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H20 add
Menga is simply known as the vice rep and is bullied. Hanako has moved to Korea but was robbed the first day and has nothing. Na Hong Soo is known as a troublemaker and is in constant trouble. And more.
Manhwa 7 7.67
Hachi - Yakusoku no Inu add
An American college professor named Parker picked up a stray puppy one day. He decided to keep it and named the puppy Hachi. A strong, loving bond grew between the two. Every day, Hachi would await more.
Manga 1 -
Hachijoujima to, Majo no Natsu add
Novel 1 -
Hachimitsu to Clover add
Takemoto lives in a run down student apartment, where his greatest worry is when he'll next be able to afford to eat meat and whether he'll get to class on time. Although he's away from home and more.
Manga 10 8.37
Hachimitsu to Clover Spin-off add
Story showing what happend some time after the events in the last chapter. Note: On hiatus.
Manga - -
Hachiue no Juunin add
Kijimuna, an Okinawan fairy who lives in a banyan tree. About the same height as a young kid, with reddish skin and hair. They will come down from the tree and do naughty things to humans at night. more.
Manga 1 7.18
Hadaka Ikkan! Tsuzui-san add
Manga - -
Hadaka no Taiyou add
A+ student Ichinose Taiyo is the brains of his class. His grades are always high, he's generally liked by his classmates and everyone thinks he will get into a good college then onto a financially more.
Manga - 7.15
Hagoromo Mishin add
College student Yoichi helps a swan stuck on a bridge, only to be visited later in the night by Miwa, a beautiful woman claiming to have been the same swan Yoichi rescued. Miwa stays with Yoichi to more.
Manga 1 7.35
HaHa add
The person who gave birth to you should have a story for the life they have lived so far. In history class, I learned the stories of a lot of strangers, but somehow I don't know anything about my more.
Manga 1 -
Hai Akko desu add
Manga 20 -
Haikei, Niisan-sama add
Yutaka gets his yearly letter from his beloved older brother. (Source: MIAB)
Manga 1 7.69
Hajimari no Hako add
1. Irabayashi-san no Phantom Arm 2. Sunaboshi 3. Okurimono 4. Kotonoha 5. Living Quarter
Manga 1 6.82
Hajime Algorithm add
Manga - -
Hajimemashite Sayounara add
Our average heroine, Himukai Tamako, fell for the handsome Kishikawa Meguru, the very first time she set her eyes on him during the inauguration ceremony of her University. She tried to confess to more.
Manga 3 -
Hajimete no Chuu add
1. Gohoubi Ageru [Kayoru] 2. Sono Kuchibiru, Itadakimasu [Shiraishi Yuki] 3. Suki Sugi Chatte Gomennasai [Umezawa Marina] 4. Koigokoro Senpuku-chuu [Shiumi Saki] 5. Pure Koi Lip [Eringo] 6. Kimi to more.
Manga 1 6.90
Hajimete no Hito add
Manga - -
Hajimete no Kusoge add
Novel 1 -
Hajimete no Shitsuren add
1. Hajimete no Shitsuren 2. Hajimete no Kokuhaku 3. Hajimete no Kenka 4. Hajimete no Kuchibiru 5. Hajimete no Otoko 6. Hajimete... ja Nai?
Manga 1 6.82
HajiOtsu. add
Himari Ashihara has always attended all-girls schools. Because of this, she has virtually no experience with men and thus is unable to understand or deal with them at all. Her friends, Shuuko Tokiwa more.
Manga 5 7.43
Hakase no Kimagure Homunculus add
A certain scientist uses alchemy to create a little homunculus called Ryuuchin and leaves the task of raising her with his assistant Akai...
Manga - 7.06
Hakata-ben no Onnanoko wa Kawaii to Omoimasen ka? add
Hatano Donko-chan who is from Hakata really talks in Hakata dialect! People around her sometimes get confused a bit because of it though, but her dialect makes them smile! (Source: Official site)
Manga - -
Hakka Shoujo add
Fumi Koito used to be raised by an old housekeeper named Hatoko Natsuyaki. He would call her "Peppermint Nanny" because she would eat all his leftover peppermint candy drops—which he hates to eat— more.
Manga 5 -
Hakoiri Drops add
Kasugai Youichi just entered high school and started living on his own. But his new next-door neighbor, Nishimori Shizuku, is the ultimate sheltered girl. The smallest ordinary thing is new to more.
Manga 6 7.52
Hakoniwa Cosmos add
Nagahara Fuwa has just transferred to All Girls Private High School Cosmos and happens to get acquainted with two of the most popular girls in school, who also happen to be twins.
Manga 1 -
Hakoniwa Hinatabokko add
Relaxing time of 4 girls in the Plant Hobby Club.
Manga 2 -
Hakoniwa Mushi add
1. Kobayashi Kayoko 2. 2001-nenban Sakasa no Omoide (Upside Down Memories, 2001 Version) 3. Hakoniwa Sanbusaku (Hakoniwa, A Story in Three Parts) 4. Oshare 5. Tanoshiii Seikatsu 6. Utsukushii Machi more.
Manga 1 -
Hakozume: Koban Joshi no Gyakushuu add
Manga - -
Hakuba no Ouji-sama add
Ozu Kotarou (25) recently changed his career from a white collar worker to a high school teacher. His new workplace is at Odawara High School, a girls only school. He starts off his first day by more.
Manga 10 6.72
Hakui no Kanojo add
A male science teacher and a female school nurse at a local school live in the same apartment building. Sometimes she visits his room and they drink together. A situation arises that causes some more.
Manga 6 5.97
Hakumei to Mikochi add
Nine centimeters (3.5 inches) tall, the tiny girls Hakumei and Mikochi live in the forest. Living in a tiny house in a tree, riding insects and birds, and making umbrellas out of leaves, these tiny more.
Manga - 8.07
Hakushi Uo Toriatsukaiten Bizendou add
Manga - -
Hallelujah 7 add
Since the death of her grandmother, Makoto has gone to live with her father, but not even a few days had passed before he left her a note saying that he was going on a long work-related trip and more.
Manga 3 -
Hamster Club add
Hamster daily life.
Manga 6 -
Hana add
The story follows a family of mask-makers and their reclusive son who has completely shut himself off from the world... (Source: MU)
Manga 1 6.51
Hana Bolo add
Hisae Iwaoka's series of warm-hearted short stories about life and its little wonders. Sweet and delicate, they are like little cookies for a stressful mind. (Source: Kotonoha)
Manga 1 6.85
Hana Buchou (52) to Kokono-chan (17) add
Manga - -
Hana Matsuri add
In a society where money is king, the young men known as "flowers" hold a special role. In exchange for the financial support of those who have the means to patronize them, they serve their flower more.
Manga 1 6.85
Hana Michi Otome add
When Mikoto was little, she first heard the voices of plants. She also gained flower markings on her face and body, as a sign of her connection to them. Unfortunately for her, she was brutally more.
Manga 2 6.76
Hana ni Kuchizuke add
Just before their high school graduation, Hajime lost his virginity to his best friend Hanatarou. Soon afterwards, Hanatarou disappeared from his life without a word. Three years later he's more.
Manga 1 7.26
Hana ni Toitamae add
Life is rough for Chihaya... and she does her best. Happiness? Never heard of it. With her mother gone and her father an alcoholic, she does odd jobs to make ends meet. One day, her foot more.
Manga 1 -
Hana no Zubora Meshi add
This manga features the daily life of a young woman named Hana, who lives alone while her husband is away long-term for work. She's a little chubby, and she often cooks sloppy, but delicious, meals more.
Manga - -
Hana to Futaba add
Doujinshi 1 -
Hana to Mitsubachi add
"Bishonen" are the beautiful boys that overpopulate shôjo manga. Flowers & Bees is the manga that makes men out of beautiful boys. Beautiful men. Masao Komatsu might think of himself as a total more.
Manga 7 7.32
Hana to Oku-tan add
Momo, whose nickname is "Oku-tan," is a normal 25-year-old housewife whose hobby is to think about what she can prepare for her husband's dinner all day long. She lives with her pet rabbit P-tan in more.
Manga 5 -
Hana to Sakazuki add
Ayame is 25 years old. She lost her father fifteen years ago, and is now in search of the pub that she had once frequented with him. Night after night, she stops in at pubs on her way home from work, more.
Manga 1 -
Hana to Usagi add
Aizawa-san in room 411 is always wearing a rabbit... The delivery's good customer Soubou-san is a shy rabbit-man with a withdrawal syndrome. Why is he wearing something like that in the first place? more.
Manga 1 7.66
Hana yori Joshi add
Manga 1 -
Hana yori mo Hana no Gotoku add
Kento have been a Noh player since he was 3 years old. Spending almost all of his time with practices and performances, he still deeply attracted to the world of Noh. A world where he can be anybody, more.
Manga - -
Hana-kun to Koisuru Watashi add
Nanase Sakashita is good at playing the role of Model Student but that doesn't stop her from taking an interest in Hana-kun, the schools delinquent. Hana-kun accidentally drops a small box while more.
Manga - 7.70
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