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Oda Cinnamon Nobunaga add
In the "one-of-a-kind samurai-general-reincarnated-as-a-canine comedy," Nobunaga perishes at Honnouji as in history, and reincarnates in modern-day Japan as a dog named Cinnamon. Other Warring more.
Manga 04-25-14
Okashiratsuki. add
Nachi belongs to the softball club; however, unlike others students in her school, she is less prone to getting sunburnt and thus has a pale skin complex. She is labelled as a peculiar and more.
Manga 03-24-18
Haru to Ao no Obentoubako add
Haru is an otaku girl who has no interest in food or clothes—she'd rather spend her money on her own hobbies. This changes when she encounters an effiminate boy, Aoi. Their story begins with them more.
Manga 03-24-18
Mouryou Shoujo add
Manga 01-25-18
500-nenme no Marion add
Manga 06-25-16
Fumino-san no Bungu na Nichijou add
Manga 10-25-16
Shigahime add
A story about a boy named Osamu Hirota who unwillingly loses his ability to live a normal life thanks to an immortal vampire woman and her former lackey Souichi. Cursed with the form of a monster more.
Manga 11-25-16
Shuumatsu no Walküre add
The story begins when the gods call a convention to decide the whether to let humanity live or die, and settle on destroying humanity. But a lone valkyrie puts forward a suggestion to let the gods more.
Manga 11-25-17
Souten no Ken: Regenesis add
Manga 10-25-17
Yano Nanako, Hakkyu wo Ou. add
Manga 12-24-16
Kyou kara City Hunter add
A forty-year-old single woman, obsessed with City Hunter manga, is hit by a train only to find herself in the world of her favorite manga. Big fan of Ryou Saeba since her teenage years, she will do more.
Manga 07-25-17
Hiiro no Bunraku add
Manga 04-25-17
Watashi to Watashi add
1. Hakoniwa no Toriko (The Prisoner in the Miniature Garden) 2. Yubikiri Hime (Pinky Promise Princess) 3-4. Watashi to Watashi
Manga 03-09-09
Arthur Bright add
The manga's story follows Kimura Shigenari, a real-life samurai who served Toyotomi Hideyori. Kimura fights in the Siege of Osaka in 1615, but is hit with a mysterious light. He wakes up in a land more.
Manga 05-25-17
Eguchi-kun wa Minogasanai add
Eguchi Hajime is an elementary school boy with the worst (best?) super power ever: being able to notice every little erotic moment that happens in daily life.
Manga 12-25-13
Trace: Kasouken Houi Kenkyuuin no Tsuisou add
Manga 01-25-16
Meshinuma. add
Manga 01-25-16
Ame Tokidoki Bou-chan add
"At least until the rain stops… You can be my family." Our protagonist is the building manager who works quietly and tries to put the memory of his abusive mother behind him. One rainy day a more.
Manga 06-25-14
Mobuko no Koi add
Manga 03-25-17
Shouki no Gas Masquerade add
A poisonous atmosphere known as Miasma settled over Japan, causing mass devastation. Humans, wearing gas masks, hunt and kill monsters transformed by this gas. (Source: MU)
Manga 10-25-16
Grendel add
In exchange for a pardon from the death sentence, the female knight Camellia is entrusted with a mission to safely deliver a dragon, thought to be extinct, to a certain country.
Manga 10-24-15
Backstage! add
Manga 09-24-16
Concierge Platinum add
Manga 10-25-10
Yokoshima na Eguchi-kun add
Hajime Eguchi, 10 years old, born around January to April. People call him "a young prince of a bit eros."
Manga 04-25-13
Tabemono Kemono add
Manga 05-25-15
Hokuto no Ken Gaiden: Kinyoku no Garuda - Nanto Goshasei Zenshi add
The story is a spin-off prequel to the original Hokuto no Ken. It centers around Garuda who practices the Nanto Shinchou Ken style of martial arts. In the manga he will fight the five Nanto Goshasei more.
Manga 02-25-13
Nishiogikubo Run Through add
Manga 12-25-15
Kimi ni Tomodachi ga Dekiru made. add
Manga 04-25-12
Gifuu Doudou!!: Naoe Kanetsugu - Maeda Keiji Hanagatari add
16th century Japan—the Sengoku Period. A time when rival warlords vied for control of Japan. The Uesugi Clan were the protectors of Province of Echigo. Naoe Kanetsugu is the illegitimate child of more.
Manga 03-24-14
Tokyo Share Story add
Haruka Toyama—38 years old, scriptwriter, and recently single. After breaking up with the man who should have been her "last love," her romantic future seems bleak. One day, she sees a special TV more.
Manga 04-25-15
Narusawa-kun wa Oishii Kao ni Koishiteru add
Narusawa-kun, a loner with an ugly scar on his forehead, and a perpetual scowl on his face. Despite his scary looks, he has a soft spot for girls who enjoy their food. Watching a cute girl eating more.
Manga 03-25-15
Hakoniwa to Papillon add
The genius scientist Alincia works for the government, researching combat robots in the confinement of a land called the "Hakoniwa." She passes away at the young age of 18, only to wake up the very more.
Manga 02-25-15
Ohayou toka Oyasumi toka add
Wahei is just an ordinary guy, who has nothing against his family, but thinks dealing with them is a bother. He just wants to live alone in comfort, but one day, he receives a letter from his father, more.
Manga 04-25-14
Kanshiki Joshi no Hayama-san add
Serious, eccentric and inflexible… the slightly weird high school girl Hayama. Daughter of a legendary forensics officer, she’s an expert on criminal identification methods like footsteps, more.
Manga 04-25-14
Manga Senmon Gakkousei no Seishun add
Dreaming of becoming a popular manga artist, Urashima-kun enters a manga school called "Tokyo Manga Academy." With a mixture of hope and anxiety, he takes his first step into the world of manga more.
Manga 10-25-12
Concierge Imperial add
Yuna Mogami, the daughter of a legendary hotel concierge, starts working as a care-worker at a nursing home for the elderly—which seems like a nightmare at first. People living out their final years more.
Manga 11-25-14
Suzuki-san wa Tada Shizuka ni Kurashitai add
With his father killed for witnessing a crime scene, Jinsuke has to live in secrecy with his mother. But they can't stay safe for long. Their pursuers catch up with them, and leave Jinsuke's mother more.
Manga 09-25-14
Nobo-san to Kanojo? add
Invisible but cute? Sweet life with a ghost girlfriend! Rumors are flying around college that Yasuhisa Nobo has a new girlfriend… but no one has ever seen her?! The heart-warming tale of the (for more.
Manga 04-25-12
Commander in Chief Sakuraba Kouichirou add
Manga 04-25-11
Obaachan Shoujo Hinata-chan add
Worldly knowledge and artistic refinement! Hinata-chan is on a completely different level to your average toddler, but she has a secret. She’s the reincarnation of an 88 year old grandma, with her more.
Manga 10-25-14
Konpeitou no Hanayome add
Manga 07-25-15
Dodoma add
"Wanokuni," a country surrounded by high walls, with an enourmous tree in the center. Two brothers, Mana and Shino, live here in peace with their friends and neighbours. However, those peaceful days more.
Manga 10-25-14
Mononoke: Zashiki Warashi add
Manga adaptation of the Zashiki Warashi arc.
Manga 03-25-15
Mononoke: Umibouzu add
Manga adaption of the Umibouzu arc.
Manga 09-25-13
Hanamusubi add
Manga 08-25-14
Back to the Hero add
The miraculous encounter that changed my entire world. (Source: Batoto)
Manga 05-25-13
Gifuu Doudou!!: Kaze no Gunshi Kuroda Kanbee add
Legendary Samurai Tokugawa Ieyasu united Japan, in the 16th century. At the time, he said that if it wasn't for him, there would be only one man who'd have been the ruler of Japan… This is the story more.
Manga 09-25-13
Water Crisis add
A dialogue-less story about a man who looks for water to finish his painting.
One-shot 11-25-14
School Kill add
A short, dialogue-less story about a high school boy and his unrequited love.
One-shot 08-24-13
Mata ne. add
Dialogue-less oneshot.
One-shot 10-25-13
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