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Raichi!! add
Raichi Minori, mixed martial arts champion and high school student, finds himself in more trouble than he bargained for when his quest for revenge against a dojo crusher drags him into an more.
Manga - -
Ranker's High add
In order to repay his father's debt of five hundred million yen, high school student Fuchigami Tatsuya must fight in a violent, no-holds-barred underground fighting tournament called MAD, in which more.
Manga 6 -
Ranma ½ add
In China, there lies a famous training springs, a place where martial artists can hone their skills to great levels. Unfortunately, the springs are also cursed! Teenage martial artist Ranma falls more.
Manga 38 8.00
Ransetsuki add
Sakumiya Minagi and his adopted older brother Amou live in a family which protects the katana's, "Kiriyasha" and "Hagasumi". Kiriyasha has been known to be attracted to blood and the only thing that more.
Manga 10 -
Raten - Birth add
As long as one processes its power, one's dream will come true. Since The Arm of Kannon has this kind of power, everyone is dying to obtain it. And one day, a high school student accidentally gets a more.
Manga 6 -
Real Bout High School add
In a school where martial arts are standard curriculum and disputes are settled by officially recognized duels, Ryouko takes on all comers. As the #1 fighter at Daimon High, Ryouko's battles to more.
Manga 6 6.81
Real Bout High School: Early Days add
A gaiden that takes place a half-year prior to the main story.
Novel 3 -
Rebirth add
Three hundred years ago the Dark Magician Deshwitat Lived Rudbich, a vampire, was sealed in limbo by the Light Magician Kalutika. Resurrected in the present day, Deshwitat has vowed to destroy more.
Manhwa 26 7.47
Red Lion add
Quite possibly the best and most renown fighter of all the schools is a red haired girl, solely referred to as the Red Lion. But as the Red Lion suddenly disappears one day, we find that's only the more.
Manhwa 7 7.58
Reichourui Saikyou Densetsu: Gorio add
Kusaraki Masao is a normal 15 year-old boy. He goes to school, joined the soccer team, and dreams of a day when he can get a girlfriend. He's nice, gentle, and very, very shy with girls. And why is more.
Manga 7 7.09
ReMember add
Finding himself in a war torn Japan that has just lost the war to the US, Zaji wanders the land that used to be a city. Suffering from amnesia, the only thing that he remembers is that he has to more.
Manga - 7.06
Renai Shijou Shugi add
Karate girl Seri tries to kick away her past in order to catch a new guy at a singles party, but Tamaki, a childhood flame from her old karate dojo, shows up to show off and makes her heart pound. more.
Manga 8 6.94
Renka add
From the mind that brought you I'll comes a story set in a unique world of samurais and man-slayers reminiscent of the Japan of old. One man wanders the land with a deep past, a deep secret, and a " more.
Manga 1 6.72
Rikugun Nakano Yobikou add
Daizou Sudou attends Nakano Army Prep School with his older classmate, Ozuma Arikawa while battling the minions of the Nanban Empire, a secret organization bent on world domination. The series more.
Manga 6 -
Ring x Mama add
Ryoma Hamazaki's greatest love in life is women's wrestling, and he remains devoted to his favorite team Gigamax for years after their retirement. By coincidence, he finds himself falling into more.
Manga 5 7.47
Road to Ninja: Naruto the Movie add
A special one-shot connected to the movie.
One-shot - 7.23
Rock Lee no Seishun Full-Power Ninden add
Spin-off series that focuses on the strange antics of Team Guy as they work on becoming great ninjas, a job which often requires saving Lee from himself!
Manga 7 7.06
Ronin Kairo add
Kango is a loyal samurai at Sanada Yukimura's serving. Unfortunately for him, the Sanada clan is defeated by Tokugawa forces in the assault on Osaka Castle. As a survivor embarks on one of the more.
Manga 2 -
Ruler of the Land add
Bi-Kwang is a handsome young warrior who becomes a drooling mess whenever he sees a pretty girl. Out on the road he meets an extraordinary swordfighter with no name who is searching for a legendary more.
Manhwa - 8.09
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