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Manga Senmon Gakkousei no Seishun add
Dreaming of becoming a popular manga artist, Urashima-kun enters a manga school called "Tokyo Manga Academy." With a mixture of hope and anxiety, he takes his first step into the world of manga more.
Manga 2 -
Mata ne. add
Dialogue-less oneshot.
One-shot - 6.29
Mermaid Prince add
Once upon a time, there was a mermaid: "I want to become human so I can fall in love" she said. When her wish was granted, the lower half of her body turned to foam and she became a human... MALE♂!? more.
Manga 4 6.74
Meshinuma. add
Manga - -
Minna ni Atte Boku ni Nai. add
A dialogue-less story about a boy who wants pubes.
One-shot - 5.59
Mobuko no Koi add
Manga - 7.30
Mononoke: Umibouzu add
Manga adaption of the Umibouzu arc.
Manga 2 7.81
Mononoke: Zashiki Warashi add
Manga adaptation of the Zashiki Warashi arc.
Manga 1 7.67
Mouryou Shoujo add
Manga - 6.85
Mukashi no Hanashi add
A young woman makes some preparations to move. While emptying a drawer she finds a well-hidden damaged cup. What is the story behind the carefully stored dish?
One-shot - 5.80
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