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Mahou wo Shinjiru kai? add
It's a cute story involving a girl that could see Shinigamis. One is trying to claim the life of her boyfriend and she'll do everything she can to stop it... (Source: MU) Included one-shots: Volume more.
Manga 3 -
Mikazuki to Nagareboshi add
Hasegawa Mitsuki, a college freshman, has been thinking about the same person since she was 16 years old—an 18 years older coffe shop manager, Asai Ryuusei, a divorced man with an only son. To more.
Manga - 7.20
Misty Boy add
Suzune never got along with her cousin Yuushin when they were kids. Now that she's in high school, though, he suddenly shows up again after years of separation, and he's like a completely different more.
Manga 1 7.19
Mosaic no Sakana add
Akiko has just moved out on her own for the first time, and has just moved to Tokyo. She moves into her new apartment, and, for the first time, faces life away from her parents. Fortunately, she has more.
Manga 1 -
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