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Beautiful Monday add
Manga - -
Beautiful People add
Beautiful People is a manga comprised of six profound and thought-provoking short stories. 1. Seppakuhime (Princess White Snow) 2. World's End 3. Anti-Telephonica (Electric Angel) 4. Stalker no Onna ( more.
Manga 1 7.31
Bikachou Shinshi Kaikoroku add
Perverts are people who know the shape of their desires. They have carefully traced those contours like a blind man using both hands to measure the shape of a vase. Colette works in a brothel in more.
Manga 2 7.36
Binetsu no Youna add
Nao is lonely, and she meets her fellow student Mifuyu, who says she wants to help Nao. Something seems wrong with Mifuyu, though, as she sets up Nao with various men.
Manga - -
Body & Soul add
Body & Soul is a manga "wellness guide," and also a surprising and touching love story. The initial story of Miku's quest for health precedes a fantastic love adventure, where love appears little by more.
Manga 2 6.85
Bonkura Bonbon House add
Manga 4 -
Boy☆Skirt add
Momota Taichi (17) first wore a skirt one summer day. As a model student, with an older girlfriend, his sudden action disrupts the peace of his classmates and teachers. The only one who finds it fun more.
Manga 1 -
Buffalo 5-nin Musume add
The girls are sold as prostitutes in the towns that dot the arid desert. Each of them is forced to receive the lusts of men for their own reasons, and each of them fall in love. They have men they more.
Manga 1 5.98
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