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Final Fantasy Reishiki add
Final Fantasy Reishiki is set within a place called Oriens, which is divided into four nations: the Suzaku Fiefdom of Rubrum, the Milites Empire, the Lorican Alliance, and the Kingdom of Concordia. more.
Manga 1 6.65
Final Fantasy XII add
This is the story of a world called Ivalice. It is a time when the existence of magick is still commonplace, and soaring airships cover the vast sky. Princess Ashe has vowed to restore her ruined more.
Manga 5 6.73
Final Fantasy: Lost Stranger add
Scoring a job at Square Enix, Sasaki Shougo's dream of producing a Final Fantasy game finally seems within his grasp! But after he starts, he quickly discovers that the work has nothing to do with more.
Manga - 7.60
Final Fantasy XI: The Out of Orders add
Manga - -
Final Fantasy III - Yuukyuu no Kaze Densetsu add
Based on the game Final Fantasy 3, it is a parallel story.
Manga 3 7.39
Final Fantasy VII: On the Way to a Smile add
'On the Way to a Smile' is a series of short stories taking place between the time of Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children.
Novel 1 7.66
Final Fantasy X-2.5: Eien no Daishou add
The story begins a few months after the events of Final Fantasy X-2: Last Mission, and ends a half year before the events of Final Fantasy X -Will-. (Source: FF Wiki)
Novel 1 -
Final Fantasy XIII: Episode Zero - Promise add
1. Encounter 2. Stranger 3. Treasure (Family) 4. Search 5. Friends 6. Present 7. Tomorrow (Future) See more info for details.
Novel 1 7.15
Final Fantasy XIII-2: Fragments After add
Final Fantasy XIII-2 Fragments After is a 242-page book, which contains several stories revolving around characters such as Lightning, Snow, Noel, Alyssa, and Yeul. (Source: FF Wiki)
Novel 1 -
Final Fantasy XIII-2: Fragments Before add
Final Fantasy XIII-2 Fragments Before is a 232-page book, which takes place immediately before the events of Final Fantasy XIII-2 and contains several stories revolving around characters such as more.
Novel 1 7.34
Kyle's Final Fantasy add
A faraway country has an increasing number of monsters. Meet bounty hunter Kyle and his team as they go dragon hunting. (Source: MU)
Manhwa - -
Final Fantasy Reishiki Gaiden: Hyouken no Shinigami add
At Rubrum's Akademeia, cadets are divided into twelve classes based on their magical expertise. Kurasame Susaya feels that he is wasting his time with the immature cadets in Class Third, so he more.
Manga 5 7.47
Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Hatenaki Sora no Mukou ni add
Adaptation of Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles.
Manga 3 7.23
Super Comic Gekijou: Final Fantasy - Crystal Chronicles add
Manga 1 -
Hai to Gensou no Grimgar add
Why are we here? Why are we doing this? Before Haruhiro had realized what happened, he was surrounded by darkness. Why was he here? Where was here? Even now, he still didn't know. Those around him more.
Novel - 8.43
Last Fantasy add
Tian and Drei von Richenstein, two unlikely heroes, embark on an adventure filled with excitement, intrigue, and comic relief. Their adventures are complicated by the fact that they have a knack for more.
Manhwa 5 7.07
Hai to Gensou no Grimgar add
Why are we here? Why are we doing this? Before Haruhito had realized what happened, he was surrounded by darkness. Why was he here? Where was here? Even now, he still didn't know. Those around him more.
Manga 3 7.25
Imasara Fantasy add
When given a magic lamp, 37-year-old Tooru Sugamo wishes for his childhood dream to come true and gains all the powers he thought up once upon a time as a wannabe novelist, but it turns out an more.
One-shot - 6.64
Bastard!!: Ankoku no Hakaishin add
In a post apocalyptic world of heavy metal fantasy, the only thing able to save humans from orcs, lizard men, and other monsters is something even MORE evil. Sealed within a 14-year-old boy, the more.
Manga - 7.34
Thunderbolt Fantasy: Touriken Yuuki add
In an ancient kingdom, a vicious warlord is on the hunt for a magical sword. Forced to escape his soldiers, the young girl who guards the sword is hunted until she receives some unexpected help from more.
Manga 4 7.01
Love Fantasy add
When a fancy house is built, the rumors fly. But what is the truth behind the devil and the angel, or the mysterious boy? (Source:
Manhwa 9 6.85
Kyonyuu Fantasy add
The story follows Ryuuto Hende, a soldier with unbelievable luck who was assigned to the province where a succubus is drying out men to death, and the local "first lady", who happens to be sexually more.
Novel 2 8.00
Granblue Fantasy add
This is a world of the skies, where many islands drift in the sky. A boy named Gran and a talking winged lizard named Vyrn lived in Zinkenstill, an island which yields mysteries. One day, they come more.
Manga - 7.10
Neechan wa Chuunibyou add
One day, high school student Sakaki Yuuichi awakened his power to see words over other people heads. It is the ability to see the power of enemy's soul called "Lord of Soul" (named by his sister). more.
Novel 7 7.31
Fushigi H to School Girl add
2. Stop x Stop
Manga 1 6.94
Ken to Mahou no Fantasy add
Novel 1 -
Chef to Dorobou add
Kitty has an ulterior motive for applying to work as a live-in chef for Darius Speed, a world-famous movie director. Darius is a thief! He is planning to make a film based on a script he stole from more.
Manga 1 6.70
Kuusou Kagaku Edison add
Milo is a young girl living in a small village that's located a bottom of a waterfall. The village is surrounded by high cliffs and the elders have forbidden anyone of going out to visit the world more.
Manga 3 6.98
Fantasma add
After the assassination of the powerful Godfather, Don Pazolini, the world has been thrown into chaos. Many mafia try to fill the power vacuum, but there is a rumor that Don Pazolini's son is hidden more.
Manga 3 7.09
Granblue Fantasy add
Novel - -
PhD: Phantasy Degree add
A young, spunky, fearless girl named Sang is searching for the Demon School Hades. She runs into a group of misfit monsters who are all ditching classes from the same school. Sang convinces them to more.
Manhwa 10 7.18
Imouto Shojo Gensou add
1. Imouto Kyoukaisen (Little Stepsister's Boundary) 2. Imouto Zettai Mesen (Little Sister's Absolute Gaze) 3. Imouto Zettai Nekokei (Little Stepsister's Absolute Cat-ness) 4. Imouto Borderless ( more.
Manga 1 7.15
Kemono no Hanamichi: FFXI - Dengeki no Ryodan Gaiden add
Based off the Metroid videogame series and uses Samus as one of the characters.
Manga 2 -
Fantasy add
Manga 1 -
Bakunyuu Fantasy add
Anthology by various mangaka dealing with supernatural fantasy women with huge breasts.
Manga 2 6.85
Fantasy Land add
Ji-Yoon's life is a mess! Her father has decided that she must get married as soon as she graduates high school - the last thing she wants! As she walks the streets in her gloom, she is strangely more.
Manhwa 2 -
Shuumatsu no Harem: Fantasia add
The world is attacked by demons and is about to come to an end, only a person can be the hero and save him. The adventure of our protagonist with his harem has begun...!! (Source: MangaDex)
Manga - 6.86
Kyonyuu Fantasy Gaiden add
Set two years after the events of Kyonyuu Fantasy’s true ending, the kingdom of Edellant has prospered under the reign of King Ryuto and his harem. However outside forces throughout the continent more.
Novel 2 -
Kyonyuu Fantasy 2 add
Ruin Demedium is a student at the Royal Academy of the kingdom of Hillsland, where the future elite of the country are schooled. Unfortunately for Ruin, he is not the best in his class and is more.
Novel 2 -
Houkago wa, Isekai Kissa de Coffee wo add
Yuu found himself in another world, where now he spends his time not adventuring in the town's labyrinth, nor hunting down a demon lord, but running the world's only café. His days pass as he hopes more.
Novel - 7.16
Bousou Paradise add
Welcome to Sales Department Two, where all the employees are women... that is, until Mr. Amano, a shy dreamer who perpetually spins off into homoerotic fantasies, and Mr. Kakimoto, the persistent more.
Manga 1 -
Kuro no Hiera-Glaphicos add
Valeria Costacurta, a 16-year old girl from a formerly prestigious noble family, has been chosen to become a Dominas due to possession of a crest. Only those who possess a crest tattooed on their more.
Novel 13 -
Okusan no Mousouteki Nichijou add
Oku-san is a normal office worker who has one joy in life, to fantasize about his local deliveryman, Sudo-kun. To feed his fantasies and his desire to see Sudo-kun, Oku-san habitually shops online more.
Manga 1 7.22
Jun: Shoutarou no Fantasy World add
A experimental manga series about a boy named Jun and his surreal voyages. The character is a alter-ego of Ishinomori himself. (Source: MU)
Manga 2 7.23
Koigokoro Fantasia add
Nine years ago, whilst on holiday, NONOZUMI Kanata received her first kiss from a boy named Haruka. Now aged 15, Kanata has continued to love him and treasures a photograph of them together, which more.
Manga 1 6.95
Fantasm add
With the ability to see the negative emotions of people, and to see it as if they're monsters, whose character can be different and weird, she is Deng. Because no one can understand how she feels, a more.
Manga 1 6.78
Kyonyuu Fantasy 2 if add
Novel 3 -
Fantasy da yo! add
Manga 2 -
Kyonyuu Fantasy 3 add
The protagonist is Yurinas, the god of Boobjobs that lives in the underworld. However since nobody builds effigies of him, his rank is low. He wishes to heighten that rank and become intimate with more.
Novel 2 -
Gensou Shoukougun add
Novel 1 -
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