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Little Busters! Ecstasy: Heartful add
Manga 10-15-12
Boku no Mawari no Uchuujin add
Manga 12-25-10
Shibuya Hachiko Mae: Another Side add
The story centers around Aoyama, the #1 scout for girls who work at cabaret clubs in Tokyo's trendy Shibuya ward. Aoyama "roams the streets to find beautiful blooming flowers in the world" of Tokyo' more.
Manga 11-25-11
Chimoguri Ringo to Kingyobachi Otoko add
A terrible creature has been plaguing the community: a man with a fishbowl for a head. When he attacks someone, the goldfish leaps out of his bowl and drinks their blood. The victim is irreversibly more.
Manga 10-15-10
Fukigen Cinderella add
Haruhiko Kanna is just an ordinary man with an ordinary life. One day he meets 3 witches in a small room in the old clock tower, and that's when his ordinary life became not so ordinary at all. With more.
Manga 10-15-10
Kyudoshi add
Following in his missing sister Miyuki's footsteps, high school freshman Shindou Satoru joins the school's archery club, which, at the time, has only one member - second-year student Kaname Yumiko. more.
Manga 02-25-11
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