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Alternative Titles

English: Dorohedoro
Japanese: ドロヘドロ


Type: Manga
Volumes: 23
Chapters: 190
Status: Finished
Published: Nov 30, 2000 to Sep 12, 2018
Genres: ActionAction, ComedyComedy, FantasyFantasy, HorrorHorror, SeinenSeinen
Authors: Hayashida, Q (Story & Art)
Serialization: Ikki


Score: 8.561 (scored by 1438114,381 users)
1 indicates a weighted score.
Ranked: #952
2 based on the top manga page. Please note that 'R18+' titles are excluded.
Popularity: #121
Members: 53,803
Favorites: 4,040


Although Pandora Hearts is considerably less violent and gritty than Dorohedoro, they are both mysteries revolving around characters with lost memories who want to find out who they really are and how their past relates to the present. Except that in Pandora Hearts, instead of one character having identity issues, it's practically the whole main cast. 
reportRecommended by Neiru2013
Both have similar styles and presentations. Protags are similar in how they're a fusion of two things and tend to act like assholes. Lots of action, death, gore, cynicism, and dark humor. One deals with magic while the other deals with demons. 
reportRecommended by Realhumanbean
Both titles revolve around the mystery of the main character's identity, feature a large cast of eccentrics, and feature some of the most absurdly inventive and disturbing imagery I've ever seen. 
reportRecommended by Lindle
Both are violent, action-heavy series with plotlines that'll leave you much to question and think about. Both are fantasy worlds with very interesting cosmologies. Both have their share of massacres and badassery. 
reportRecommended by Neiru2013
Dorohedoro and Tokyo Ghoul involves a main protagonist whose life undergoes a drastic change. Their character becomes less of a human but more of a supernatural being with special abilities. Both series revolves around creatures who can do extraordinary things. At the same time, there's a dark mystery that revolves around the origins of these powers. Both series' story are thought provoking with a variety of themes. Recommended for fans of supernatural/fantasy/horror. 
reportRecommended by Stark700
Dorohedoro is the more action-y, plot-oriented version of Voynich Hotel. Both of these series have very strange settings and characters, yet treat them like they're normal. 
reportRecommended by flomu
Both series contain very likeable characters, violent battles & a great sense of mystery. While Dorohedoro revolves around devil worshiping sorcerers, it does have the same level of "wtf bizarre moments" as JoJo. Part 4 of JoJo doesn't have the same scale of mystery as Dorohedoro but does have the same laid back attitude. 
reportRecommended by THEAnimeHERO
A seinen work done by a female mangaka, with a sketch-like drawing style, with an unconventional story telling, in a unique world. Oh, and it’s totally awesome. Sounds very much like Dorohedoro and Beastars to me. The only big difference is that one work will turn your sexual orientation towards devils, and the other towards furries. 
reportRecommended by txrxgxu
Full of action, comedy, friendship, and so much more. Unique universe with lots of characters and a great and reliable MC. Unique and really distinctive art. 
reportRecommended by aemiliuz
Both series adapts a more mature setting with dark fantasy elements. There is experimentation and super powers that exists in their world. The main characters become a key figure of mystery as we learn their role in the story. Both series also adapts graphic violence with its action and mystery. There is also an unique insight on some of the themes of both series that is well crafted by their storytelling. 
reportRecommended by Stark700
The artist of Dorohedoro was an assistant to Tsutomu Nihei, author of BLAME! That aside, you have a dystopian future with antiheroes, aberrant mutations and so on, but there are differences too. For one, Dorohedoro has magic, and the story has a lot of black humor and even a little charming romance thrown in. Another point is the art style of Dorohedoro: I can only describe it as 'unique', and it might take some getting used to .. it sort of evokes BLAME! but in its own way, you'll see if you check it out. Now, the art is extremely well drawn & very detailed, it looks  read more 
reportRecommended by alcurad
Both are manga by Q Hayashida. They have similar art and eerie atmosphere, which is both scary and funny at the same time.  
reportRecommended by BohemianRhapsody
NOMK is like a cute version of Dorohedoro, with its intricate demon world, and all the interesting personalities inhabiting it.  
reportRecommended by txrxgxu
I do not even get how anybody else thought something else is more similar than these two. A lot of the basic character art and setting art are extremely similar, and the world concept seems pretty clearly inspired by Battle Angel. 
reportRecommended by Rampant
Soil and Dorohedoro are both mysteries with extremely chaotic plots that actually are thought through from the beginning to the very end. Soil is a bit more mature in it's plot and humor, but just as Dorohedoro's messy first volume, it's really worth trying to get through the massive wall of salt that will keep you from reading Soil. 
reportRecommended by txrxgxu
- The protagonist is a big guy with amnesia and a weird head - Their partner is a young and hot girl - The setting is cyber punk - The draw style is very similar - Both contiains a lot of mystery 
reportRecommended by Metalerogreymon
Caiman and Vash share serious, yet goofy, demeanors but mean well and care for those around them. However, that alone is not enough. Since the two series share similar fantasy elements in their sci-fi stories, in addition to characters often acting in grotesque and creepy manners (i.e. Coleman and Legato). 
reportRecommended by Inactiv3
both have sense of comedy. both are edge and gore both are horror and psycho to some degree both are bizzare.  
reportRecommended by Hussin
Both mangas have a strong female and male leads and the story is about the bond they create. Dorohedoro does it way better, though. (Even because it has more time to flesh out the characters, CC feels a little bit rushed.) 
reportRecommended by ssiasme
I found the same things that I love in Dorohedoro in Golden Kamui. Mainly I love that even though both manga in the beginning make it seem like there's a good guy and a bad guy, but it isn't so simple we get to learn both groups and even a third shows up (The Yakuza, The magicians and Kaiman's group in Dorohedoro and Tsurumi's 7th division, Hijikata's group and Sugimoto's group in Golden Kamui). We get to learn all parties and they all have their own arcs and we see the story from many points of view. I don't find this often in  read more 
reportRecommended by pitagor2
The two possess similar analogous setting where its normal, for example, in dorohedoro, the setting is a dark, gritty disorderly district where killing is an ordinary occurrence! In kekkai sensen, its more chaotic because you see explosion, accidents and all weird creatures! The characters in both series have unique personalities and shares the strong chemistry to the group. I definitely recommend dorohedoro if you like kekkai sensen 
reportRecommended by Zonuk
Silly dark humour, a lot of gore, messed up setting. 
reportRecommended by Hidorai
Similar atmosphere in many ways. Both are grotesque and the fight scenes have similar pacing, that is to say good pacing. The fight scenes also have an emphasis on weapons. The plots are also similar in a basic way, with a guy looking for someone, which makes for good episodic storytelling. The biggest difference is that there is hardly any comedy in kiba no tabishounin, but i often would like to read things with similar atmosphere and overall quality. 
reportRecommended by chig
If you're looking for a rather peculiar series with experimentation and dark humor, then these two series could be something to invest into time with. Dorohedoro and Franken Fran not only adapts their premises with a great degree but also has a memorable cast of characters. These characters are involved in highly unusual roles in a story with many twists and turns.  
reportRecommended by Stark700
Ran to Haiiro no Sekai is not a blurred mystery but a light-hearted slice of life. It is not violent, dark or dramatic like Dorohedoro. The artstyle too is different, not gritty but clean and bright into a classical Josei fashion. But both have a very bizarre and imaginative display of the magic, unique story telling and witty humour. Both share a pluri dimensional world built with original details and an overall flavour of a dream blended with modernism. 
reportRecommended by Bubi
Similar partnerships with Victoria, Alucard and Nikaido, Kaiman. Both present very violent and gruesome battles and engagements. While both manga have supernatural aspects, Dorohedoro is more of a post-punk sort of setting, opposed to hellsing's more or less realistic approach.  
reportRecommended by RicardosFlick
Both are violent mangas in a dark fantasy setting with a lot of fights. The main characters can't remember parts of their past. Dorohedoro however contains more humor. Both are great mangas. If you liked one, give the other one a try! 
reportRecommended by Xiob
Both are twisted, violent fantasy manga by the same author. 
reportRecommended by TVC15
The style of surreal, bizarre and macabre dark comedy reminiscent of Tim Burton's grotesque artistry -- especially when it comes to visuals, weird characters and plot twists. If you liked this side of Dorohedoro you might like Hell's Angels as well. Dorohedoro seems to be a bit more morbid and generally mature though (like with all the violence), while Hell's Angels is more of a comedy at the core. 
reportRecommended by Xuchiel
Both contain alot of dark humor, massive amounts of gore, and glorify the devils to some degree. The worlds of both mangas feel very similar. 
reportRecommended by amat_24
Great mangas in horror genre. Both are bizarre, full of mysteries and feature an ugly,filthy but good art. Main characters in these seires have a animal head (lizard head in Dorohedoro and chicken head in Fourteen). They are dark and have great world-construction. Stories centers not in only one character, but in diferent point-of-views about what is happening to the world. 
reportRecommended by Petyr11
Both of them are seinen and have amazing artwork and rather gory content. Also both have superp storylines. 
reportRecommended by Gangankuroi-sama
A powerful protagonist who doesn't remember his past tries to figure out who he is in a rather original story with stylized art and plenty of violence. 
reportRecommended by AfterGlow
Violent and bizarre with a healthy dose of body horror. 
reportRecommended by SquirrelLuvsPnut