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Kono Oto Tomare! add
Since the graduation of the senior members of the club, Takezou ends up being the sole member of the "Koto" (traditional Japanese string instrument) club. Now that the new school year has begun, more.
Manga - 8.68
Ai ni Somare add
Ai, a unique kimono dye artist, was rejected by fashion designer, Tokiwa. After 6 years, they met once again, only this time Tokiwa was in need of Ai’s special skill… In hopes of exorcising his more.
Manga 1 6.99
Otomari Honey add
A love-stricken 15 year-old girl visits her object of desire... Only to find that he already houses 3 other girls in his room! So what does she do to protect him? Why move right on in with them, of more.
Manga 5 7.16
AI ga Tomaranai! add
Hitoshi Kobe is pretty dumb, not good at sports, and extremely unpopular. The only thing he IS good at really is creating artificial intelligence programs on his computer. His greatest work is more.
Manga 9 7.03
Otomari Kai add
Manga - 6.75
7 Daime no Tomari add
Seven Short Stories About Sex: 1) 7 Daime no Tomari (The Seventh Generation, Tomari): Tomari is a cursed woman who must do specific sexual things with her partner or the curse will kill her. Her more.
Manga 1 6.62
NieR:Automata add
Novel 2 8.44
Otonari Otomari add
One-shot - 6.55
Konjiki no Word Master: Yuusha Yonin ni Makikomareta Unique Cheat add
Okamura Hiiro is introverted and loves books. To him, books are his raison d'etre. His story starts with usual gimmick of summoning of heroes. Five people summoned, but one of them is just an more.
Manga - 7.57
Ane Log: Moyako Neesan no Tomaranai Monologue add
When Konoe Moyako and her little brother Akira were young, he said he wanted to marry her. Naturally, Moyako decided that her little brother was a complete pervert who was obsessed with her. Now more.
Manga 12 6.70
Kiss ja Tomaranai! add
Wataru and Makoto are friends from their early childhood. They are recognized as the gay couple in the school, and while Makoto appears to be ok with it, Wataru is greatly troubled by it and by more.
Manga 1 7.33
AI ga Tomaranai! 0→9 add
Six epilogue shorts were included on the Japan-only computer CD-Rom, AI ga Tomaranai! 0→9 to be "sort of like a ninth book" according to the author. The author stated they were to "show that Saati more.
Manga - 6.69
Tomariba add
Suddenly, various girls and young women he has never met before begin to arrive unannounced and uninvited at the his doorstep, asking for supper and to spend the night, and not taking no for an more.
Manga 1 6.36
Kodomo wa Tomaranai add
Continuing on the story of the Obinata household, the focus this time is on the two youngest members, Yuuta and Mayumi. This is the second in a series of stories: 1. Mainichi Seiten 2. Kodomo wa more.
Manga 2 7.62
Romareda add
1. Romareda 2. Keaste 3. Yuki Ressha 4. Futari no Hierachy 5. Nuigurumi 6. Kanojo no Himitsu Kichi 7. Kodakaradou 8. Yobaido 9. Usotsuki no Warabe 10. Moriko Uta
Manga 1 -
Makikomarete Isekai Teni suru Yatsu wa, Taitei Cheat add
Manga - 6.47
Suzune to Otomari! add
Doujinshi 1 6.90
Konjiki no Word Master: Yuusha Yonin ni Makikomareta Unique Cheat add
Okamura Hiiro is introverted and loves books. To him, books are his raison d'etre. His story starts with usual gimmick of summoning of heroes. Five people summoned, but one of them is just an more.
Novel - 7.97
Ecchi na Benkyou Otomari-kai add
One-shot - 6.23
Seigi ga Iro ni Nomareta Hi add
1. Drop Out 2. Lady Spawner 3. Pink Wake 4. In the Vorare Prison 5. Sabbat of Justice 6. Dead Maidens: Jutai Mokushiroku 7. Sacrificed Princess 8. Ingyaku no Kentoushi 9. Epilogue for Herself
Manga 1 -
Mayonaka Atashi ni Tomaru Chou add
1. Mayonaka Atashi ni Tomaru Chou 2. Kareshi Kanojo wa Otoshigoro 3. Kodomo ga Nemuru Ato
Manga 1 6.59
Watashi to Kanojo no Otomari Eiga add
Koharu and her friend Mayumi are college students who have a standing movie night date every weekend, when they get together to watch hits of the 1990s and 2000s.
Manga 3 -
Tomaranai Omoi add
When high school student Maria first came to Japan, it was hard for her to make any friends. A boy named Yuu was the first person to talk to her, and soon they became best friends. Maria, however, more.
One-shot - 6.63
Mare add
One of Morinaga's earlier and darker works, Mare is a mysterious girl who has the power to summon monsters. Mare comes to a high school looking for individuals with relationships full of envy, hate, more.
Manga 1 5.92
Chotto ya Sotto ja Tomaranai add
Collection of oneshots. 1) Chotto ya Sotto ja Tomaranai (Out of Control) is about a straight boy who is, through a series of unfortunate accidents, overwhelmed by two ultra-semes. 2) Aishite Okure more.
Manga 1 6.86
Lolicon to JS ga Futari de Otomari shitara... add
Doujinshi 1 7.17
Nightmare Maker add
Uchida is a high school student genius who created a device that is supposed to make people have good dreams but he always had bad dreams when he tried it on himself. One day, he caught the school more.
Manga 6 7.04
Maoyuu Maou Yuusha: 'Kono Ware no Mono to Nare, Yuusha yo' 'Kotowaru!' add
After a long and treacherous journey, our Hero finally arrives at the Dark Lady's castle only to find himself being asked for help. The Hero explains how the war that the demons have brought upon more.
Manga 18 8.13
Kon no Ki Konoha add
Only in autumn when the dead leaves flutter about can Akino meet the mysterious boy who lives inside the deep blue tree. (Source: MU)
One-shot - 7.99
Makikomarete Isekai Teni suru Yatsu wa, Taitei Cheat add
Novel - 7.01
Toshigoro no Otokonoko to Are add
Sakurai is caught masturbating by his classmate, Shinohara, while watching an AV he borrowed from a friend. Trying his best to pretend nothing ever happened, he can't help but look at Shinohara. Now more.
Manga 1 7.37
Kantai Collection: Tomarigi no Chinjufu add
Kantai Collection manga featuring heavy cruiser sisters Suzuya and Kumano.
Manga 5 7.28
Tsukekomareta Shoujo add
1. Dangerous Date 2. Aggressive Treatment 3. Unfinished Pleasure 4. Immoral Office Girl 5. Mahjong Betting 6. The Client is Always Right 7. Star Quality 8. Fulfilled Desire 9. Overcoming Shyness 10. more.
Manga 1 5.94
Clannad: Tomoyo Dearest add
The story centers on Tomoyo's route from the Clannad visual novel.
Manga 1 8.01
JS to Hadakanbo de Hitobanjuu Otomari shitara... add
Doujinshi 1 6.96
Idol wa Tsukkomareru no ga Suki! add
Like an invitations of smell of spring, I was walking along the town, then I was suddenly kidnapped. "Huh? What!? what are you doing to me." When I woke up, I was somehow in the radio recording more.
Novel 10 -
Saint Seiya: Gigantomachia add
The story takes place between Poseidon and Hades. Athena and their knights must fight against powerful giants who lives on mount Etna, in Italy.
Novel 2 7.57
Serial Experiments Lain: The Nightmare of Fabrication add
The Nightmare of Fabrication is a beautifully drawn full-color manga from Yoshitoshi ABe. The 18 page short story can be found in the "an omnipresence in wired 'lain'" artbook. It's a bonus story more.
One-shot - 7.51
Kabe ni Umekomareta Shoujo de Seiyoku Shori add
Anthology by various mangaka dealing with women stuck in walls.
Manga 2 6.68
Classmate no Josou wo Tetsudattara Kawai sugite Furue ga Tomaranai Ken add
1-3. Raising Decoy 4. Ato no Matsuri (After the Carnival) 5. Tenshi no Parabola (Angel's Parabola) 6. Actress 7. Shishiza no Boku to Natsu no Yozora (Leo and the Night Sky of Summer)
Manga 1 6.37
Houjou Rurika wa Tomaranai! add
Novel 1 -
Tough Gaiden: Oton add
A side story of the Tough series based around Miyazawa Seiko (Kiichi's father) and his brother Kiryuu. Much of the same elements of Tough can be found here such as mixed martial arts fighting and a more.
Manga 2 7.22
Sakuraba-san wa Tomaranai! add
Ikeda Mei, highschool first year girl with a history of having no boyfriend as long as her age. "I thought I would get a boyfriend in high school!!" While Mei was being frantic, handsome senpai more.
Manga - -
Toma add
Kendo champ Suguri Toma may be super-athletic but he's not spectacularly bright. One day, a girl named Itsuki Aizawa shows up, and says she's on the run and needs someone to hide her. Toma is more.
Manga 4 6.90
Toono Homare no Youkai Soudouki add
Novel - -
Konohana Kitan add
Konohana Kitan is the heartwarming story of a new apprentice named Yuzu, and the other fox girls who work at a hot spring hotel called Konohatei. The staff at Konohatei live by one belief: no matter more.
Manga - 7.73
Kono Ore ga Omae nanka Suki na Wakenai add
Fujima Taisei is a high schooler who had grown up spoiled by the people around him ever since he was little because of his pretty face. In his pleasant school life, there was only one time that had more.
Manga 1 7.65
Damare Kono Yaro Bukkorosu add
A man feels conflicted when he on impulse kidnapped a child. The child then afraid for his life, struck him with a deal. (Source: MU)
Doujinshi 1 6.06
Otokonoko ni Toriko add
Yuri is the beauty of her class. Her mature manner of dealing with men seems to get the attention from every male around her including Taniya-kun, whom she loves to tease and monopolize. But will more.
Manga 1 7.10
Makoto add
A medical examiner has the ability to see the dead. Due to his job, he sees them a lot and in turn solves the cases of the few who died suspicious deaths.
Manga 1 -
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