Bokura ga Ita
We Were There
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Bokura ga Ita

Alternative Titles

English: We Were There
Synonyms: Run Baby, Run.
Japanese: 僕等がいた


Type: Manga
Volumes: 16
Chapters: 70
Status: Finished
Published: Apr 13, 2002 to Feb 13, 2012
Genres: DramaDrama, RomanceRomance, ShoujoShoujo, Slice of LifeSlice of Life
Authors: Obata, Yuuki (Story & Art)
Serialization: Betsucomi


Score: 8.061 (scored by 1522015,220 users)
1 indicates a weighted score.
Ranked: #5712
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Popularity: #245
Members: 39,679
Favorites: 1,837


I think these two mangas are really similar because of two reasons: first of all, in both of them, one of the main characters faces the death of a dear person - but later falls in love with someone who helps him/her to get over it. Secondly, in the later parts, these mangas deal with long distance relationship. I highly recommend both of them. 
reportRecommended by Gerry
Same feeling, pure love, and protagonists who won't stop loving the same guy, however difficult it may be. Love triangles in both, although they're very refreshing. Two mangas that are really worth reading. 
reportRecommended by manami-chin
Both are good cliche shoujo romantic drama stories. The simplistic and sincere art and storytelling distinguish them from others in way that the emotions slowly but deeply seeps into the heart. The story is the same in the sense that both characters are in mutual love, but circumstances of the guy pull them apart. Specifically, the death of someone that makes the guy 1.) broken - blaming their self, unable to trust and love again 2.) sympathetic of others (girl-potential hindrance) who share the same experience, feeling responsibility, unable to leave them. And all this while, the girl is left confused and hurting - so another  read more 
reportRecommended by gemutlichkeit17
Both have high school teenage romance, drama, backstabbing, obsession, lies, secrets, etc. They deal with first love and best friends liking the same girl. Both have love squares.. or even pentagons. 
reportRecommended by FeelingBlue
it has d same atmosphere,a plain girl who entered high school,unexpectedly fall for someone they thought they never will,and the pain of being heartbroken and so on. 
reportRecommended by blackmermaid09
While Bokura Ga Ita features younger characters, they appear more mature in the way they analyze situations. While the story line is different, the characters in both stories work hard to help the ones around them find happiness. The overall atmosphere is similar, alternating between melancholy and small burst of light happiness. 
reportRecommended by -BlackRabbit-
Shy, innocent girl falls in love with the outgoing, popular guy. Guy has trouble coping with traumatic death of a loved one in the past. 
reportRecommended by YakuzaDog
I have to say that it's JUST like this! a girl that likes someone and then dislike him, but when he decide he wants to like her too, they are together. and it's also have the "I'm lying! haha!" thing. :X 
reportRecommended by Ayechan
Both Bokura ga Ita and Koishitagari no Blue involve a love square --- two guys and two girls are all in love with someone who loves someone else. The main female protagonists are "used" by the main male protagonists as fake girlfriends. The male protagonists seem outwardly happy and joking around; they secretly undergo emotional anguish from the memory of previous loves. The chemistry between the male and female lead is profound; however, complications arise and lead to misunderstandings. In addition, both works give off a feeling of yearning with just the correct drop of angst mixed in.  
reportRecommended by inmyopinion
Female protagonist liking the male main character first. the main guy, being indecisive. Involves lots of drama and some past tragedy. The plot is more or less similar for both. 
reportRecommended by kiiroibara
The main girl falls in love with a boy who can't forget another girl. Also, both manga have a lot of love triangles. Both have lots of drama and a similar feel. 
reportRecommended by xpaula
Love, betrayal, and a lot of tears. Both might start off slow, but the minute it gets good, it stays that way. When you start reading, it'll be hard to stop. The main characters both have a similar problem, where they fall in love with the popular boy, but because of something tragic, it ends. And if it can't get any more similar, they start something with their ex's (THAT popular boy) best friend. Amazing story, and I recommend it for anyone who's up for a crying session.  
reportRecommended by cindy30764
the art is very similar but the storyline is completely different. a lot of people say that the two main male characters look the same 
reportRecommended by xkawaii_s2
I can't believe no one has said anything about the similarities of Bokura ga Ita and NANA!! Like... in the later chapters, when they separate, it is very much like Hachi & her search for Nana. && Let's not forget how in each story, 2 girls are named Nana! The style in the later chapters is so similar... The inner monologues... "What are you doing now, Yano?" That screams Nana to me! I was thinking, "Hey... was this written by the same mangaka??" At first, I thought this was going to be a cute love story... but it has the deeper, darker aspects much like in Nana (though not as  read more 
reportRecommended by ktcherry
If you enjoy L-DK, Bokura ga Ita is a must read! Both main male characters are the "it" factor in school, and both have sad backgrounds in "love". Both female characters, dislike the main at first but then fall in love. Its such a sappy romance on the mangas, but like L-DK Bokura ga Ita has many surprises, and is full of laughs. Bokura ga Ita is a little more serious but is so worth the read!  
reportRecommended by keiinyaoiland
Both have a girl who is at first a bit of a dork but is still cute and both girls catch the eye of a popular good looking guy and they each become infatuated with them. Both stories show how each set of characters evolve as they go and how each couple's love blossoms. Each story is full of drama and there is a ton of romance and surprises along the way ^.- 
reportRecommended by Hooplas
Both manga deal with a girl who is in love with a boy that she gets to know, but later, she learns that he can't get over his girlfriend, who happens to have died in an accident. After she confesses, the guy seems to have feelings for her, but is he able to get over his deceased girlfriend?  
reportRecommended by angelabsun
Both stories go in a similar direction. The main males Taki in "360 Degrees Material", and Yano in "Bokura Ga Ita" have an "ex" that somehow interferes in their relationships. Then there's the nice, sweet, helpful, and caring guy friend who helps the female protagonist overcome her struggles and eventually falls in love with her. Similar story lines, but a twist in plot. Both are entertaining manga to read. ^.^ 
reportRecommended by Ryuzetsuran
Both Male leads had lost someone they loved and a complicated character. And Female leads who wants to help them move on. 
reportRecommended by Nunnally03
Deals with an innocent girl falling in love with a boy who's already occupied. 
reportRecommended by Mayuka
It's difficult to say how these two are similar plotwise, they will leave with you the same aftertaste is all I can say. Both of them are great, just don't drop them in between. The ending is what makes both of them so good.  
reportRecommended by kaneki_utk
It starts with the main character of these two mangas (Nanami and Hiyori) on their 1st/2nd day of high school. They both encounter the most popular guy in their class (Nana=Yano & Hiyori=Hirose). Both Nana and Hiyori were embarrassed by the most popular guy in class 
reportRecommended by coleeto
While Bitou Lollipop is more humorous, when it's being more serious, it has rather similar sorts of relationship drama to Bokura ga Ita.  
reportRecommended by LadyAxeFace
The plots are different from each other, but both have the same themes (family, loneliness, love triangles out of obligations) and the same feel to it. 
reportRecommended by cardcaptors
Both have a very special plotline, since they both follow the characters through a big part of their lives, in contrast to a lot of other romance which revolves simply in a high school enviorment with no backbone whatsoever. 
reportRecommended by edwardo
They're similar because the story is " A girl who fall's in love with a boy which had some difficulties in the past and their relationship get's worser when the past comes up, or when something or someone from it appers....and it's goes on becoming really interesting and fascinating" I love the two Mangas. They are one of my favourite and if you've liked one of them you should definitely read the other one I recommend ! Hope you'll like it ~ 
reportRecommended by LittleMonsterr
Aishiteruze Baby and Bokura ga Ita both have a very slow paced plot line. Not that the manga drag on but they are very in depth when in comes to character emotions and feelings develop over a longer period of time. They each have a relationship obstacle that the main characters must try and over come through out the series. 
reportRecommended by automnesouriant
Sometimes life sucks. And sometimes, when your lucky, you might be able to find a manga that shows you a bit of that life. Of course, there's still some good moment, and some bad. While the plots of both manga has nothing alike, I feel like I'm almost there with them. Both manga has that boy, who would have never guessed they would fall in love with someone. The art is simple, but in a good way, because I feel it fits the best in these stories.While Bokura Ga ita might be labeled as a shoujo, I feel they both have a josei kind of  read more 
reportRecommended by cindy30764
These are both character-driven stories and are kind of melodramatic. The source of drama is totally different hence these two manga are also completely different, but they are both really good and really amazing. Both have really strong heroines and really cool male protagonists. Kazehaya (Kimi ni Todoke) and Yano (Bokura ga Ita) are both popular among girls but their approach was totally different. While Kazehaza always holds himself back in order to wait for his girl, Yano kind of forces his ways onto his girl. The guys are also very mature, kind of, in a way, which makes the two stories a whole lot  read more 
reportRecommended by yuucchanXO
Both manga revolve around school life. The art styles are also comparable. Mostly, they are similar in that the female protagonist is in love with a guy who claims to have feelings with her but at the same time is drawn to another girl.  
reportRecommended by taiyakicute
Character traits are similar along with situations the characters are put in. Both of these manga have nice arts and a captivating stories. Like Bokura ga Ita, in Sukitte Ii na yo the main characters relationship is formed at the begging of the series. Both Bokura ga Ita and Sukitte Ii na are focusing not really how the main characters get together but the things they face in their relationship which makes their love stronger. PS: If you love Bokura ga Ita, then Sukitte Ii na yo is a manga for you to read. It's not exactly like Bokura ga Ita(and although I love Bokura ga  read more 
reportRecommended by xxXKittyXxx
Both manga's include a love that isn't easy to maintain and get. In BgI Yano has a lot of feelings and actings that are in the way. In Boku no hatsukoi the main guy has a disease that makes it hard for them to be together. At a main point the guys both think that they can't make the girls happy, so they try to create a gap between them. Overal both story's are drama lovestory's Also both are in my favorites. Don't forget too check the other one! 
reportRecommended by xWendyx
Both male's have trouble trusting women, which jeopardizes their relationships. They are both perverted, too. 
reportRecommended by pillock
both treat about pure girl's first love :) , school life and friendships. 
reportRecommended by jumikao
For some reason, this two mangas give me similar vibe. The romance starts from the girl getting interested in her schoolmate, which eventually turns into love. His feelings are a bit unclear at the begining. The girl doesn't have much love experience but she's facing the love head on. The boy is kind of mysterious. And of course like in (almost) every shoujo manga, we have additional people in love with our main characters. Both mangas just give you the 'realistic' vibe and show the growth of the characters in the relationship. 
reportRecommended by LadyVampire666
It's the same partially...two boys who are fighting over a girl. You will like it XD 
reportRecommended by Misha-San
The stories are both different, but both are really sweet in their own ways and show a young sweet relationship, though BGA gets much darker and sadder as you read on 
reportRecommended by as3
They aren't totally similar, but both of them have really good stories. In both you can see the actual society in japan by smal aspects. Both have deaths that have lots of influence in the way of how the storie go. I have to say that BGI is more 'light' then Deep Love, because in DP you will cry almost from the begining to the end.. Anyway, both have the LOVE, even if it's in diferent forms. They're reaaaly good ^-^ 
reportRecommended by manami-chin
I was actually quite shocked when I realized these two were not done by the same mangaka. When I was reading Senpai no Kanojo it reminded me of the trouble Nana went through with her love for a boy who was in love with another. Though the overall story is different (with many similarities), the art and character feel are very alike. 
reportRecommended by Aarana
Both Yano in Bokura ga Ita and Arima in Kare Kano have a dark past. Although the female leads aren't similar at all, I think if you like one, you'll like the other. 
reportRecommended by st_owly
Has the same school theme and the whole boyfriend scheme. Just like in bokura ga ita two guys fight over the same girl... drama, romance, all the good stuff 
reportRecommended by Choto
similar storyline a girl who fall in love with a man who love a dead girl .. 
reportRecommended by BlueSkies
Both mangas are about high school couples. Thought Bokura ga Ita is more tragic it's similar to Koukou Debut. Both girls are said to be plain and end up with the or one of the most attractive guy in the school. Also the ending is similar because they end after the graduate from highschool. 
reportRecommended by Dark_Moon13
Similar plot, but BGI spans from high school to adulthood and is a bit more serious 
reportRecommended by pillock
in both there is a love triangle with two best male friends and the main character, and they show extensively the struggle the main girl has to go through for her love , thus making the story rather dramatic and, partly, a tearjerker 
reportRecommended by Shiharu
I think they are prrety similar because both of them have a lot of drama,and in both of the their are two best friends,who fell in love with the same girl.In my opinion Bokura ga ita is more dramatic than Hana yori dango but I enjoyed reading them very much. 
reportRecommended by Rexi_Pepsi_Sexy
5 short stories from the same creator. Each story is adorable, romantic and sweet as a candy, so anyone who loved BokuGa will like it too. The characters are very similar to Yano and Nanami. 
reportRecommended by Nushi
The main characters in both shows match each other well. 
reportRecommended by lawliet5
There's a guy who a girl has always loved, and there is another one who she feels in debt to, and has trouble choosing from them both... Bokura ga ita is quite longer though, that's forsure, but both great reads! (: 
reportRecommended by jayjayy
they´re both about a teenage-girl who falls in love with the handsome, heartbroken guy, who in some way have lost their older love. So if you liked 1/3 Romantica you will like bokura ga ita (actually I prefer BgI ´cause it´s longer, so you get more time to actually get to know the characters ^^ ) 
reportRecommended by escie
they both deal with a girl who falls in love with a guy that is a little bit of a player but for a reason, the guys have a dead girlfriend whow they have a painfull past with. both girls are not sure if the guys love them or they are in love with their dead ex. 
reportRecommended by paloma