Jumyou wo Kaitotte Moratta. Ichinen ni Tsuki, Ichimanen de.
I sold my life for ten thousand yen per year.
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Jumyou wo Kaitotte Moratta. Ichinen ni Tsuki, Ichimanen de.

Alternative Titles

English: I sold my life for ten thousand yen per year.
Synonyms: Mikkakan no Koufuku, Three Days of Happiness
Japanese: 寿命を買い取ってもらった。一年につき、一万円で。


Type: Manga
Volumes: 3
Chapters: 18
Status: Finished
Published: Aug 10, 2016 to Oct 25, 2017
Genres: DramaDrama, ShounenShounen
Authors: Taguchi, Shouichi (Art), Miaki, Sugaru (Story)
Serialization: Shounen Jump+


Score: 8.791 (scored by 4016740,167 users)
1 indicates a weighted score.
Ranked: #352
2 based on the top manga page. Please note that 'R18+' titles are excluded.
Popularity: #107
Members: 77,300
Favorites: 6,846


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Dec 21, 2017
Major_Gilbert (All reviews)
Have you ever randomly searched for a manga by scrolling down the top manga list... Well I can tell you that you can find beautiful hidden gems like this. Currently ranked in the top 50s, at first I thought it was “overrated” like many others. I was wrong. Completely.

This manga is probably one of the best presentations of the harsh world we live in. The expectations from people for someone to achieve certain goals. The false hope that "something good" may happen at some point. The realization of the hidden thoughts of those around you.

Although it is relatively short, this is a very unique manga, read more
Feb 8, 2018
Unowen (All reviews)
Tales of simplicity have always pursued a universal theme, trying to evoke sentiments of genuineness and the empathy of the reader. “I sold my life for ten thousand yen per year” ultimately ends with a transparent attempt of capturing a message, but the means it uses to get to this point completely deny any sense of authenticity this might have pretended to transmit.

Youth is a complicated age. Time to make decisions, to face a myriad of risks and to move on, it usually never comes in the way one was expecting it. Overall, what mostly matters is trying. This manga introduces us to a fairly read more
Dec 25, 2017
legendofgong (All reviews)
What is true happiness? It seems like such a simple question yet no matter how hard I myself tried, I couldn’t answer it truthfully. I could say that it is the feeling I got a week ago when I completed all my finals, yet I would be lying as I barely felt anything. It could be the increase in dopamine in my body after quickly downing 8 shots of vodka, but the last time I did that it just made me want to puke my heart out. In the end, the happiness I experience seems fleeting - almost as if it comes in short bursts read more
Jan 21, 2018
verytiredboi (All reviews)
We are prisoners to the things we think we need.

Is it possible to die satisfied? Surely we will all have doubts, the "I wish I'd done this", as we contemplate all the things we could've done differently had we known how short and unforgiving life truly is. However, if you were given a timestamp what would you do? How would YOU live out your given amount of days? Doesn't it seem futile? You're going to eventually die anyway, so why even bother? Is there any point in living in the first place?

This is the true mystery of life; we all know we will die someday read more
Feb 22, 2020
flowstate (All reviews)
This is what making it as a creative looks like. To be able to use this level of creative storytelling, character development and art to capture the proper emotions and to convey such an important message to impact readers in the way that this series does is nothing short of mastery.

I had no intention of going through this all in a day, but I had to finish what was unfolding before me. I also had no intention of writing this review, but here I am. It is my job to not let anyone reading this review pass up on this series, and I will tell read more
Oct 16, 2020
cenj0o1023 (All reviews)
*There will be major spoilers throughout this review, so please read the manga before reading this*

With the sudden spike of popularity this manga had and after seeing constant 10/10 reviews, I decided to see for myself whether or not this manga was "peak fiction" like everyone was saying. One word came to my mind after completing this manga: overrated. That word alone sums up all the hype and popularity it's been getting. Don't get me wrong I thought it was a good manga, but I came into this with some really high expectations, thinking I was going to cry or just sit there bewildered after read more
Aug 11, 2020
neroakai (All reviews)
What would you do if you only had three months left to live?


like most people who've read this manga, they probably went to top manga and sorted by score and happened to find this masterpiece. you might be wondering why this short 18-chapter manga is so highly rated: let me explain.

story: 10
the story centers around Kusonoki, a young man who as the title suggests, sold his life for ten thousand yen per year. watching over his last three months of his life is a young girl named Miyagi, this is her job: watching him.

art: 9
nothings jaw dropping but the style is read more
Nov 8, 2020
rinmin (All reviews)
It looks like I am the one with a very unpopular opinion here, but I unfortunately found this manga to be very subpar. I went in hearing so many good things about it, I really wanted to enjoy this - I truly, genuinely did.

But what I read didn't feel anything like what was described to me. The story of the main two were somewhat soft and cute, but it stops at just that. I had to force myself to continue every chapter, with the only thing pulling me forward was just wanting to find out what was going to happen at the very end.

Personally, the read more
Jul 9, 2017
xGama (All reviews)
I decided to read this manga on a whim and read up to the 12 chapters that had been released at the time in one sitting. From the very moment it pulls you into a world where the supernatural aspect of selling your life feels well established and natural to the progression of the story.

The feeling of a depressed and desolate 20 year old man can be felt through his actions and dialogue and the way the author has drawn the world around him makes it feel empty and desolate. This feel is established from the very outset with the mc selling all his stuff read more
Aug 21, 2017
AeroSN (All reviews)
This is my very first review, as usually I just too lazy to review even the best series I think. But, I just can't help seeing this masterpiece didn't even get the attention it should. So, here it is:

Warning! Contains minor spoiler.

Story 9/10 - It's about a guy who were worthless to society and ended up selling his 30 years of life. Times by 10K (as the title mentioned), thus, he get his ¥300,000. And so, the story about how he spend his ¥300,000 start... or so it seemed.

The tours that the author gave were really made you forget your time reading it. It read more
Aug 15, 2020
Alternn (All reviews)
Life can be really hard with you but there's always something or someone that will give you a reason to smile at the end

Story: 2020 and this masterpiece still doesn't have a movie/anime, this manga is just beautiful and heartbreaking. When you start to read it you might think "uh yes, he just wants to die okay" but the more you read it, it gets more wholesome. This is not a only a love story, is also a heart warming.

Characters: The relationship between the two characters it's well written, they just met like nothing but the development comes through when they answer just read more
Jan 17, 2020
nic016 (All reviews)
Ranked 35th highest rated manga on MAL, I decided to give this a shot at only 18 chapters. Here is my review:

Story: The story is very good, I scored it an 8. Since this is such a highly rated manga, I'll focus on why I only scored it an 8 and not a 10 like most other reviewers. First, at 18 chapters, it could have been a little bit longer, and developed the relationship between the two characters a bit more, or delve into each others emotions about the people in their past. I thoroughly enjoyed how the author brought the two together, and the read more
Feb 10, 2019
Senayaa (All reviews)
have you really think about what will you do if you know that you only have few days to live ?

i found this manga while scrolling through the top manga list and i was quite surprised to see a 16 chapters manga to be on the top list.
since it's not that much, i decided to read it in hopes to have a relaxing day reading something that is worth the time and oh boy i would say that i would sell my lifespan just to have an alternate version of the main characters not in the same state as they are in the manga.

this manga read more
Jan 25, 2021
Realhumanbean (All reviews)
As it's known by its English title, "I sold my life for ten thousand yen per year" did hardly anything for me despite how high my expectations were of it. Granted, I did not read the novel that this is based on, so I can't comment on it as a whole, but just going off of this manga, this was a huge disappointment. I was recommended it by many of my close friends, but I fail to see what any of them assumed I'd enjoy out of this.

STORY: 5/10

The story is the definition of mediocre. It has a premise straight out of the tripe read more
Feb 1, 2018
UnbeBleeder (All reviews)
Before I start, I have to say that this story made me sick to my stomach... And I wish I could be sick once more because the author's thoughts are so accurately portrayed you find yourself if only for a second, becoming the characters.

The story is given to you in the first chapter with enough mystery laced through to keep you interested and because of this, as a reader, I found myself fighting the ending. You know what the future holds, and you want to run. Story - Absolutely god tier 10/10

Art gets the job done. Nothing stellar so 8-9/10. (9 because I love read more
Mar 24, 2020
Aditya8795 (All reviews)
I personally go around living life having constructed elaborate defenses around my psyche, allowing me to brush away any emotional attacks on my identity. I am pretty sure most of you do that as well, unconsciously atleast. Rarely I come across this kind of a book that suddenly hits home. It felt I had been surprised, I did not know that gap in my defenses existed.

I won't lie, this book felt like a personal attack on me sometimes. I do spend a lot of my time consuming art, rarely producing anything of worth. I don't set many goals so that I won't be dissapointed when read more
Jan 20, 2020
arionwolff (All reviews)
[Minor Spoilers]
Do your best for yourself but look around too.

I didn’t think these 18 chapters would hit me so hard, the relation between Kusunoki and Miyagi is so gentle but also so tender, they’re both in some kind of pain, lost in their own lives, without no one to rely. The rules about selling your life span isn’t really clear so you kind of feel tense about it, who buys it?

At first, I thought that this story was a tragedy, but that was just an idea of what happiness is, after thinking about it, doesn’t matter how much it hurts, having someone to feel that read more
May 10, 2021
GuitarJunkie996 (All reviews)
I've never written a single review ever. I've watched and read loads of stuff but i mostly refrain from doing stuff like this. I'm just not good with words i guess. So i'm gonna say this beforehand, this isn't gonna be comprehensive review about this manga, rather it's gonna be about how i came to read this and how the me who just finished this manga minutes ago is feeling. I woke up this morning from a really bad dream. Ever since waking up i just felt like dropping everything and going off somewhere without a destination. I just felt empty. Just logged into MAL read more
Mar 1, 2021
Ringtomb (All reviews)
This manga confuses me, because it plays with interesting ideas but comes to a very milk toast conclusion. Of course reading it was never boring or tiring for me, which is a given noting that its very short, but I expected a lot more from this because small details are all the more important when you're aiming for short media. I definitely recommend it because I can see a lot of people enjoying it, I just wanted to outline my thoughts on it before I move on to something else.

So it starts out with a guy who is told he can sell his lifespan for read more
Jan 13, 2021
Lumvia (All reviews)
Honestly, I think that this series deserve better than the 6 I gave, I admit it. The message is amazing, art is decent, it really makes you question the worth of life while there are some parts I don't agree with.

I think that what I hate is main character and their love. I would even love to give way lower than 6 just because of this, but I can't deny that the other things were amazing and some scenes were really exciting.

While art isn't amazingly good and a little plain, it's still pleasing to good at and mature. To be honest, I don't think this read more