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Yuzu 35-sai@Chuugakusei Yattemasu add
Manga 05-27-17
Mono add
Manga 03-16-17
Senpai ga Oyobi desu! add
Yuriko gave a dog whistle to the collapsed student council president so she could call Yuriko if she needed her help.
Manga 07-28-17
Tomodachizukuri add
Manga 11-28-15
Shippuu Windmill! add
Manga 09-28-15
Hanafuri Yado no Yadokari Otome add
Manga 12-28-16
Hayashitate Matsuri♪ add
Manga 03-28-16
Anima Yell! add
Manga 02-27-16
Nekojima Nyanderful add
Manga 03-28-17
Koisuru Asteroid add
Manga 01-28-17
Exorcist to Kubiwa no Akuma add
The great demon Almadiel has revived into the modern world, but finds herself trapped in the body of a helpless little girl due to a collar's seal. Somehow, she ends up freeloading off of a priest more.
Manga 01-28-17
Seigi no Hanamichi add
Manga 06-28-17
Fujoko to Yuriko add
Manga 01-28-17
Machikado Mazoku add
Manga 06-28-14
Kotonaru Jigen no Kanrinin-san add
Manga 10-28-14
Ochikobore Fruit Tart add
Fourth dormitory of the Rat Production (commonly known as Nezumi-sou), the place were dropout idol girls live; the former child actor Sekino Roko, musician Nukui Hayu, and model Maehara Nina. Sakura more.
Manga 11-28-14
Power of Smile. add
Shinohana Mayu and Aoba Souma are childhood friends and enrolled in the same high school. There's energetic Mayu surrounded by her classmates with their unique personalities and Souma who always more.
Manga 02-28-11
Custom Maid! add
Hououji Yuu is a high school closet otaku, and is also the sole heir of the very rich Hououji family. She needs to keep her hobbies secret from others because that would end up ruining her family more.
Manga 07-28-14
Swap⇔Swap add
Two girls, Ichinose Haruko and Nikaido Natsuko, bump into each other by accident, resulting in a kiss and them swapping bodies. The only way to swap back is to kiss again...
Manga 08-28-14
Lucky Break add
Nonokawa Riku had to leave college after the shut down of her father's company, and working as a bartender. One day, Riku's skill of design was found by a director, and here began her new life...
Manga 09-28-09
Daitai Konnande? add
Honori joined the suspicious-fun club, the "Substitute Club," which substitutes for people and does their work for them. The members of this handy-man type club are very free-willed and loyal to more.
Manga 03-28-13
Ikimono System add
Manga 05-28-13
Virus☆Busters add
Manga 05-28-14
Trouble Click!! add
A 4-koma comedy about the members of a high school PC club.
Manga 04-28-05
Felice add
Manga 11-28-09
Impro! add
Impro! is a 4-koma comedy centered around the club, its activities and the relationships between its members as they prepare for their plays. Amano Yuuki, a popular first year high school girl, gets more.
Manga 04-28-11
Blend S add
Sakuranomiya Maika is, by nature, a person with bad luck who always gets into trouble, but knows Dino, who manages a cafe. However, it is not any cafe, as the waitresses have to act according to more.
Manga 08-28-13
Kokome Futeiten add
Kokome is a first-year high school student who is so petite she is often mistaken for an elementary school student. Together with Yukari, her very mature-looking best friend, she joins a manga and more.
Manga 03-28-12
Ura-ban! Uraizumi Koutou Gakkou Suisougaku-bu add
Manga 06-28-07
Nekomimi Pings add
Manga 08-28-08
Heisei Umare add
High school girls everyday surreal life.
Manga 07-28-10
Amayuru. add
Manga 10-27-12
New Game! add
Follow Aoba Suzukaze, a fresh highschool graduate that is easily mistaken as a middle school student, as she joins the game company that produced her favorite game as a 3D artist and her cute antics more.
Manga 01-28-13
P.S.Restart add
Wealthy girl Shirasagi Chihana woke one day to an empty house. Her father's company had gone under, and her parents had gone off traveling. They left Chihana all on her own to make her way to the more.
Manga 04-28-12
Sekai Maou add
300 years ago, the demon lord attempted to take over the world but was defeated by a hero. But now, the demon lord has been reincarnated in the form of a cute girl who doesn't have any memory of her more.
Manga 08-28-10
K-On! Highschool add
As the only member of the pop music club not to graduate, the responsibility of recruiting new members has fallen to Azusa. Ui and Jun have agreed to help out their friend, but they might be more more.
Manga 04-28-11
At Home Romance add
Meet the Morimura family where Ryutaro, the son, has a mother complex with the mother, Akemi, and the older sister, Akiko, has a brother complex with Ryutaro. Imagine a house where Akiko sneaks into more.
Manga ??-??-06
Nagaruru Rururuko add
Rururuko is a human orphan lost in space. She is raised on board a space ship operated by the spacefaring Saurus race, but she dreams of someday returning home to earth. Before she gets there, she more.
Manga 05-28-10
Aquarium add
Yu is a girl who passionately loves tropical fish. After starting high school, she meets a boy who keeps meddling with her, Yoshiaki, and his childhood friend, Saori, a girl that can't be honest more.
Manga 10-28-09
Radio de Go! add
Manga 05-28-07
Neko no Hitai de Asobu add
Manga -
Circle Circle add
Manga 12-28-06
Gokicha add
Behold the the struggle of the adorable little cockroach Gokicha-chan as she struggles to make friends with humans after moving to frigid Hokkaido to escape the unfortunate reputation her species more.
Manga 01-28-11
Seinaru Megumi add
This 4-koma gag manga is about a group of high school students who were childhood friends. Sei used to go to a fancy girls' school, but now she's attending high school with her cousin, Hiyori. Sei more.
Manga 03-28-09
Happy Toreiruzu! add
Manga ??-??-08
A-Channel add
A-Channel depicts the daily lives of Run, Tooru, Yuuko and Nagi in high school. The natural airheaded Run spreading her liveliness and indiscretion is just a small part of the four girls hectic life more.
Manga 12-??-08
Kill Me Baby add
Kill Me Baby is a 4-panel style manga that follows the comedic life of a typical school girl Yasuna and her assassin classmate Sonya. Sonya’s attempt to fit in often fails when her natural assassin more.
Manga 07-27-08
Sora no Shita Yane no Naka add
NEETs are usually people who have chosen not to be part of society due to personal problems or just straight out laziness... This story centers on a certain special girl that would have become a more.
Manga 04-28-08
Flat & Flow add
Meet Natsu and Hana, the two young women who are the managers of a beat up apartment building, as they try to find tenants, upkeep the place, and generally have a good time. (from M-U)
Manga 11-??-07
Harumination add
Just your usual slice of life 4-koma... except with an alien transfer student.
Manga 12-28-07
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