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Nennen Saisai add
1. Kingyo Sukui 2-4. Derashine no Hana 5. Komukai-ke no Jijou (The Komukai Household's Circumstances)
Manga 1 7.43
Niini no Mori add
A variety of species gather in the mysterious Niini no Mori. Every full moon, wishes are granted by the lake fairy. It is a world of dreams. Humans become animals and animals become humans, and they more.
Manga 1 6.77
Nurukunaru made Matte add
Junpei is in love with his coworker Icchan. So when Icchan’s bath breaks he jumps at the chance to have Icchan stay with him. And luckily this does give them a chance to get closer—Junpei confesses more.
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