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Wakako-zake add
Murasaki Wakako, who is 26 years old, loves going out alone to enjoy eating and drinking, especially when something unpleasant happens at work. This manga follows Wakako through many solitary outings, more.
Manga - 7.33
Waraenu Warashi: 108 no Karma add
A long time ago, a pair of twins were born. Back then, however, multiple births were considered unlucky, so one of the twins, a girl, was... crushed to death with a millstone, buried under the shade more.
Manga 3 7.17
Watashi to Watashi add
1. Hakoniwa no Toriko (The Prisoner in the Miniature Garden) 2. Yubikiri Hime (Pinky Promise Princess) 3-4. Watashi to Watashi
Manga 1 7.44
Water Crisis add
A dialogue-less story about a man who looks for water to finish his painting.
One-shot - 5.83
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