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Alternative Titles

English: Dorohedoro
Japanese: ドロヘドロ


Type: Manga
Volumes: 23
Chapters: 190
Status: Finished
Published: Nov 30, 2000 to Sep 12, 2018
Genres: Action Action, Comedy Comedy, Fantasy Fantasy, Horror Horror
Demographic: Seinen Seinen
Serialization: Gessan
Authors: Hayashida, Q (Story & Art)


Score: 8.671 (scored by 3520135,201 users)
1 indicates a weighted score.
Ranked: #532
2 based on the top manga page. Please note that 'R18+' titles are excluded.
Popularity: #66
Members: 114,222
Favorites: 8,583

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Mar 14, 2012
hJ (All reviews)
What we learn from this manga:

1. Comedy and Gore can become a good combo
2. An awesome protagonist doesn't have to be handsome
3. Heroine too can kick ass in an action manga
4. Nakama power isn't limited to "Heroes" only
5. Every character can be given proper air time without any difficulty
6. Magic isn't limited to Harry Porter only
6. Weird art does not mean Bad Art
7. Even in a weird series you can show emotions
9. If you are original, you may not get popular but you will always be awesome
8. Female mangaka can handle a fast action packed Seinen

All of this and more ....
In the most chaotic read more
Jun 2, 2011
Neiru2013 (All reviews)
This is perhaps the most original, trippiest, creepiest, and imaginative thing I've ever read.

The world is very well thought-out. It is primarily divided into the Hole, a place populated by humans, and the Magic Users' world, populated by human-looking beings with extraordinar[ily weird] abilities. These abilities range from your standard healers, to devastating mushroom attacks, and everything in between. The humans and the magic users don't like each other.

The plot is a lot harder to describe. I mean, saying "well it's about an amnesiac guy with a lizard head named Kaiman who wants his real face back so he's biting people faces so that the read more
Sep 14, 2018
Karhu (All reviews)
Settings directly from post-apocalyptic series. World filled with anomalies of every sort. Characters who are the combination of futuristic cyberpunk and magical fantasy adventure. Artwork by the assistant of BLAME, relying on nothing but new ideas that are weirder than the last one. Story centering around the daily lives of our wide and colorful cast, yet the whole thing is essentially an action comedy. No one could have ever asked for Dorohedoro because it's simply too original and specific to be an answer to a need.

There are several reasons to like this series,

-Significant amount of the original ideas offer new perspective on things. For example, read more
Aug 6, 2019
ReaperOfHearts (All reviews)
(This review is free from other spoilers than a bit of the very first chapter)

Dorohedoro is a manga unlike anything else. It's something you get only once in a genre, or in this case, once in a medium. It's the same as say Death Grips is to rap/hip hop music or Philip K. Dick was to sci fi. It's something breaking all the stupid rules, crossing all boundaries. It's a rare and unique experience. A thrilling and grim world, born from the imagination of Q Hayashida.

So what makes Dorohedoro so special? By looking at the art, it may seem like it's going read more
Oct 15, 2018
Akko_Berserk (All reviews)
The world of Dorohedoro is one of the rarest and most original that I have seen in a manga: it is violent, dark and visceral, without falling into the common topics of this kind of stories.

Personally I think that would be its main characteristic: Dorohedoro can use elements such as magic, satanism with demons or steam-punk aesthetics, but in such a way that when using them as material to build their history and lore, they end up Feeling fresh and differents.

In short, the author Q Hayashida has a gift for making the grotesque and bloody something fascinating, enjoyable and interesting. For that reason, Dorohedoro is read more
Nov 9, 2018
Tsubakiaka (All reviews)
The first Manga i ever read was Dorohedoro and i'm grateful that it was. The excitement of waiting for a book to be released and checking them out at my library 4 books at a time, the anxiety of having to return them and not be able to go back and admire the art and worrying that i was reading them too fast. I never want to forget the amazing experience that Dorohedoro was. It introduced me to a new idea of what manga is and what it can be, that the most complicated of stories can still be simple and heart warming even in read more
Sep 6, 2013
Gazoinks (All reviews)
Dorohedoro, as a series all about the plot twists, is kind of hard to describe easily. It takes place in a gritty magic-punk dual world: The high-class world of the magic users, and the slum-like Hole, the world of the non-magic users. The story centers around Kaiman, a man with a lizard head and no memories. He hunts down magic users, eats their head, and then the person inside his mouth evaluates them, looking for someone. And that description does absolutely no justice to the series.

Q Hyashida loves 'er plot twists. Yes, this series is filled with twist after crazy read more
Jul 19, 2012
Nilvius (All reviews)
In this series, magic users are beings born with a certain organ in their bodies that allow them to use magic in the form of puffing out smoke, be it from their fingers or mouth. On the other hand, you have the regular humans who live in a place called the Hole, which is shown to be a ghetto-ish area. The story thus follows two main perspectives, the first being that of Kaiman and Nikaido having their little adventures in the Hole. The second focuses on Shin and Noi, two magic users who are tasked with tracking down Kaiman. This is later expanded to include read more
Jun 13, 2019
chuckpugs (All reviews)

There are two types of absurd but well-told storytelling. You get anime such as Gurren Lagann or Redline where the interest is piqued because of its spectacle and over-the-top visuals and characters. Or you get anything made by Masaaki Yuasa where the presentation is wacky and strange but underneath the surface, there lies a lot of character analysis, social critique, and philosophy that a majority of his audience can find relatable.

Dorohedoro had the potential to be a well-thought out mystery containing dark humor and sick action. But unfortunately it built-up something so huge that the climax was below underwhelming. read more
Jul 3, 2015
xana_lee (All reviews)
If you like a large cast of characters that have enjoyable and fun interactions, an intriguing mystery that is both haunting and complex, and have the stomach to handle gore then this is the manga for you.

There are no good guys. The best way to describe it is that the morality scale is incredibly gray. Almost everyone does something bad, usually with violence. Despite that the characters are still lovable and have humorous interactions with each other even in serious moments. There's also some subtle romance, mostly from Noi and Shin. Sometimes hinted at with the main pair, Nikaido and Kaimon, because their relationship is read more
Feb 28, 2014
Po_and_Dong (All reviews)
Dorohedoro is an amazing fantasy manga by Hayashida Q, notable for being a studio assistant to Nihei before making the Maken X manga adaptation. The story starts off in a dimension called the Hole, which more or less is a very run down and dangerous world that looks like what San Francisco would if the nukes dropped. Kaiman and Nikaido, the two central protagonists, are attacking two people identified as magic users, those who can spray black smoke from their hands to cause an effect of some sort, although the particular usage of the magic smoke is unique to each user. After subduing one, Kaiman read more
Aug 9, 2013
Gangankuroi-sama (All reviews)
My first reaction to Dorohedoro is "What the f*ck, a woman wrote this?". It has to be one of the most strangest, creative, unique and awesome mangas I have read in my short life. It combines the gloominess of a normal seinen manga and has the traditional qualities of blood and gore, violence and sexual explicity.

To be honest I hated the artwork to start with. It was so strange and creepy to look at. But as you read on, you get absorbed into Hayashida's fictional world and in due time, you will feel the need to read more.

The story line is well made and it read more
May 7, 2020
CrashRHCP (All reviews)
I think it was around 2005 or 2006 that I first heard the term "anime". One Piece started airing on Portuguese television, and it claimed to be "the best anime since Dragon Ball", in school all the older kids in my class started talking about this new edgy anime on TV called "Hellsing". And when I got into high school, with everyone obsessing over the Big 3, I finally started to get into the medium, but due to lack of a decent internet connection I ended up opting for a static, black and white version of the stories that everyone was watching. Manga. For people read more
Mar 5, 2020
vitriolcocktail (All reviews)
Dorohedoro is a masterpiece.

The story is convoluted, unpredictable and one-of-a-kind.

The characters are written in such a way that the reader feels affinity towards almost all of them. You become drawn in to each character and their individual story and the part they play in the greater plot.

The writing is executed perfectly and the dramatic story is interspersed with humor, sometimes quirky and nonsensical, but always well timed.

The art is, in my opinion, fantastic. Sometimes it looks more like a rough sketch from a schizophrenic's art book but that is part of this manga's charm. There are also some lovingly colored portions that look like read more
Jan 10, 2018
Lacrymae (All reviews)
My very first experience with DRHDR was through twitter, when a good friend was talking about the characters. I was curious, and decided to check it out, and I'm glad I did, because I found probably one of my most beloved - if not the most beloved - mangas of all time!

The premise sounds simple enough - an amnesiac lizard-faced man tries to recover his memories by biting sorcerers so they can answer him what the man inside him said, then kill them afterwards, all with the help of his companion, Nikaido. It's not that simple later on, though, but the mystery surrouding Kaiman's identity read more
May 11, 2021
geovannyboss (All reviews)
This review contains mild spoilers

It started off slow for me but beginning vol 5-6 it started to pick up and i was enjoying it. And It was around vol 10 when I kinda started getting lost. I feel like the author did not do a good job in revealing really important things in the manga caiman’s identity... i found that part when caiman changed from a lizard to human anticlimatic. And it started to go downhill from there again.

Honestly this series could’ve been shortened to 15 vols. Thought that reviving en didnt realy bring anything to the plot. and the ending when caiman turned read more
Nov 26, 2019
underscore21 (All reviews)
I give this manga a rating of 6.5. I read it in about a week, give or take a couple of days. I'll make this short and sweet: While it does have a really intriguing premise and fun, fleshed-out characters with a little depth, don't expect anything other than a mediocre ending. This is a very safe, by-the-books manga. There will come a point in the story where you will say to yourself "Oh, so that's probably how it's going to end" and you will more than likely be correct. Very predictable. That's not to say that everything isn't tied up nicely. It's neatly read more
Nov 21, 2020
diegoberg (All reviews)
Dorohedoro is a well-designed, atmospheric manga with a specific style and sense of humour that carries the series through its story. The author Q Hayashida illustrates her personality so well in the pages of the texts by using juxtapositions of grim and depressing settings and subject matters with deadpan deliveries, sarcasm, goofiness, and silliness.

The characters in the manga are mostly powerful magic users who each have what is essentially a personalized super power (sometimes very arbitrary but always unexpected- such as turning people into meat pies) or they are weak and vulnerable victims to the violent world around them (such as all of the read more
Nov 10, 2019
MaoMao12 (All reviews)
The premise of Dorohedoro is very simplistic and weird, but it's nothing like that. Q Hayashida (the author) has crafted nothing short of but a convoluted tale filled with phenomenonal world building, horror, gut-busting dark comedy, some action and an absolutely perfect long form mystery storytelling. Dorohedoro is also a very raw and gritty manga, there's tons of body horror and also lots of nudity. What I admire about  Dorohedoro is that nudity isn't used to sexualise the female cast. Majority of seinen manga use nudity as a way to sexualise the female characters, but in Dorohedoro seeing the female cast being nude is just read more
May 28, 2021
BasicallyAnybody (All reviews)
There are lots of problems here so I'm not sure where to start.

Without any doubt the greatest strength of this manga is it's art. It's not exactly beautiful, it's really dirty looking but really detailed and fitting for it's setting. A pretty good match for the horror atmosphere that it gets into sometimes.

The characters are ok for the most part. Both the protagonists and antagonists are likeable and charismatic enough to keep things fun, but this only covers the first part of the story.

The biggest problem with this, and the one that completely drags it's good points to the mud is the writing of the read more