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Barairo no Jidai add
Manga 04-25-13
25-ji, Akasaka de add
Yuki Shirasaki finally lands a huge role in TV drama Afternoon Dreams after years of toiling in theater. With popular actor Asami Hayama as his costar, Shirasaki plays a gay character in a more.
Manga 11-25-17
Nichiyoubi ni Pound Cake add
In their single-father household, Takeyoshi, a high school student, and his father split all the household chores. Lately, his father has been praising his subordinate, "Nishida-kun." While more.
Manga 01-24-15
Tsuranaru Stella add
1. Milk 2. Nigenazumu nara Yoru (The Farther You Run, the Closer You Get) 3. Reunion Drama no Baai (A Dramatic Reunion) 4. Otonari kara Waraigoe (The Laugh from Next Door) 5. Tsuranaru Stella ( more.
Manga 07-07-15
Momo to Manji add
In the latter half of the Edo period... In a narrow tenement in the humid heat of midsummer, two men exchange heated sighs as they have intercourse. A former kagema, a male prostitute, Momoki, was more.
Manga 05-25-15
Dancing Colors add
Kou and Nagisa are pole dancers at a club. The two of them clash, but as they work together, feelings start to develop between them.
Manga 01-25-14
Indigo no Kibun add
The story of Kijima Rio, focusing on his past and how he and his editor, Kido Shirou, became acquainted.
Manga 08-25-16
Sanshoku Mazareba Kuro ni Naru add
While he is supposed to succeed his family's yakuza clan, Tatsumi takes his responsibilities lightly and leads a life of debauchery. In search of someone who can love him, he approaches his friend more.
Manga 04-25-14
Kokoro wo Korosu Houhou add
Haruki and Hikaru are step-brothers. While the older brother wants to deepen his bond with his new brother, the younger one begins to develop feelings which send them both down a dark and twisted more.
Manga 04-25-14
Utsukushii Yasai add
Tarou is a 31-year-old no-good writer who has never cooked his own food and been living an unhealthy life. One day, he meets an energetic greengrocer, Haruki, and they both ended up drinking at his more.
Manga 04-25-12
Aka no Theatre add
Iouri is the successor to Abalkin, a luxury brand of dazzlingly high heels. He spends his days parading in Abalkin heels to promote the brand, and the nights servicing patrons for the company's more.
Manga 06-25-16
Mou Ichido, Nandodemo. add
After an accident, Takahiro loses his memories of his relationship with his live-in boyfriend, Tarou. Will Takahiro get back his memories? Will he be able to fall in love again?
Manga 04-25-14
Niini no Mori add
A variety of species gather in the mysterious Niini no Mori. Every full moon, wishes are granted by the lake fairy. It is a world of dreams. Humans become animals and animals become humans, and they more.
Manga 08-25-11
Kawabatamachi Yorozu Kientan add
Manga 08-25-11
Ito mo Tayasuku add
A short one-shot about a guy with three arms, his friend, and his travels.
One-shot 11-25-14
Pornographer add
An erotic novelist and a college student. What will transpire when the latter is forced to take down sexually-explicit dictation? (Source: MOY Moe Scanlations)
Manga 05-25-15
Yokosu Inu, Mekuru Yoru add
The setting is a yakuza-run casino. Part-timer Shintani finds himself involved in an embezzlement scheme the hood and casino dealer Kikuchi was part of and ends up receiving punishment. The one who more.
Manga 04-25-13
Tourou no Ori add
This story is quite dark, suspenseful, and slightly twisted. It takes place during the Showa Era in Japan. The story revolves around a young man who has lost both his mother and father. Now, the more.
Manga 01-25-14
Young Bad Education add
1-3. Young Bad Education 4-7. Kimi wa Itazura na Hidane (You Are a Teasing Seed of a Spark) 8. Untitled
Manga 08-25-11
Sneaky Red add
Misaki makes a mistake when he has a scuffle with what seems to be just a troubled delinquent from his neighborhood. After one fight leads to a series of unlucky run-ins, hiding his injuries from more.
Manga 07-25-12
Vanilla add
The pastry shop Natsuki works at as a patisserie has been garnering a lot of interest ever since it was featured in a magazine article. The shop has been receiving tons of new customers—which was to more.
One-shot 10-25-12
Boku to Kimi no Midori to Drill add
Manga 01-25-14
Harukaze no Étranger add
A direct continuation of Umibe no Ètranger that explores Shun's and Mio's family situations.
Manga 07-25-14
Umibe no Étranger add
Three years ago, Hashimoto Shun, a gay novelist in the making, met Chibana Mio, a very quiet high school student, in Okinawa. Mio had lost both of his two parents and was often seen sitting on a more.
Manga 04-25-13
Tsumasaki ni Hi add
Manga 12-??-10
Nennen Saisai add
1. Kingyo Sukui 2-4. Derashine no Hana 5. Komukai-ke no Jijou (The Komukai Household's Circumstances)
Manga 12-29-11
Nurukunaru made Matte add
Junpei is in love with his coworker Icchan. So when Icchan’s bath breaks he jumps at the chance to have Icchan stay with him. And luckily this does give them a chance to get closer—Junpei confesses more.
Manga ??-??-11
Stroboscope add
A collection of BL oneshots and illustrated essays from Yamashita Tomoko published in various magazines. 1. Stroboscope 2. Good Morning, Bad Day 3. Chain Gang 4. Devil's Thoroughbred
Manga 12-10-11
Kuşlar add
The compilation of est em's Turkey series.
Manga 10-25-12
Shinjuku Lucky Hole add
A collection of stories centered around Lucky Hole AV Company.
Manga 12-10-10
Udagawachou de Mattete yo. add
While walking around the streets, Momose stumbled upon his classmate cross-dressing as a girl. Ever since then, he couldn’t help but to take notice of him in school… (Source: MU)
Manga 10-25-12
500-nen no Itonami add
"I'm sorry I don't bear much resemblance. I love you." Yamada Torao commits suicide after the loss of his lover and wakes up from suspended animation 250 years in the future. The android tasked with more.
Manga 12-10-10
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