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Maa-chan no Nikkichou add
This is a 4-strip cartoon that appeared in a newspaper, featuring the pre-school boy Ma-chan. Cheerful and naughty Ma-chan and his friend Ton-chan are always arguing. This work strongly reflects the more.
Manga 1 -
Mabui add
Manga 1 -
Mabushii Sora ni Kiss Shou add
Collection of 10 romance stories.
Manga 1 -
Machiisha Jumbo!! add
The story follows the local hospital director "Dr. Jumbo," whose nickname comes from his unlikely appearance. Jumbo argues frequently with Asuka, the nurse who is the daughter of the previous more.
Manga 16 -
Machikado Mazoku add
Manga - 8.06
Macho Gourmet add
The main character Tennoji boasts an overwhelming muscle mass which he cultivated at the gym, imposing himself to a strict diet in order to sculpt his body. However once every few weeks he has a " more.
Manga 1 -
Macmillian Koukou Joshi Koushiki Yakyuubu add
A laid-back 4-koma manga about a feminine baseball coach and the wacky girl's team he manages as they aim to win the Nationals... maybe. (Source: MU)
Manga 2 -
Mada Minu Haru no Mukaekata add
Tsuzumi and Mai both like the same guy, but he's currently studying abroad. While he's away, they decide to compete in the culture festival's beauty pageant in order to determine who will have the more.
Manga 2 -
Made in Hikkomuse add
A story about a psychologist and six girls.
Manga - -
Mado add
In front of a strange mansion a boy gets caught up in a dare. He must yell "Ghost" from the top of his lungs and have the girl in the mansion close the window. Many years has passed since his more.
One-shot - 6.76
Mado kara Madoka-chan add
The mostly quiet Madoka-chan likes to hang out at her window, where some salary man tends to pass by, leading to Madoka doing all kinds of activities. (Souce: MU)
Manga 5 7.08
Mado no Mukougawa add
Kei Sonofuji is trying to get a new start by changing her image before getting into high school. But just as it seems everything is going to go well, she gets sick and has to miss the first week. more.
Manga - 7.09
Madoka no Himitsu add
Madoka Yamada (♂) loves all sorts of cute things! He grew up playing with dolls, sleeping with stuffed animals, and wearing girl's clothes that his sister made for him! The problem is, other people more.
Manga 1 -
Madorigoto add
Manga 1 -
Madorokkoshii wo Kimi to add
Yusu is a fun-loving girl with a casual sex life but likes to sleep alone at night. When her innocent colleague, Seta, catches her attention, she decides to make an exception for him... (Source: more.
One-shot - 6.40
Madoromi Barmaid add
Story about a female bartender and her special "my-pace" bar where she makes cocktails that leave unforgettable taste in her customers hearts.
Manga - 7.27
Madoromi-chan ga Iku. add
A wonderful slice of life comedy about the daily life of an innocent horned girl named Madoromi and her caretaker human Taichii and their adventures and exploits in life.
Manga 2 7.48
Madougushi Dahliya wa Utsumukanai add
Waterproof Slime Cloth, Small Magic Stove, Artificial Magic Sword and Fairy Crystal Glasses... Using her knowledge from before she reincarnated for innovative ideas, Dahliya immersed herself in more.
Manga - -
Madougushi Dahliya wa Utsumukanai: Kyou kara Jiyuu na Shokunin Life add
Dahliya, a reincarnator, resolved not to hang her head any longer after her engagement was broken. Now using her beloved magic tools any way she wishes, the fun times keep rolling in?! (Source: more.
Manga - -
Magi-Cu 4-koma: Kimi to Issho ni add
4-koma based on mobile game Kimi to Issho ni. Most chapters initially was reward for a daily visit to the game (every few days).
Manga 1 -
Magi-Cu 4-koma: Kokoro Connect add
Manga - -
Magical Magical add
From StarryHeaven: Maju has a cool face, but because of her name she’s afraid of being called “Majo” (a witch). She has an unexpected meeting with three boys who ask her to help them out, and in an more.
Manga 1 -
MagMell Shinkai Suizokukan add
Manga - -
Magnum Lily add
Manga - -
Mahiru no Hyakki Yakou add
Manga 2 -
Mahiru no Koi add
Manga 1 -
Mahoraba add
Shiratori Ryushi wants to become a picture book writer, and he moves to an apartment, Narutaki-So, in order to go to an art school in Tokyo. Narutaki-so is an old Japanese style one-story house more.
Manga 12 8.03
Mahoroba Kissa add
A story about a tea house run by the childish British maid Shiori, together with three employees, the countryside girl Minae, Rich girl Mari, and the super-shy Anzu. (Source: MU)
Manga 3 6.55
Mahou ga Tsukaenakutemo add
1. It's nice to be young. 2. Mahou ga Tsukaenakutemo 3. Paradise! 4. Suginami-ku nite 5-6. Sweet Side
Manga 1 7.03
Mahou Joshikousei Toranoi Karuna add
Manga 1 -
Mahou no Yama add
Kenichi's father is dead and his mum is in hospital. Because of this situation, he will spend summer days staying with his little sister at their grand-parents house. Here he will have the more.
Manga - 6.69
Mahou Onna ga Kuru add
Sakazaki Riko, age 31 and also known as Magic Girl Collie, is lonely. Ever since she was a child, she used her magical powers of being able to turn into an adult to help people and solve cases. It more.
Manga 1 6.26
Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha: Comic à la carte add
Anthologies of Nanoha shorts
Manga 2 7.38
Mahou Shoujo nara 1105-goushitsu ni Imasu. add
Junior high student Mitama suddenly got chosen as a Magical Girl! As a result, The Great Demon King Jeddo's plan of bringing despair to the Earth got stopped in a mere 12 pages! However, this was more.
Manga - -
Mahou Yakushi ga Niban Deshi wo Mederu Riyuu: Senzoku Oshokuji-gakari ni Ninmei saremashita add
Liliana was in despair. The secret surrounding her life was exposed by the high-class aristocrat, Brail. Summoned to the royal castle, she was waiting for her sentence to be either the death penalty more.
Manga 2 -
Mahoutsukai de Hikikomori?: Mofumofu Igai tomo Kokoro wo Kayowaseyou Monogatari add
An old man was reincarnated thanks to a kind goddess. He wished for a healthy body, but for some reason, he also received the cheat ability to use powerful magic! Even so, he rarely used the more.
Manga - -
Mahoutsukai no Yome add
Despite having the ability to see otherworldly creatures, Chise Hatori has never considered herself lucky. Ever since her parents abandoned her at a young age, it has been the center of her hardship, more.
Manga - 8.46
Mai no Mushigurashi add
Manga 2 -
Maid Goshuu Show-sama!! add
This is the story of a family who works in the funeral business. Jiro has to take over from his father the family work. He does not like his job very much because of the bad reputation it caused him more.
Manga 2 -
Maid kara Haha ni Narimashita add
A high school girl reincarnates in another world as Lily. While she occasionally reminisces about her past life, she is now known as "the Maid of the Royal Family," after helping to rear the lady more.
Manga - 7.35
Maid Machinegun add
In Tokyo’s Akihabara district, eighteen-year-old Aaliyah is a new maid (aka waitress) at a hopping maid café where otaku (guys devoted to manga) convene to drink tea and talk comics. Aaliyah is more.
Novel 1 7.40
Maid ni Negai wo add
1-2. The Wish to the Housemaid (first half) 6. Bad Communication 8. Lay-Up 9. Meidoni
Manga 1 -
Maid Shokun! add
Ever wondered about the inner workings of a Maid Cafe? Maybe you've wondered how the "maids" are like before or after work? Or perhaps you've wondered how they deal with a job where pleasing the more.
Manga 4 6.72
Maiko-san Chi no Makanai-san add
Within the winding streets of Kyoto's geisha district, there lives a 16-year-old girl named Kiyo. After failing to become a Maiko, an apprentice traditional Japanese performer, Kiyo works as the more.
Manga - 7.73
Maison de Penguin add
Manga 5 -
Maison de Pilote add
Manga 3 -
Maison Ikkoku add
The boarding house Maison Ikkoku is home to a strange medley of weird characters, including the young student Yuusaku and the beautiful (and widowed) manager, Kyouko. We follow the efforts of more.
Manga 15 8.18
Majo no Jouken add
Saya lives a secret double life. In a school, she's a normal high school student, but she's also known by her client outside the school as Maria, the witch. You may think it's just her alias for more.
Manga 3 -
Majo to Boku add
The Witch and me, a romantic slice of life in full color!
One-shot - 6.28
Majo to Houki to Kurobuchi Megane add
This is the story of two girls. Rhianna and Noriko. One day Rhianna moves in next door to Noriko and they soon become friends. Rhianna comes from a family with a magical background, yet she more.
Manga 3 7.44
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