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Na no Nai Shisha add
A boy who knows a persons' "time until death" and has the special ability to give away life; an existence known as Shisha (Messenger). This nameless boy meets a human girl, Kumi, who gives him the more.
Novel 1 -
Na*Na*Ki!! add
The youngest of seven sisters, Nanaki's goal is to "grow another 20cm and become an adult." Now she's a senior in high school and still baffles her friends with her childish ways. But simple more.
Manga 3 6.77
Nade Pro!! add
This manga chronicles the lives of voice actors from Nadeshiko Productions, or Nade Pro for short.
Manga 4 -
Nadenade Shikoshiko. add
The main character "Totoki" is an ordinary high school student who leads a mundane school life. One day, a mysterious, primitive girl, "Cherry" appears before Totoki! Whatever Cherry does is a more.
Manga 1 6.63
Nadeshiko Doremisora add
Miya Nekoma made a bold high school debut in an attempt to change from her once "infamously" boring self. As a part of the change, she decided to join the school's Light Music Club, but on her way more.
Manga 5 -
Nagai Michi add
A worthless husband and his carefree wife. 54 short stories of their heartwarming, funny, and sad life. Winner of the Tezuka Osamu Cultural Prize and Japan Media Arts Festival grand prize Kono more.
Manga 1 6.85
Nagata-sensei wa Oyobigoshi add
1-2. Nagata-sensei wa Oyobigoshi 3. Ihara-kun wa Yokubou ni Chuujitsu 4. Ienai no ni wa Wake ga Aru 5. Koi ni Ochiru mo no Shouganai 6. Nagata-sensei wa Shinpaishou
Manga 1 -
Nageki no Marie add
Mariko was tormented by a boy during her primary school days for her flashy appearance, and has dressed plainly ever since. What happens when she ends up meeting her bully again as she becomes a more.
Manga 1 6.57
Nagi no Oitoma add
Manga - -
Nagi Watari - Oyobi Sono Hoka no Tanpen add
Manga 1 -
Nagisa nite add
Manga 3 -
Nagisa Shokudou add
This 4-koma tells the story of Kurihara Nagisa, a high school girl who loves eating and cooking. Together with her friends Kanako and Chiaki, the three girls bond over recipes and delicious food. ( more.
Manga 3 -
Naisho no Tsubomi add
Each volume depicts a different heroine. Volume 1: Tachibana Tsubomi Volume 2: Kusakabe Tsubomi Volume 3: Shiina Tsubomi Volume 4: Katanashi Tsubomi Volume 5: Aizaki Tsubomi Volume 6: Nike Tsubomi more.
Manga 8 7.35
Naive add
Manga 3 -
Naka-san no Nagare add
Naka Makoto owns a small ramen restaurant called Naka, where he serves a loyal clientele, including his partner, Tomatsu Shimpei. Basso's manga "Naka-san no nagare" focuses on the lives of Naka-san more.
Manga 1 -
Nakanai Hotaru add
1-3. Nakanai Hotaru (The firefly which does not cry) 4-5. Futari no Recipe 6. Nakanai Hotaru: Sorekara
Manga 1 6.81
Nakashite Mitaku Narimashita add
Manga 1 -
Nakayoshi Dan no Bouken add
Manga 1 -
Nakeru BL add
A collection of works by various BL mangaka. 1. Umi to Heavy Smoker [Eda Yuuri x Mineshima Nawako] 2. Tora to Tou-chan Saigo no Ichinichi [Aruku] 3. Stroboscope [Yamashita Tomoko] 4. Erabareru Yoru [ more.
Manga 1 -
Namida Nikomi Ai Karasa Mashimashi add
1. Aozora Nomikai Jigoku 2. Futsuu ni 2-mi 3. Yoyo to Shirorin 4. Tooku Tooku Tooku no Hoshi Kimi wa Shiranai Shiranai Watashi no Hanashi 5. Sex mo Suru Tomodachi 6. Glass no Kutsuzure 7. Kangaeru more.
Manga 1 -
Namida no Kazu dake Kagayaite! add
Manga - -
Namida no Memory add
After a nice get-together party with guys from his university, Atsuhiro wasn’t expecting to wake up naked the very next morning with a used condom around him. To make matters worst, he couldn’t more.
One-shot - 6.76
Namida no Suisou add
Girl is crying alone in the room. Will crying make her feel better, or..?
Doujinshi 1 5.88
Namida no Tantanmen add
A jaded young woman finds solace at a Chinese restaurant.
One-shot - 6.82
Namikibashi-doori Aoba Jitensha-ten add
A simple slice-of-life manga about a young girl and her father who runs a small bicycle shop. (Source: MU) Included one-shot: Volume 1: Ano Sora to Onnaji (pilot)
Manga 20 7.62
Namiuchigiwa no Muromi-san add
The manga revolves about a mermaid named Muromi, her travels and her quirky personality. She speaks with a Hakata dialect and she thinks sea water fish are better than freshwater fish. She has a more.
Manga 11 7.25
Nana add
Nana Komatsu is a naive, unmotivated girl who spends her high school days chasing one crush after the other. Despite continually facing failure in her quest for love, her spirits have never more.
Manga 21 8.70
Nana no Literacy add
For her professional learning, the young Nanami starts her internship in "Protect," a company specialized in digital media consulting. Her first mission is to put the career of a mangaka who's more.
Manga 3 -
Nanahan: Nanaya Chokotto Hanjouki add
This 4-koma manga is the story of three sisters of disparate ages and a pawn shop. The oldest, Orie, can often be found manning the counter at the pawn shop. She's a friendly, innocent young girl of more.
Manga 2 -
Nanahikari add
Meet the 17-year-old Nanamura Hikaru, who finds out only after the death of his father, a famous actor, that he has many half-brothers and half-sisters he didn't know about. Add a pervy lawyer and a more.
Manga 7 7.18
Nanahoshi to Tachibana add
In a tiny village surrounded by woodland, there is a bakery run by two small twins. This is the heartwarming tale of the joys and sorrows these two girls share with their customers. (Source: MU)
Manga 2 -
Nanaka-san no Inzei Seikatsu Nyuumon add
Nanaka is a middle school girl who dreams of becoming a writer. Having experienced hardships from being raised by two novelist parents, she resolves to become an author who makes more from royalties more.
Manga 3 -
Nanashi no Asterism add
Tsukasa, Nadeshiko, and Mikage have been inseparable since they began junior high, but Tsukasa has a secret she's been keeping from her best friends—she actually has a big crush on Nadeshiko. Not more.
Manga 5 7.08
Nanatsuboshi Tea Time add
Manga 1 -
Nanatsuya: Shinobu no Housekibako add
A story set in a pawnshop in Shitamachi about two people who are attracted to jewelry, Shinobu and Aki.
Manga - -
Nanka Youkai!? add
Hide (Hi-De) meets a mysterious girl named Miru and soon find out that she has special power. Miru will sneeze whenever she sense spirit or detect that some strange occurrence are caused by the more.
Manga 11 -
Nankoku Tom Sawyer add
Manga 3 7.26
Nankuru add
On Japan's most western outlying island—— On the island's only middle school, the entire student population consisted of merely four people. And they're all guys. To make it worse, having a bunch of more.
Manga 3 -
Nanohana add
1. Nanohana 2. Pluto Fujin 3. Ame no Yoru: Uranus Hakushaku 4. Salome 20XX 5. Nanohana: Gensou "Ginga Tetsudou no Yoru"
Manga 1 -
Nanto Magoroku add
Magoroku is a freshman from Namishiro High that posses enough to become a koshien-level pitcher but he's not satisfied with that as Namishiro is known as brutal high school. So with his power beyond more.
Manga 81 7.18
Nantonaku Ii Kanji add
Nantonaku Ii Kanji series is all about the unusual sex-filled affairs between the the female teachers and their younger high school students who all happen to be mostly boys.
Manga 3 -
Nar Doma add
The "unorthodox hard surreal gag" comedy centers around the narcissistic (narushi na) Hagito and the masochistic (domazo na) Kei. Together they are "Nar Doma." Hagito is a handsome yet pitiful man more.
Manga - -
Narikiri Anko-chan add
A girl goes to the store to buy pudding.
One-shot - 5.92
Narration of Love at 17 add
Seyoung is an ordinary 17-year-old schoolgirl who plays mediocre roles in her school's drama productions. Her real-life drama develops as she finds herself falling for her childhood playmate Hyunwoo, more.
Manhwa 4 6.72
Narukou Shiikubu add
The Narukou Animal Club of Narugaoka High School shelters animals and are frequently out of money. When the Club President brings in a white snake, things take a turn for the best… and then for the more.
One-shot - 6.39
Nasu add
Nasu is a collection of stories, focusing on a returning series of characters, such as Takama, a farmer, and a young girl named Aya Takashi, who begins the series abandoned by her father and more.
Manga 3 7.03
Natsu da! Hanabi da! Otoko no koni wa Yukata da! add
Girlfriend decided to dress up her very effeminate boyfriend in a Yukata, and she takes it personal and accuses her of loving females only, and escapes to the fire work festival, its a trap one shot, more.
One-shot - 6.12
Natsu Neiro add
A shopkeeper comes across a pair of siblings in the rain however, those siblings have an unusual wish.
One-shot - 6.51
Natsu no Aza add
1. Natsu no Aza (Summer Birthmark) 2. Fuyu no Usagi (Winter Rabbit) 3. Aki no Mayu (Autumn Cocoon) 4. Haru no Semi (Spring Cicada)
Manga 1 6.47
Natsu no Zangai add
1. Natsu no Zangai 2. Watashitachi no Hakoniwa 3. Natsu no Ato 4. 5-jIkanme wa Usotsuki 5. Ibitsu na Taiyou
Manga 1 6.73
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