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Yae no Sakura add
A dramatization of the real life of Yaeko Yamamoto. Over 100 years ago, Yaeko broke traditional Japanese stereotypes gender and honor to become a gun-warrior in defense of her homeland of Aizu. ( more.
Manga 3 7.48
Yagyuu Hijouken Samon add
After the young Shogun Tokugawa Iemitsu dismisses the famous Yagyuu Jubei from his position as his fencing instructor, he chooses Jubei's younger brother, Samon as his replacement. Samon is more.
Manga 1 6.42
Yajin Tensei add
Manga - -
Yakuza Girl: Blade-jikake no Hanayome add
Senguu Fumihiro is a young boy that made a promise to his dying grandmother to find a good wife for himself. With this intention he enrolls in a prestigious school but on the first day his world more.
Manga 2 6.32
Yama Fu-Tang add
An adaption of Futarou Yamada's novel Kunoichi Kokihei, this story begins the year before the Battle of Sekihagara, in the pleasure quarters of the capital. Kagerou, a real beauty who is a child of more.
Manga 4 6.56
Yankano! add
New student by the name of Makoto Kousaka transfers to a school full of delinquents, which is currently undergoing a battle between the various student activities' committees. His fleeting more.
Manga 1 6.38
Yatsugare!! Otokojuku add
Manga 2 -
Yawara no Michelangelo add
Manga - -
Y十M: Yagyuu Ninpouchou add
Vow of Vengeance. Seventeenth-century Japan: A rebellion in the Aizu teritory has been brutally crushed, leaving twenty one brave warriors dead and most of the nuns of the local convent slaughtered. more.
Manga 11 7.33
Yi Ren Zhi Xia add
Outcasts exist in this world. Zhang Chulan is an outcast hidden among ordinary people. In the first 19 years of his life, he has been careful to hide the difference between himself and others. Until more.
Manhua - -
Yoakemono add
The two boys Gin and Jinrou form a tough team in the mountains. One day, Gin decides that the only way they can move forward is to travel to the capital and join the Shinsengumi. It soon becomes more.
Manga 2 6.66
Yongbi Bulpae add
Yongbi is a bounty hunter without fear or reproach. Especially without fear, actually. Despite his greed and his penchant for drinking (fortunately shared by his faithful horse) and women, Yongbi is more.
Manhwa 23 7.92
Yongbi Bulpae Oejeon add
A mysterious stranger rides into town. The peaceful village of Gang-Ho is disturbed when Yongbi, a seemingly foolish bounty hunter, comes to town looking to claim the bounty for the leader of Gang-Ho' more.
Manhwa - 7.53
Yongbyeong Maluhan add
Mercenary Maruhan... the man who roams the darkness in the time of humanity's doom! In the ancient era of the super-continent, where no border exists between the East and the West—the race of more.
Manhwa 15 7.33
Yuuhi yo Nobore!! add
Yuuko Sawaki wishes for her prince from the sunset and he arrives from the ocean. Kenichi Katsuragi, prince charming, is as close to perfect as you can come with one major flaw. (Source: MU) more.
Manga 2 6.76
Yuzu chu♥ add
Kei was just a normal student, but his life drastically changes when he is attacked by the secret society Yugaim and his classmate (who he has a crush on), Yuzuyu, cames to rescue him declaring that more.
Manga 1 6.57
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