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Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu add
Faithful to the novels aside for some changes that may be considered major e.g. characters changed from male to female.
Manga 11 7.56
Animal X: Genshi Sairai add
The third series in the "Animal X" timeline. Having burned enough bridges in Japan, Yuuji and Minato have moved their new family to a small dinosaur-crazy town in Canada. If there's any place in the more.
Manga 10 7.28
C!! add
A group of girls get together to create a BL doujinshi circle.
Manga 10 -
Nanahikari add
Meet the 17-year-old Nanamura Hikaru, who finds out only after the death of his father, a famous actor, that he has many half-brothers and half-sisters he didn't know about. Add a pervy lawyer and a more.
Manga 7 7.23
Midnight Sun add
Shitou Teruaki is a former top-notch bounty hunter who's been out of the business for a while and is currently struggling to get back in the game. He takes up a relatively low-paying mission to more.
Manga 6 7.34
Utsukushii Otoko add
Welcome to the future. In tried-and-true sci-fi fashion, the date is given in a time system that we have no reference for, so I can't tell you how far into the future we are beyond saying that it is more.
Manga 6 -
Eyed Soul add
During an investigation, private detective Amaki comes across Kou, a man with a mysterious aura about him; a man with strangely sharp perception and eyes that shine like a beast’s. Since his meeting more.
Manga 5 7.26
Denkou Sekka BOYS add
Four-eyed Nobita is ignored by everyone at school or they highly suspect he's an anime dork. Little does he know, sexy Ritsu has been staring at him from afar. What happens when the glasses come off more.
Manga 3 7.54
Toshishita no Ryuugi add
Yuusuke and Atsushi are not connected by blood. They have not seen each other for several years. Atsusi matured, and even became much more than his older brother. He moved to enroll into University. more.
Manga 3 7.51
Pink add
Pink is the story of a young high school student named Usaki who is trying to become an adult porno artist. Who would've figured that out of a such a cute, innocent blond boy? Guiding him is Benio, more.
Manga 3 6.59
Junjou Karen add
Tamiya, a student whose honesty tends to be so blunt that it gets him in trouble, has fallen in love with Shirasaka, a teacher from his school. He's an excellent teacher, very caring and popular more.
Manga 2 7.58
Macaroni add
Plucked out of his small country village, Robin is headed for a long journey with two guys he must depend on: a lawless and possible cheat named Ted Viper and a ladies' man named Sydney Rush.
Manga 2 7.44
Shiritsu Araiso Koutougakkou Seitokai Shikkoubu add
Kubota and Tokitoh are high school students who are on the Executive Committee, a kind of juvenile police force. The stories in Executive Committee are largely silly and plotless, such as resolving more.
Manga 2 7.58
Dekiru Otoko no Sodatekata add
Kazuha, a naïve boy from the countryside dreamed about working under Hongou, who manages a restaurant in Tokyo. After cheerfully arriving in Tokyo, what awaits is a person who is totally different more.
Manga 2 7.60
Gokuraku Café add
Yuuto works as a waiter at the Rainbow Forest Cafe. One day he sees a guy who looked like he wants to throw himself from a bridge. Yuuto tries to save him and finds out he's none other than the more.
Manga 2 7.19
Nemureru Tsuki add
In order to solve the mystery of a rumored curse that brings early death to the male descendants in his lineage, Akihiko Odagawa goes back to stay in his family's ancestral home. One night, he more.
Manga 2 7.77
Mainichi Seiten add
On a particular night, an unexpected guest suddenly turned up outside science fiction magazine editor, Obinata Taiga and his family's home! The person was actually Asuoo Shuu, who had married their more.
Manga 2 7.24
Diamond no Jouken add
Fujishiro Tatsuto is roped into working for the relatively unknown, yet talented photographer Araki Yousuke to repay the cost of a broken camera lens. After school, Tatsuto works as a camera more.
Manga 2 -
Black x Blood add
Black & Shine meet while they are travelling. They both had something in common they had a magic spell cast on them, and if they don't get it un-cast soon, they'll die within a year. Blood is in more.
Manga 2 -
Kigurumi Planet add
One day, university student Narumi Daisuke meets a pink kigurumi rabbit in the street. This kigurumi, named Arita, falls in love at first sight Daisuke! But, no matter where the two meet, it seems more.
Manga 2 7.21
Kareo ni Mizu wo add
Yoshiaki Ishikura is a manager for an event planning company. After going through a second divorce, his life started to "wither." When he meets Izumi Midorikawa, a worker from a plant maintence more.
Manga 2 7.55
Go for It!! add
The story begins when a popular basketball player and a professional boxer meet on television.
Manga 2 7.15
Onigari no Mori de add
Misono Kazuki is a college student pursuing a dream of becoming a famous novelist—but unfortunately, for someone trying to pen a supernatural YA novel, he’s got next to no experience with close more.
Manga 2 7.05
Affair add
Affair is a collection of short stories from a manga-ka whose men ooze testosterone. Shiuko Kano has never been shy about portraying real adult relationships and while Affair is a bit more subtle more.
Manga 1 6.57
Tenohira no Seiza add
Enji is moving on to college and it turns out he’ll be living with his cousin Mizuho, who he hasn’t seen in seven years. Enji, once the younger cousin that Mizuho thought of as a cute little brother, more.
Manga 1 7.66
Time Lag add
Satoru Tendou, a cameraman for the school newspaper, has confessed his love to track star and childhood friend Shirou Sawaguchi every spring since entering high school. Each year Shirou has rejected more.
Manga 1 7.22
Oz no Matenrou add
Mari Kudoh and his partner Yoichi call themselves 'handymen'. If it needs doing, these guys'll get it done. That's about to change, though. Miyuki (Mari's little brother and Yoichi's lover) asks the more.
Manga 1 7.01
Aisaretaino add
Izaki always did well in life, no matter it was school or tennis. Nothing was handed to him; all was gained through effort and diligence. Because of his straightforward nature, he tended to clash more.
Manga 1 7.43
Rival ni Ki wo Tsukero add
1-2. Rival ni Ki wo Tsukero 3. Koishitatte Ii janai 4. Suki Suki
Manga 1 7.25
Hada Made Aishite add
Young President Tsugumi, who must worry about business problems, can't forget the stranger he unintentionally spent one night with. However, when they meet again, the guy turns out to be the new more.
Manga 1 6.92
Egoist Clergyman add
The difficulties in loving your teacher. 1) Egoist Clergyman 2-3) Egoist Clergyman - Private Lesson 4-5) Egoist Clergyman - Kissing Position 6) Egoist Clergyman extra (from B-U)
Manga 1 6.57
Lover's Position add
1-3. Lover's Position When Hayato tells Yun not to come over because a friend will stop without explaining much, Hayato becomes nervous about the outcome of their relationship. 4-5. Love Damage more.
Manga 1 7.42
Kakeochi Kakugo! add
The Student Council President, Sakurai-kun and Vice President, Mikami-san are in their honeymoon period. Their council work has come to an end now that they are 3rd year students, and from now on, more.
Manga 1 7.04
Hatsukoi Yokochou add
Shusuke has just been reunited with his best friend from high school, Atsushi, after many years apart. The problem for Shusuke is that Atsushi is his secret crush he’s been trying so hard to forget more.
Manga 1 7.22
Yakyuu Tengoku add
The successful and young pitcher of Tokyo Elephants, Uno Eiji is kind towards everyone, except his senpai Ogata. Does he hate Ogata because he is gay?
Manga 1 6.93
Nounai Renai no Susume add
The ordinary Yu who works in a florist shop has an extraordinary secret—he has multiple personalities!! His alter egos include; the cool, levelheaded elite lawyer, Kaname and the wild, rough more.
Manga 1 7.37
Katate ni Kenjuu, Kokoro ni Hanataba wo add
When Haruhi was 10 he lost his parents in a car wreck. He went to live with relatives, but was always lonely. Now he is 17 and looking for his benefactor, the man who sent him a monthly allowance, more.
Manga 1 6.73
Sonna Kimochi ga Koi datta add
1-3. Sonna Kimochi ga Koi datta 4. Kimi no Kage Boku no Kizu 5-6. Hatsukoi
Manga 1 6.87
Koi wa Keiyaku no Ato de add
1. Koi wa Keiyaku no Ato de (Love After Contract I) 2. Happy End wa Owaranai (Love After Contract II) 3. Kiss no Shohousen (Kiss Prescription I) 4. Kiss no Kouishou (Kiss Prescription II) 5. Koi wo more.
Manga 1 7.34
Osananajimi no Baai add
1-3. Osananajimi no Baai 4. Kimi no Tenohira ni Taiyou 5. Anata no Hada ni Fureru made 6. Osananajimi no Baai - Otomari
Manga 1 6.68
Kamen Teacher add
Murooka is an elementary school teacher who carries a secret: He likes little boys, and not in an othodox way! Because of this he must wear a "mask" to hide his motives. But what happens when a more.
Manga 1 6.33
Kimama ni Tanteigyou add
The young Yamato Yousuke searches for a way to follow in the steps of his father, a detective who passed away in mission trying to save a little kid who got kidnapped. Finally, an opportunity to more.
Manga 1 6.86
Hikari to Yami no Logic add
Sakura Kazuki is a telepath who can sense negative emotions such as malice through contact. Despite his cute 17-year-old appearance, he’s in fact a rookie detective in the police force, Division more.
Manga 1 7.22
Geshuku Biyori add
"Kindly move out within 6 months." Masachika Fujimaki, the new apartment manager, makes this sudden declaration to the tenants of Wisteria Manor. Having lived there for so long without incident, “ more.
Manga 1 7.46
Sangen Tonari no Tooi Hito add
What if you were to meet your childhood friend again after ten years of separation? This was exactly the case for Mitsuya, a recently transferred company executive who found out that the person more.
Manga 1 7.47
Taiyou no Kikoushi add
Saito Hikaru wants to travel overseas more than anything, too bad he can't pass the exam that would qualify him for it. Then he trips over the handsome foreigner Leo in a park and takes him home. more.
Manga 1 7.69
Shortcut Love add
Akino's been in the advertising world for a while, and has been successful. But when younger man Kurata is chosen to team up with him on a project, he wishes it was anyone else. Kurata is always more.
Manga 1 7.37
Halfmoon Emotion add
It's been about 6 months since the end of Yatteranneeze! and Chisato and Kanae have FINALLY gotten their shit together... or have they? They still fight all the time, clash at work and glare at each more.
Manga 1 6.63
Interview with the Vampire add
Manga adaptation of Interview with the Vampire novel by Anne Rice.
Manga 1 7.12
Just!! add
"Love could be enjoyed fully, if there wasn't that rival - a woman!" [Datenshi Blue Scanlations] "Sekine is the captain of the judo team. His friend and roommate Kosakai is a popular novelist. They more.
Manga 1 6.89
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