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Ikenai Navigation add
Mochizuki Mai always dreamed of a perfect boyfriend, but finds difficulty because of her ‘unrealistic’ requirements. She just can’t seem to find anyone on Earth who’s perfect! But what happens when more.
Manga 2 7.45
Ikenai Nee Chang add
Manga - 6.58
Ikenai Onmyouji add
Harutaka is the heir to the Mikadomori house and is currently training in the Onmyoudou arts. But Harutaka has a big problem—his body readily attracts strong, evil spirits that he can't handle. So more.
Manga 1 -
Ikenai Otoko add
Ryou was dumped because of his lousy sex techniques and in order to improve his skills, he turned to JS Pro, a company full of handsome men. His debut as a seme was a complete failure! He decided to more.
Manga 1 7.60
Ikenai Seitokaichou add
Manga 1 -
Ikenai Sensei add
The cute Hiroki is always being stalked by perverts, but escapes by punching them down. One day a man comes to his rescue, and Hiroki by mistakes punches his rescuer instead of the stalker. But who more.
One-shot - 6.72
Ikenai Shasei Lesson: Wakaoba to Bijutsu Kyoushitsu no Bijo-tachi add
Novel 1 -
Ikenai Shounen Yuugi add
Anthology of one-shots by various mangaka dealing with shota.
Manga 3 -
Ikenai Switch add
1. Kuchibiru ni Chikai Kiss 2. Ikenai Switch 3. Abunai Switch 4. Shiawase Switch 5. Amai Yakusoku
Manga 1 -
Ikenai Teacher☆Iketeru Darling add
Meet Izumi and Tachibana who are right in the middle of a very hot and heavy romance. Seems normal right? Except Tachibana is a teacher at Izumi's all girls high school. Izumi is calm and collected, more.
Manga 2 6.86
Ikenai Tomohaha add
One-shot - 6.48
Ikenai Usugi Gasshuku: Hitozuma to Joshidaisei to Joshikousei add
Novel 1 -
Ikenai yo Yuuko-san add
Manga 2 -
Ikenai Yui-chan add
One-shot - -
Ikenai Yuuwaku Mizugi: Gravure Idol no Satsuei Nikki add
Novel 1 -
Ikenai! Ohimesama!♥ add
One-shot - 6.35
Ikenai♥Cosplaytion add
1-6. Ikenai♥Cosplaytion 7. Daisuki Mama-san Ballet 8. Danchi no Okusan wa Kiken da 9. Natsuyasumi 10. Sonogo no Kanojo-tachi
Manga 1 -
Ikenaikoto 2003 add
1-2. Tonari no Uchuujin 3. Ikenaikoto 2001 4. Egao no Onedan 2nd 5. Platonic ni Akogare Chu♡ 6. Ponytail wa Umanami no Yume wo Miru ka!? 7. Obake Tettou no Kaidansei 8. Shi Kaiinu no Shitsukukata 9. more.
Manga 1 -
Ikenie ni Natta Hanayome add
Novel 1 -
Ikenie no Haha add
Manga 1 7.00
Ikenie no Hanayome: Haitoku no Wana to Toraware no Otome add
Novel 1 -
Ikenie no Koiwazurai add
1. Ikenie no Koiwazurai (Oblation Love) 2. Daisuki na Hito, Sayonara 3. Binetsu Snow 4. Dare nimo Ienai 5. Mayonaka no Kichiku Shounen
Manga 1 6.80
Ikenie Touhyou add
Minato lives a meek but passable high school life. This all changed when an application named "Sacrificial Ballot" appeared on her phone one night, forcing her to vote for a person from her class. more.
Manga - -
Ikenie Yakata add
A couple go to a mansion and have a gory encounter with its residents.
One-shot - 5.60
Iketeru Futari add
16-year old Keisuke Saji loves to fantasize about young beautiful women. He hopes to land the object of his affection, Koizumi Akira. However, Koizumi hates Saji (as well as all men) to the point of more.
Manga 33 7.24
Iketeru Police add
Kondou Takeshi is a new rookie police officer who now works to capture criminals of all different kind working together with Miki and all the other police officers which seem to be all women. more.
Manga 9 6.77
Ikezu Kareshi no Otoshikata add
The story of the young manga artist and his crude editor.
Manga 1 7.05
Iki ni Kanzu add
Manga 2 -
Iki ni Yarouze Iki ni yo add
Tomako is the star of the Fusou High School. Well loved by everyone, she is beautiful, a good student and nice to everybody. Tomako loves Shunpei, whose his father owns a fish shop. Shunpei is an more.
Manga 8 -
Iki wo Hisomete, Koi wo add
Kazushi and Keishi are brothers who used to have a great relationship. But everything changed when Kazushi failed an important exam. Ashamed and discouraged, he begins to avoid his family, resorting more.
Manga 1 -
Iki wo Suru yori Kiss ga Shitai add
A story between two hosts of the same host club.
Manga 1 -
Iki wo Tomete, Ugokanai de add
Manga 1 -
Ikigami add
A national prosperity law has been passed in a dystopian nation resulting in citizens between the ages of 18-24 being randomly selected to die for the good of the nation. These citizens are given 24 more.
Manga 10 7.96
Ikigami no Fatima add
Manga 2 -
Ikigami-sama add
The story centers around a girl who discovers that there is a god living in her town. "Ikigami-sama," a god from far away and long ago, has come to her peaceful rural town on the sea coast. more.
Manga 1 -
Ikijigoku add
One-shot - 6.21
Ikimono System add
Manga 2 -
Ikinari Keiyaku Kekkon desu ka!? Onzoushi to Futsuu na Watashi no Ama Love Seikatsu add
Novel 1 -
Ikinari Neko Kick add
Masaru likes animals, especially cats. One day while out on a walk with his dog, he found a brown little kitten which looks like it's lost. Masaru can't help but bring the kitten home with him. But more.
Manga - -
Ikinari Osananajimi!! add
Hiroki's passed his high school entrance exams, and now he's looking forward to a peaceful, lazy spring vacation before the entrance ceremony. All of that is ruined on the morning he's woken up by more.
Manga - 6.96
Ikinari Seitokai!? add
A short but funny manga introduction to Tsutae's new novel of the same title. Yuuta has been sent to his grandfather's all-boy's school to save the student council from an "evil" usurper... but more.
One-shot - 6.35
Ikinari! Full Metal Panic! add
Sousuke has finally lost his mind—and his memory! Rehashing his previous exploits will keep Kaname busy, but it doesn't take long for the military mind of this soldier to bounce back with a bang— more.
Manga 5 7.49
Ikinari! Harem Life add
1-6. Zannen na Heroine-tachi (Regrettable Heroines)
Manga 1 7.65
Ikinokore! Shachiku-chan add
Follows the daily antics of Shachiku-chan and her workplace.
Manga - 6.71
Ikioku - The Cooler Half add
A woman brings new meaning to the words dutiful wife and good friend. (Source: M-U)
One-shot - 6.44
Ikitemasu ka? Honda-kun add
Manga - 6.74
Ikitsuke! add
Manga 2 -
Ikki Mandara add
This is the story of a girl in China in 1900 who kills a tax collector from a corrupt government and finds herself hiding amongst guerrilla soldiers. (Source: MU)
Manga 2 -
Ikki-kun no Heroine add
Will former genius child actor Aki Himukai be persuaded to once again perform by classmate Ikki-kun, Movie Research Club president and aspiring director...? Included one-shots: Tomodachi ja Nakunaru more.
Manga 1 -
Ikki: Legend of Takeyari Master add
Novel 1 -
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