Bitter Virgin
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Bitter Virgin

Alternative Titles

Japanese: ビターバージン


Type: Manga
Volumes: 4
Chapters: 32
Status: Finished
Published: Feb 18, 2005 to Mar 7, 2008
Genres: Drama Drama, Romance Romance
Theme: School School
Demographic: Seinen Seinen
Serialization: Young Gangan
Authors: Kusunoki, Kei (Story & Art)


Score: 7.801 (scored by 2435324,353 users)
1 indicates a weighted score.
Ranked: #11672
2 based on the top manga page. Please note that 'R18+' titles are excluded.
Popularity: #280
Members: 42,091
Favorites: 1,058

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Aug 1, 2009
DrBoondigga (All reviews)
Bitter Virgin is a surprisingly mature, beautiful and dark story with a strange and misleading title. When I first saw the title of Bitter Virgin, I figured it was yet another mediocre Ecchi/Comedy that would feature some girl with overly sized breast to the point their unattractive embracing random men as their heads go into the breast. Classic joke isn't it? Of course thinking that, I decided to ignore the series, and wasn't even looking for a new series at the time, focusing on the things I was already reading. I heard it's name thrown around a couple of times afterwards, and finally looked at read more
May 2, 2011
Moon_Light (All reviews)
“If this were a nightmare, then this is the part when I would open my eyes.”

It can be cruel and even when it's not it will tests you. Sometimes to see how far you can go before you break, or even after that. That’s how it is for characters in this story. This manga shines light into things that happen more often than not to women and their families but that we don’t think about until it happens to someone we love.
In case you’re wondering, it doesn’t just deal with a girl’s story into overcoming rape and pregnancy. It throws into a whirlwind everything read more
May 9, 2008
tweetlepie (All reviews)
I have to admit, I've only just started reading this manga, and this is my first review.

A manga like this, with such a taboo plot, doesn't usually hit this close to home. Not to me, but with my very dear childhood friend. This is captured perfectly, the step-father's attempts, the mother thinking the child is lying, then when the mother was backed into a corner, she had no choice but to kick him out and beg for forgiveness.

Some of us have gone through things that happened in this manga, some can relate on another level, (for me it's the fear of men I have because read more
Sep 19, 2008
Master10K (All reviews)
Bitter Virgin is a really compelling Shoujo/Seinen, Slice of Life, Romance, Drama with a story that will blow you away. This manga deals with the terrible sorrows in life, so it’s definitely not for the fainthearted.

Daisuke Suwa is just your ordinary teenage boy who has been living a simple life but doesn’t enjoy it one bit. Then he soon becomes involved with his classmate Hinako Aikawa, after unintentionally learning about her deep dark secret. The story really gets serious, right from the start, which is pretty uncommon for your average romance. Though what intrigues me the most about the story is the bittersweet relationship that read more
Jan 17, 2008
Chenoan (All reviews)
This Manga is a beautiful Manga with a truly unique storyline. The lead female character, Aikawa, has an extrordinarily designed personality and history, and the lead male character, Suwa, is so very sweet. This manga makes you feel a sympathy towards the main characters, particularly Aikawa.

I love this romance, of how Aikawa's story transform's the girl chasing Suwa into someone in love without her even noticing, and how Suwa changes Aikawa's view on men and love. over all i have fallen in love with this manga as it was the first ever shojo manga i heve ever read(i was not a huge fan of shojo read more
Jul 12, 2009
kiriska (All reviews)
Bitter Virgin is a short, four-volume manga about a girl with a secret and the boy who learns of it.

STORY - …Bitter Virgin isn’t actually about a bitter virgin. Quite the opposite, actually? To be honest, the shock value and tragedy of Aikawa’s secret faded relatively quickly for me (probably because of one too many episodes of Law and Order: SVU). The subject matter also reminded me a lot of those in Mondaiteiki Sakuhinshu (brought overseas as Confidential Confessions). Consequently, the story premise and flow felt rather typical and predictable in that romance drama sort of way. Nevertheless, Bitter Virgin is well told, and read more
Oct 15, 2008
AironicallyHuman (All reviews)
Bitter Virgin is one of the few manga titles out there that deals with the horrible problems people face in real life, such as rape and abortion, and it deals with those issues as maturely as possible. The reason for this is probably down to the author being a woman who had to deal with stillbirth, one of the many issues the story goes into, herself when she was younger.

The story is very easy to understand and follow, yet it makes for compelling reading as a result of the story delving into the difficult topic of rape and how a rape victim deals with being read more
Feb 7, 2008
Haruki- (All reviews)
The manga starts out like one of the typical school life manga involving a guy. The big tough playboy like guy who seems to want every girl. Then when one girl says a secret to him on accident, the storyline changes so fast its like getting smacked in the face by a freakin boxer.

To me, i found this manga to be one roller coaster of horror despite that not being one of its genres. The drama of this thing is so amazing, when i first found out what this story was going to be about, all i could say was... "" with my blood read more
Oct 20, 2014
Lehcara (All reviews)
Think of the worst things that can happen. It happens here. Not only that, but this manga takes the phrase 'from bad to worse' to a whole new level. Wow. I don't think I've ever read anything that rips out my heart like this manga.

Story: Like above. Wow. Just wow. Have tissues, and maybe someone to talk to about your feelings after this one, because just when you thought something good will happen- NOPE! But dagnabit, I want them to end up happy! So if that was the intent, well done.

Art: Didn't really do it for me. There was more than a few panels that read more
Aug 27, 2015
Qwartney (All reviews)
I enjoyed the story of this manga, dark as it was, especially the relationships with the support characters. I felt it was a bit drawn out and repetitive in some of the interactions between the two main characters. The exchanges did not seem to add much of anything, other than really drilling the main plot point into the readers mind. Other than that, it was worth reading. While the story did not hit home to me personally, the side characters still pulled at my heart and made the entire story tragic for everyone involved.
Sep 25, 2015
dimunched (All reviews)
I read this on a whim, and man, do I ever regret doing so. Bitter Virgin is so poorly-written that it actually managed to offend me.

I found the premise intriguing: A girl, Hinako, works to move past horrific abuse at the hands of her stepfather. Unfortunately, Hinako isn't our protagonist. Instead, we get Daisuke, your average seinen guy. Appallingly, the story plays out in typical harem fashion. We're introduced to a couple of other potential love interests: a cute childhood friend and a haughty clingy-type. Both are completely smitten with Daisuke--one to the point that she will commit actual, not-played-for-laughs violence on rival Hinako. read more
Dec 20, 2013
Zelot (All reviews)
Most guys will never understand the mind of a girl, and this manga is a great example of that.

Story: 9
This story follows Suwu, as he pretends to be a priest as a girl confesses her dark secrets to him. Because of these dark secrets (And they are pretty dark), he is enamored by her and an instinct to protect her kicks in for Suwu. The problem is, the girl does not know Suwu knows, and other girls at his school become jealous of the attention that Suwu pays to the girl.

This plot is started by a lie, a common story telling device, and read more
Mar 20, 2008
edgewalker00 (All reviews)
a manga that tackles a sensitive subject. it's quite rare for me to be attached so much to this kind of manga.

i believe that bitter virgin's story gives color to the lives of those women that had their rights violated, to women that continue to fight, and to women that would always repent for the sins they made on their past.

this also explains to the reader how such cases are viewed by other people.

hinako who had undergone hell through her step dad and by aborting her child twice suffers the pain and anguish of her past. the pain and anguish that continues to torment her read more
Jun 10, 2013
Nocti (All reviews)
This is a very popular manga. I would like to bring some contrast with my review.

Story - I wouldn't rate "Bitter Virgin" that high. It deals with a very serious matter, which is interesting, but there are some things that may be objected. The manga goes about a girl that was abused by her stepfather. As a result, she is scared of men, until she meets Daisuke.

That alone is a very heavy burden to deal with, both for her and for Daisuke. But still, as if it were not enough, things keep happening to her. I think it was a little too much, and a read more
Nov 18, 2012
Phantom-Brave12 (All reviews)
I imagine this will give me more 'Not Helpful' ratings, but such is the business of reviews.

My last thought? Why did they have to write it this way?

Warning that some minor spoilers may follow.

Story - 9:
I haven't read a manga with this subject matter before. Other reviews say that this manga was dark. It wasn't as dark as they described it to be. Maybe I didn't feel it like they did. Bitter Virgin is a manga about a girl named Aikawa Hinako who was repeatedly abused by her stepfather. This abuse resulted in an abortion, then a child. On the first birthday of read more
Jan 16, 2009
amcsi (All reviews)
This manga is romance, drama and seinen (with a bit of comedy) genre. This is my first review here, so yoroshiku kudasai^^

Story - 8
The story is about the main character guy (Suwa Daisuke) who doesn't see the main character girl (Aikawa Hinako) as his type of girl for being extremely shy and reserved. But then, Daisuke finds out a dark, sad and repulsive secret about Hinako which caused her big fear of men and this information leads to him pitying her and thinking differently about her. He totally understands why she acted the way she acted all this time, and so, decides to protect her, read more
Dec 26, 2020
IhateHAISE (All reviews)
Bitter virgin is a complicated work to work on, and the development of the story showed me that the author does not have much idea of ​​what the marks left at FMC mean, in short I am explaining them little by little.

1 - History [7/10] - I can say that I didn't expect anything when I entered (I don't read synopses, due to the surprise factor). I feel that with the development of the story, the author did not articulate the development very well, I believe that the fact of having pressed a lot for 20 chapters, left the work a little strange in the read more
May 20, 2008
Lyrebird (All reviews)
This is a very heart-stopping manga, it tells u how life can treat u and that the world isnt just a fairy-tale and that basically the world is full of both good and bad people. It starts off with a normal boy who is the "happy-go-lucky" ladies-man at skool talking about all of the women he would like, except for one that he thought wasnt good enuff and just not the right girl for him. but acidently without her knowing, she told him her deepest secret that kept him gob-smacked and thinking more deeply about her. it a tough but also tender manga, well-woven and read more
Aug 24, 2008
sceptile24 (All reviews)
I really liked this manga,in fact i read it for 3 hours non-stop until i finished it.

the plot is very intense and with heavy themes.Its a story full of cliffhangers that got me hooked up from the very beginning.

I generally dont like that less kind of art but I think this one was OK

The character development was good but i think they should have provided some more background on daisuke and yuzu, especially on yuzu

I really enjoyed it but i think it was a lil too short. you see i finished it in a day

Dec 19, 2013
DigestingAnime (All reviews)
I always have the urge to justify what I read/watch when the title of series makes people suspicious of who I am as a person.

Anyway, Bitter Virgin is one of the most misleading titles to date, and it could either make you disregard the book or make you curious to know more about it. As you can tell, I’m the latter. I read the summary and went straight to reading this series. Every time another chapter was translated, I got excited and read it immediately!

Before anyone actually thinks this manga is about a bitter virgin, let me just tell you it’s not! It’s read more