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Accel World/Dural: Magisa Garden add
Chiaki recently returned from America, enrolling into an all-girls school. Her brother used to tell her stories about a "Snow Black Princess" and her adventures in a magical kingdom before he died. more.
Manga 8 7.35
Adachi to Shimamura add
Adachi's looking for a quiet place to sit around while she's skipping class and goes to the second floor of the gym, expecting it to be empty. There she meets Shimamura, and their friendship begins. ( more.
Manga - 7.45
Advance of Z: Flag of Titans add
Manga adaptation of the photonovel of the same name. (Source: MU)
Manga 4 7.14
Amagoi add
The story begins with a scene of regret, chaos, and desperation. Sora lives with his little sister, Ann, and his rather comical father. Ann is the soloist of her school's chorus, and Sora is an more.
Manga 4 7.21
Amarimawari add
Guy has some "precious book" with some "wonderful pictures" that he can't show to anyone... The reason being, most of his college friends can't really understand his "tendencies." Of course, we more.
Manga 3 6.95
Anata no Danna Uwaki shitemasu yo add
The manga focuses on a hero who is married, but monster girls seeking children of heroic lineage keep coming after him to steal him away. The hero's wife chooses to deal with the monster girls more.
Manga 3 6.28
Ano Natsu de Matteru add
When a group of friends decide to make a movie over a long summer holiday, they end up learning a little about filmmaking and a lot more about each other and themselves. What begins as a simple way more.
Manga 3 7.30
Asobitagari no Kiryuu-san add
The "board game manga" is about a speed-running solo gamer and a girl who loves board games. Sayaka Kiryuu is a model student, but rumors are going around that she is hanging out with adults. Her more.
One-shot - -
Asura Cryin' add
The main character, Natsume Tomoharu, takes the opportunity to live on his own when he enters high school. Although he appears to be a normal high school student at first glance, there is one thing more.
Manga 4 7.15
Azumanga Daioh add
Chiyo Mihama is a child prodigy who has skipped several grades to end up in high school. On her first day, she discovers that her class is full of eccentric individuals. Sakaki, who towers over Chiyo, more.
Manga 4 8.40
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