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Gakkou no Kodomo add
Manga 02-19-18
Curse Blood add
Manga 08-19-17
PiNKS add
A coming-of-age manga about two kids who are curious about sex. (Source: MU)
Manga 02-19-13
Nuko Nuko Shinsengumi add
Manga 05-19-12
Sanada to Hamako add
Sanada to Hamako is a sexual comedy where a woman, Hamako with a fat fetish and her boyfriend, Sanada carry out a perverted talks.
Manga 06-19-12
Cheloaf-san no Mahou Ningyou add
Manga 03-18-17
Genius Loci: Igyou Kenchikuka Ashura Choukou add
Manga 07-17-10
Mame Coordinate add
Manga 03-19-16
Ame to Hare no Kaze no Tabi add
Manga 02-19-16
Butterfly Storage add
When a person dies, their soul leaves the body in the form of a butterfly and the body itself rots away quickly after. Ono lost his entire family in a plane crash fourteen years ago. But since this more.
Manga 05-19-16
Kumika no Mikaku add
Aliens have become common on earth. Kumika is one such alien who can get nutrition just by breathing and therefore does not need to eat, but from an unexpected circumstance, she takes a bite of more.
Manga 08-19-15
Love Sync Dream add
A gothic loli girl from Shibuya and an otaku from Iraq both become unlikely friends in this adventure based on the novel Alice in Wonderland. (Source: MU)
Manga 11-19-07
Juugatsuzakura add
Manga 05-19-14
h na h to A-ko no Noroi add
Manga 10-19-15
Kimusume Renai Kinshirei add
Manga 10-19-15
Soirée Gakkyuu add
Manga 09-19-15
Assault Girls: Datenshi wo Kare add
Manga 12-19-09
Mathers: Salomon no Majutsushi to Meiji no Bungou add
Manga 04-19-14
Project Zeoraymer Ω add
Manga 09-19-08
Raijuu Biribiri: Ooedo Ayakashi Hankachou add
Welcome to "Ina-tei," a small restaurant staffed by a cute little girl and the ever so reliable mistress of the house. The secret behind the delicious menu at this restaurant lies in the kitchen more.
Manga 04-19-12
89-banme no Ongaku add
"89th of the keyboard is played, the most beautiful sound in the world."
Manga 02-19-15
Arbos Anima add
The story follows the adventures of Noah Lescott, a young botanist who goes on an adventure in a tropical country. Besides being a botanist, Noah has a mysterious power that allows humans and plants more.
Manga 01-19-15
Lilith no Yasashii Parade add
Manga 03-19-15
Oshi ga Budoukan Ittekuretara Shinu add
A girl is obsessed with her favorite idol, a minor member of a less popular group, enough that she says she'd die to see her play at Budoukan.
Manga 06-19-15
Yasashiku! Guuruguru Maki add
Manga 11-19-14
Otonari Voice Chat add
The story follows Osamu Tachikara, a college student who can't make friends, but instead he talks to his female next-door neighbor Hinako Oogami through the wall...though he doesn't even know what more.
Manga 07-19-14
Taki Takanosuke no Sanpo Jikan add
Meet Taki Takanosuke, an elderly gentlemen who likes taking walks. Along the way, he also manages to capture the hearts of many women. (Source: MU)
Manga 03-19-15
Igai: The Play Dead/Alive add
Akira secretly fancies his childhood friend Kurumi, but she is in love with his buddy Umezawa. Akira is jealous of Umezawa, but is touched by his solid friendship. The threesome should have spent more.
Manga 01-18-14
Taiju: Kengou Shougun Yoshiteru add
Manga 05-19-12
Yuubae Sakusen add
One day during class, high schooler Suzuka Shigeru got a text message from his classmate, Kazama Akio. The text message read "I have something interesting to show you." Having no idea what he wanted more.
Manga 12-19-08
Manpuku Yuri add
Manga 05-18-13
Alice to Zouroku add
A group of young girls possess a mysterious power known as "Alice's Dream," which gives them the ability to turn their thoughts into reality. Detained and experimented upon, these youths are locked more.
Manga 10-19-12
Tori Kissa! add
Welcome to Bird Cafe! A 4-koma comedy about Rin and Suzu, a pair of Avian sisters, their cafe, and Hirokazu, a human businessman who finds himself as the newly appointed manager of The Birdhouse more.
Manga 10-18-14
Oneesan no Shokutaku add
Manga 05-19-14
Asebi to Sora Sekai no Boukensha add
Manga 02-19-14
Xenon: 199X・R add
Manga 09-20-07
Loups=Garous: Kihi Subeki Ookami add
Virtual reality. Murder. Werewolves. And teen girls! In a future where nothing is as it seems, can old legends come true? In the near future, humans will communicate almost exclusively through more.
Manga 09-19-06
Nippon Furusato Chinbotsu add
An anthology of comics, based on Sakyou Komatsu's best-selling novel, Nihon Chinbotsu (1973); a story of Japan slowly sinking into the sea, represented strictly in a derisive mode.
Manga 06-30-06
Onna no Ana add
1. Onna no Ana 2. Onna no Atama 3. Onna no Buta 4. Onna no Oni
Manga 01-19-10
Sugar Wall add
Manga 06-19-13
Hitomi-sensei no Hokenshitsu add
"Come up and see me sometime!" Welcome to the nurse's office! School Nurse Hitomi is more than happy to help you with any health concerns you might have. Whether you're dealing with growing pains or more.
Manga 09-19-13
Dandy★Maniac add
The "sexy love comedy" centers around JKs who, upon entering their emotional teen years, have begun taking an interest in boys. Chiame and her childhood friends Yako and Ayari start a "Male Research more.
Manga 09-19-12
Noroi-ya Shimai add
It is a story about a pair of sisters who work as "noroiya" (cursers) using magic in a fantasy world. One day a big tree suddenly appears in a forest, and tall buildings that look like they are from more.
Manga 09-19-06
Houkago! Dungeon Koukou add
Every day is like a RPG game at the Dungeon High School! Located on remote Gengoro Island on the Pacific off Shikoku Island, is no ordinary school. It hosts ancient ruins, secret treasure, and more.
Manga 01-19-13
Ano Ko no Ie add
A slice-of-life manga that follows the life of a young girl and her orphaned neighbor.
Manga 05-18-13
Kanojo no Sekai add
Konno finds herself interested in an erotic tale created by her classmate Hikawa.
Manga 02-19-11
Saemoe na Nichijou add
Manga ??-??-09
Keyman: The Hand of Judgement add
Keyman is the resident hero of Rockville City, a place inhabited by both humans and animal people. In the years since his debut as a hero, crime has decreased significantly, which does not look all more.
Manga 04-19-11
Kinoko Inu add
A depressed author. A concerned editor. An eccentric mushroom researcher. And a strange pink mushroom... that turns into a dog?! Put this all together and you get Kinoko Inu. Kinoko Inu tells a more.
Manga 07-17-10
Usagi Souzoku add
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