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Japanese: MONSTER
English: Monster
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Type: Manga
Volumes: 18
Chapters: 162
Status: Finished
Published: Dec 5, 1994 to Dec 20, 2001
Genres: Award Winning Award Winning, Drama Drama, Mystery Mystery
Themes: Adult Cast Adult Cast, Psychological Psychological
Demographic: Seinen Seinen
Serialization: Big Comic Original
Authors: Urasawa, Naoki (Story & Art)


Score: 9.141 (scored by 8276682,766 users)
1 indicates a weighted score.
Ranked: #52
2 based on the top manga page. Please note that 'R18+' titles are excluded.
Popularity: #30
Members: 212,171
Favorites: 18,510



Both have the similar, eerie themes of being chased for taking actions that the antagonist party views as correct. 
reportRecommended by 011253
Monster and 20th Century Boys are both written by the same author (Urasawa Naoki) and are both heavily psychological works that primarily explore the nature of evil. 
reportRecommended by Cren
Same mangaka. Both series have the typical epic/seinen Urasawa stile and great characters. 
reportRecommended by Gladius
Fast paced, addicting thrillers full of conspiracies, betrayal and plot twists. Each plot is multi-layered, deep, intricate and well thought out with many characters. The stories pull you into their world and don't let go until their stunning conclusions. They both also take place in Germany 
reportRecommended by Danish
Naoki Urasawa's Monster was definitely influenced by MW. Both Johan Liebert in Monster and Michio Yuki are highly intelligent, manipulative, attractive, and dangerous sociopaths. And the reason both committed horrendous acts without conscience - or the justification they use - comes from unnatural origins. Both stories also have the 'good' character, playing a good vs. evil cat-and-mouse game and being influenced negatively by Johan or Yuki.  
reportRecommended by Duelistbluerose
Both are psychological crime drama that explore the mind of a killer. 
reportRecommended by abystoma2
Same type of assassin, a very psychologic story, characters trying to change their own lives. 
reportRecommended by Shaya
Suspense and thriller mangas created by the same author. Both's main character fight against an evil that is suposed to be bigger than themselves. 
reportRecommended by daniel_rm2
The protagonist is an adult man that gets dragged into a grand scale machinations and faces off the antagonist in psychological warfare. 
reportRecommended by abystoma2
These two are so similar that you could make a review synopsis of one via finishing the other. Monster is of course longer and doesn't go into the creepy artwork until the latter arcs while God's Child totally relies on it to deliver the horror. If you can stick to only one, I would probably go with God's Child but as mainstream rating already decided - most would probably head straight and prefer to read Monster rather than pay any attention to God's Child (as of this writing, I was the only one who submitted a review) 
reportRecommended by Foolness
Both main characters are both on the run and trying to solve a crime they did not commit. As they both continue their journey of trying to solve the crime the stories become more in depth. Both mangas will have you sitting at the edge of your seat. There are definitely a lot of OMG moments in both mangas.  
reportRecommended by Rhazel
Ever wondered what would happen if a serial killer was after you? In both of these manga the main characters are in danger because a serial killer is on the loose and wants te kill them. If you like deep psychological stories with action, then these manga are perfect for you! 
reportRecommended by Darkbow
Both MCs are heroes and rescue people. Both MCs save a person from child abuse. This person develops a close relationship with the MCs. Dieter = Kayo in BokuMachi. Both MCs are framed for murder. Both MAs are highly intelligent and trick people's minds. Both get inspired from stories. (Monster Without A Name = Spider's Thread in BokuMachi). Both are mystery, psychological and seinen. Both are adapted into anime. While Monster primary takes place in Germany around 1986, BokuMachi primary takes place in Japan around 1988). 
reportRecommended by citronfromagen
Monster centers around this young genius brain surgeon, Tenma, who decides to save the life of a young child, a high profile political figure, leading to his firing from the hospital. This event launches a series of murders and crimes that Tenma tries to stop. Like EDD it raises moral questions about ethical medical practices and politics within the hospital. Monster, however, goes beyond EDD in its questions about moral ambiguity in broader and more general issues. It also has much deeper characterizations and setting ambiance.  
reportRecommended by caffeination
Both manga explore the same question - What separates human from monster? Monster does this via a character drama exploring the monster within all of us, as its protagonist chases what he see as the biggest monster of all. While Kiseijuu does this via showing the contrasting differences and hypocritical opinions between humans and the alien parasite, as its central pair continue to grow closer together from a mental state of position. 
reportRecommended by Akoram
Policial thrillers, where a wrongly accused fugitive and a young girl get involved in an intense chase for a sociopath, that is closely related to their past. While Monster is more psychological, Strain is more violent and explicit, but both stories are dark, thrilling and filled with twists. 
reportRecommended by Numero33
The main villains of "Monster" and "Litchi Hikari Club" have very similar characteristics. Both characters are sociopaths and nihilists, and use their charm to convince people to commit crimes for them. Both are leaders of cults composed on dangerous individuals, and both are created as metaphors of the dictator Adolf Hitler. Apart from the characters, both manga create an atmosphere of suspense and deal with disturbing and taboo themes related to serial killing and psychopathy. 
reportRecommended by BohemianRhapsody
Protagonist on a quest to catch a dangerous derranged individual who is a mastermind behind string of crimes and is using other people to do his bidding. 
reportRecommended by abystoma2
both are set in europe; both stories are centered around political games, social injustice, rebellious groups and terrorists, and a certain family's tragedy. 
reportRecommended by sillyfang
Well thought out mysteries with tons of dark and gruesome moments but still managing to be wholesome and hopeful and full of human expressions that are beautiful. 
reportRecommended by KuroGFX
Both follow a seemingly average protagonist with some sort of 'genius' aspect. In Monster, its a genius surgeon and in Ajin its a highschool kid with what can be described as a really high IQ. Both protags are fighting an evil genius antag alongside (mostly) likable side characters. Monster's protagonists are all adults while Ajin follows highschoolers and adults, plus the settings are different. Ajin takes place entirely in Japan with some references to places like the United States, and Monster takes place almost entirely in Germany (and Czech Republic). Both are good underdog stories, and I'd say the art in Monster isn't as good  read more 
reportRecommended by Xerneassery
Similar themes  
reportRecommended by StariaSan
Yuuichi Is similar to Johan cause johan is a very dangerous person it's more like yuuichi is the kid of johan, johan is more good than yuuichi THIS IS MY TOP 3 OF HUMANS WITH NO POWERS Johan>Ayanokoji>Yuuichi  
reportRecommended by Viasto
This world is not as light as it makes itself out to be. Behind the smiles of your supposed "allies" may lie some of the most dangerous faces you have ever come across. Natural intuition is your only means of survival, you know there is something there, waiting in patience for your eternal parting. You try to end its vile and evil farce but it cannot be proven who until the blunder is absolute. Urasawa's Monster and Berabou's Among Us picture this reality in a way like no other. Be it a mature adventure of a doctor trying to put the monster to rest or juvenile  read more 
reportRecommended by NextUniverse
Politics. In terms of politics, Chainsaw Man and Monster are surprisingly similar using both of these themes as part of a sub-story. CSM does this with references to country wants. Monster does this to references to past political figures and ideas. Both are great manga, with CSM being a crazy action shounen compared to the psychological mystery of Monster. 
reportRecommended by NextUniverse
The protagonist chases the antagonist. Has Mystery and Thriller elements. 
reportRecommended by blepful
Manga that explores the concept of twins and one of them being evil, and how the circumstances might influence whether one is evil. Both of these are horrors, though Monster is more on the psychological side and Hell Baby more on the visually gruesome side. 
reportRecommended by abystoma2
Neun is also a conspiracy on the backdrop of a historical setting and similarly to Monster's Johan it has children of genetic manipulation that turns them into manipulative sociopaths. However Monster is more grounded as Neun has some psychic powers and nazi experiment component in the story. 
reportRecommended by elvishawk
Has characters that uses their genuis brains to solve tangles of mysteries surrounding them. 
reportRecommended by blepful
Both series are written by the same author. Due to this the art (very well done in my opinion) looks alike in both series. If you like the way Naoki Urasawa tells a story and you like the general atmosphere of his stories than you should really read Monster. In my opinion Monster is by far his best work. It is the most deep and well written story I ever read. Of you like one of the main characters I am pretty sure you will like the other one too. If you haven't already you should give both series a try! 
reportRecommended by Darkbow
Both series deal with hospital politics and the corruption of a normal Japanese hospital/medicine. At least in the beginning for Monster though..Well developed seinens that are appropriate for a much older fanbase. And both main characters are genius surgeons.  
reportRecommended by Crystal_Assassin
Unlocking the past reveals a monstrous nature within. It is rather psychological and makes you think. There are twists! 
reportRecommended by Aina-Chan
Doctors, the value of life. Black Jack contains several short stories, Monster is featured in one long, thrilling plot. 
reportRecommended by drf
In both mangas main protagonists are doctors that have been cut off from the society and are trying to clear their names.  
reportRecommended by Dille
Both manga keep you on the edge of your seat and are highly addicting. They both follow someone trying to stop people from dying. In Monster it's a serial killer and in Line it's suicides. Line is only 4 chapters long but the story is very intriguing but no where near as good as Monster. 
reportRecommended by Danish
Intricate multi-layered stories that beautifully portray human emotion and ambition. 
reportRecommended by Danish
Both are highly addictive murder mysteries with intriguing stories that keep you on the edge of your seat.  
reportRecommended by Danish
Both very good plot and somewhat dark :) 
reportRecommended by kirirena
Both have very complex story lines, probably some of the best I've read. Both have lot of characters dying, but still manage to make us care for all of them. If you like one, you'll probably enjoy the other  
reportRecommended by CrashRHCP
First of all, the similarities is both manga have dark genres and involves killing. The protagonist in 'Banana Fish' Aslan Jade Callenreese (Ash), have some similarities with the antagonist in 'Monster' Johan Liebert (Johan), both characters have intelligent/smart/genius brain, childhood trauma, dark past, have the ability to manipulates peoples mind and both have handsome face. Both manga takes places in western, move one place to another. Long volumes series, contain politic, psychological and human experiment. 
reportRecommended by Ruzu
Both manga revolve around a man on a journey (through Tokugawa-era Japan in Lone Wolf and Cub, through post-Cold War Germany and The Czech Republic in Monster) to find and kill a man who had done a great evil to them. Both series are leisurely in pace and almost slice of life-like in nature, with a heavy emphasis on side characters and their interactions with the protagonist and antagonist. The main difference between the two, however, is the nature of the main characters: whereas Monster's Dr. Kenzo Tenma goes out of his way to avoid harming and killing others despite is ultimately murderous intentions, Lone  read more 
reportRecommended by DreamerDeciever
Although the subject matter are vastly different, both stories deal with a kind of horror that is most keenly felt by those in isolation. Like Monster, 俺と悪魔ブルーズ is a disconcerting tale for grown-ups. In it, the author makes a real attempt to treat subjects like racism and life in the American South realistically and with respect. Perhaps he does not always succeed, but between the quality of the art and the originality of the storyline, it's worth picking it up. 
reportRecommended by all_monsters
Both series are written by the same author. Due to this the art (very well done in my opinion) looks alike in both series. If you like the way Naoki Urasawa tells a story and you like the general atmosphere of his stories than you should really read Monster. In my opinion Monster is by far his best work. It is the most deep and well written story I ever read. A must read for every manga fan in my opinion. 
reportRecommended by Darkbow
Both have a psychopath in direct relationship with the protagonist and that he does not want to kill. Both begin because the protagonist was kind to the psychopath. Both have an excellent maturation and decadence of the protagonist that takes up to years, no maturation from one day to the next. In none can they go to the police due to the nature of the crimes. In both the secondary characters end up having a lot of weight in the plot in a logical way.  
reportRecommended by DarkGabo
Similar in pace, short fast chapters. Both have lots of mystery and deal with psychological themes. 
reportRecommended by sapre4
A professional doctor's wordwievs are shaped and changed as he meets various people and their life stories are unfolded, the manga ofering philosophical musings on the theme of life. 
reportRecommended by abystoma2