, the heroine is kinda similar...they both work hard and try their best...and their leading man is also someone pretty popular in the school...XD 
reportRecommended by enya04
The main characters are similar - strong, smart, willful girls who fight their way through - lots of other outstanding people surrounding them and of course an elite school both girls go to. 
reportRecommended by as3
Two humorous stories about a strong girl who is adored by a prince(-like) character.... 
reportRecommended by as3
The pace and the humour is similar in these two, plus the main female characters are very similar - naive and competitive and energetic. 
reportRecommended by as3
If you are looking for an ironic relationship (yet cute... somewhat) exist between two almost TOO alike guy & girl who just happen to be powerful physically, I think you will find this series enjoyable. Saint Dragon girl has more of a fantasy base, though. If you are not into fantasy things, this might backfire. 
reportRecommended by mintymel
Both stories are about a poor but strong girl enrolled in an elitist club in a rich school. plus both are really funny. 
reportRecommended by as3
These mangas share a very similar art style. Also, the main character is a lower class girl at a rich school. The romance is somewhat similar and the main female characters share an inability to cook or be domestic in anyway.  
reportRecommended by restivesilence
Nanami and Hikari share almost the same personality (they even look alike physically), so even though the story has nothing to do with the other, you could still enjoy them if you like the main female chara. 
reportRecommended by Kiiroi
Both are cute stories with cute characters. Shiharu reminds me of Hikari, while Rio reminds me of Akira. Also, the art is pretty similar because of its simplicity. 
reportRecommended by Kiiroi
Both stories involve a boy seemingly perfect at everything, who the heroine of the story tries her best to surpass, but always ends up frustrated at being second. Both pairs of each manga initially don't get along very well with one another. Both have their funny moments. The differences is that S.A. has more romance and character relationships, geared more toward female readers. Inu Saru Warui on the other hand will appeal more to a male demographic, being more perverted, with boobs and butts and the like. 
reportRecommended by 4kicks
Both: school setting guy vs girl (girl hates guy) guys has a story for his badness just minus the super rich part :P 
reportRecommended by mintymel
Both have main characters who love to fight and challenge their love interests. Both stories are hilarious, touching, and just down right awesomely cute all at the same time as the couples constantly test their love for eachother :D. what's not to love? 
reportRecommended by lovelydawn
they are both about a group of friends that just want have some fun. 
reportRecommended by AngelsCryAlone
A group of kids who have known eachother since they were small children. It includes the inter-relationships and slapstick comedy.  
reportRecommended by Sapphire86
Both manga have the same persona for main couple. The girl, though capable, is dump and thick-headed, the boy is doting on her all the time and tries to somehow protect either from herself or from dangers she jumps into. Well, in Special A it is more shoujo-like. In Tokyo Paradise it is more of an action. 
reportRecommended by zybactik
both involve really strong, but dense, and cute girls. the main male is stronger than the girl thought, and in both stories the main leads are childhood friends. if you like oresama teacher, read special a, and vice versa 
reportRecommended by TeARsFade
The character interaction between Miriam and Douglas is identical to that of Hikari and Kei. Both of them fight most of the time however habour deeper feelings for each other. Both female protagonists are physically strong and intelligent; this makes the novels highly entertaining, amusing and very much appreciated. If you like one I would recommend reading the other.  
reportRecommended by nirasha
The guy likes the girl the girl doesnt know. the guy is smart and head of major comp cool and good looking. if u like one u are sure to like the other 
reportRecommended by icye-kiss
Both males seem mean and have power but also are nice and love the female lead. however the females are both a bit dull and dont realise and both strong in there own ways. in special A the girl believes she has to beat him in something and doesnt realise shes in love with him while in Ookami-heika she doesnt belive she is good enough both are hilariously funny and sweet. if you love the one you love the other 
reportRecommended by icye-kiss
Special would mostly be similar with Shinshi Doumei Cross, since it also has the richness and the influential people in the story, and with the genre also of romance is also present...the outgoing personality also of the lead characters and all and the illustrations also are very good 
reportRecommended by alexsycho
both protagonists are charismatic girls, liked by almost everyone in the school. they are talented at everything (except cooking) but are still likable because of their personalities. both mangas have an eclectic cast of characters and include love and comedy. 
reportRecommended by lujsy