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"1999" add
1. "1999" 2. Ame nochi Hare 3. DNA 4. Secret Heaven 5. Omatsuri Battle
Manga 1 -
"Aishiteru", Uso dakedo. add
1. "Aishiteru", Uso dakedo. 2. Majo wa Geboku ni Koi wo Suru 3. Mayonaka no Orion 4. Mamotte nanka Yaranai!!
Manga 1 6.63
"Ano Shoutengai no, Honya no, Chiisana Okusan no Ohanashi." add
Manga 2 -
"Aruto" no "A" add
Aruto Kashiwayama is a budding pianist. She lodges at a famous conductor's house. Aruto's relationships with the conductor's son Hokuto and her first love Masaru are revealed. (Source: MU)
Manga 4 -
"Bungaku Shoujo" to Koisuru Poet add
The manga adaptation of several chapters from "Bungaku Shoujo" to Koisuru Episode.
Manga 1 -
"Bungaku Shoujo" to Oishii Recipe add
The manga adaptation of several chapters from "Bungaku Shoujo" to Koisuru Episode.
Manga 2 7.05
"Kare" First Love add
Coy and self-conscious high school student Karin Karino never paid much attention to boys until she met Kiriya, a popular student from a nearby boys' school. Karin and Kiriya embark on a romantic more.
Manga 10 7.72
"Mi"-seijuku add
After being rejected by her first love, Konno, Chisato's family have restructured as well. Not getting along with her stepmother, ambiguous relationship with her stepbrother, along with her weak more.
Manga - -
"Sensei, Oshiete." add
A collection of short stories focused on student/teacher romance.
Manga 1 6.76
"Sensei, Oshiete." - Zenbu, Shiritai - add
A collection of short stories featuring student/teacher romance.
Manga 1 6.61
"Suki!" made 0-byou add
A sweet love story between a cake store owner's daughter and the son of a traditional Japanese sweets store. Included one-shots: Volume 1: Mogitate Boyfriend, Hanjuku Boyfriend Volume 2: Lemon Diamond
Manga 2 -
"Suki" to Ienai. add
Shiina has 2 secrets. She loves her brother Kiri a lot, and Kiri doesn't know that they are not blood related. She doesn't know what to do, she's been hiding it for a long time, and no one knows she more.
One-shot - 6.93
'99 Junjou Kakumei add
A one-shot of romantic short stories
Manga 1 -
* ~Asterisk~ add
Eri suddenly gets a boyfriend, but their first date is a bit dull and they’re not really sure how to communicate with each other. (Source: MU)
Manga 1 6.45
+1 - High Tension Basketball Story add
Nanako has enrolled at the same high school that her late older brother had attended. She wants to fill in the place of her brother on the team and make it to the national championship. However, the more.
Manga 5 -
-HOME- add
Manga 2 7.04 Onna add
This is a "Girl's Diary" of four very different girl's lives recorded in four short stories. 1. The O Girl A girl who is confessed to by a fellow classmate says "lets start as friends" but she finds more.
Manga 1 6.51
...Seishunchuu! add
Kiriko has always been overshadowed by her older sister Eiko. Eiko is cute, smart, and extremely popular unlike Kiriko. This manga is about Kiriko leaving her sister's shadow. Although this sounds more.
Manga 2 7.18
0 kara Hajimeru Manga Kyoushitsu add
The story of a wealthy 'Ojou-sama' girl who wants to be a shoujo mangaka, and the strict and cool butler who helps teach her how to make manga. A collection of lessons about becoming a mangaka.
Manga 1 6.36
0 no Soukoushi add
Kanade has an exceptionally acute sense of smell which allows him to detect even the faintest aromas in the air around him. Together with his French cousin Anais, he follows those scents all the way more.
Manga 1 7.23
08:05 no Hengao-san add
Facial communication, no words necessary. (Source: Delish Scans)
One-shot - 6.37
1 + 1 add
It's about a girl who falls in love with her little brother. She thinks it's bad but the two of both learn, they are not blood related. (Source: Lover's Dream)
Manga 10 7.01
1+1=0 add
Manga 1 -
1-Day Idol add
Nozomi and Mahiro are two friends who took some racy costume photos while on vacation. Those photos leaked onto the Internet making them a one-day viral phenomenon and propelling them up to idol more.
One-shot - 6.06
1-nen 5-kumi Ikimonogakari add
Eru Yamada can't seem to get away from the supernatural. She's being stalked by a vampire. Her teacher is a werewolf, who also happens to think she belongs to him! As if that wasn't enough, yet more.
Manga 6 6.96
1-nengo no Haru add
Yuuko wants her best friend to be happy, so she supports her friend with her crush, a senpai. However, there is another energetic senpai that is aiming for her... (Source: MU)
One-shot - 6.34
1.8m² no Himegoto add
1. 1.8m² no Himegoto 2. Junjou★Guuwa (Innocent Fairy Tale) 3. Project X'...mas (X-Mas Big Plan) 4. Boku no Uruwashi no Rina-chan e (My Dear Goddess Rina)
Manga 1 6.44
1/2 Fairy! add
Ellen moves to a new house in the country side. There she meets a spunky green-haired elf and learns an alarming truth. She’s a half fairy! Plus three side stories. (Source: Mangafox)
Manga 1 6.45
1/2 L♡VE! add
Plainful child. Akari is really attracted by the popular Unit of idols “Flower”. Then Akari get the chance to sing at the Flower’s center?! But what is the secret that Flower keep…?! (Source: Chibi more.
Manga 1 6.98
1/2 Series add
The order of the 1/2 series (1/2シリーズ): 1. 1/2 Engage (1/2エンゲージ). 2. 1/2 Wedding (1/2ウエディング). 3. 1/2 Honeymoon (1/2ハネムーン). 4. 1/2 Ceremony (1/2セレモニー).
Manga 4 7.34
1/3 Romantica add
From Midnight Scans: “Sorry, I went out with my teacher.” Hana started going out with Tokumoto-kun, who’s popular with both the class and the girls. She’s being played around with by the guy’s pace. more.
Manga 1 7.11
1/6 Jump! add
This is a story about a group of five good friends who are the same age and live in the same apartment building owned by their parents' company. Among the five, there's Kanna, an extremely lively more.
Manga 1 7.11
10-manbun no 1 add
From the warmth at my back, I hear a gentle sigh. If meetings and partings are all of fate,I want to thank you and I want to hit you, as well. It's all very confusing, god. Akaiito's side story more.
Manga - -
100 Days Dream add
"Even though I don't have wings, I can fly."
One-shot - 6.69
100 Man Pound no Ai add
A collection of oneshots which have been previously published in other Reiko Shimizu collections. Includes: 1) A Million Pound Love (100万ポンドの愛) A 80 year-old lady asks a 20 year-old playboy to marry more.
Manga 1 6.86
100% Gokuama Kareshi! add
A sweet love story that will melt your heart! A gathering of the sweetest boyfriends. “No matter where you are or the time of day, I will protect you.” 1. Kodomo ja, Nai no [Yoshioka Ririko] 2. more.
Manga 1 7.00
100% no Kimi e add
Always giving in to many little things, Yuzu transfers from a prestigious girls' school to a co-ed because of her family. Since the first day, she felt uncomfortable with the too open ethos of the more.
Manga 2 7.07
100% Perfect Girl add
Jay Jin is the headstrong teenage rebel, determined to prove she's serious about making art. J. Max is the tall debonair foreigner, in Korea on business, with more--much more--to his background than more.
Manhwa 11 7.88
100-nen no Lyra add
Manga 2 -
100-oku Nengo no Kimi no Koe mo add
1. Honnou to Senshokutai (Instinct and a Chromosome)
Manga 1 7.09
1001 add
A tale of mystery and magic. Naito and Yuki Fuka are twin brothers with very different personalities. While Naito is inelegant and good in school, Yuki is athletic and often winds up in fights. more.
Manga - 7.31
100M no Snap add
Manga 1 -
101-ninme no Alice add
Aristide enrolled into an elite music school following his grandfather's dying wish for him to study music and become a great musician like his father. Aristide isn't your typical student. He comes more.
Manga 9 7.65
11-gatsu no Gymnasium add
1. 11-gatsu no Gymnasium 2. Yuki no Ko 3. Tou no Aru Ie 4. Shiroi Tori ni Natta Shoujo 5. Shiroki Mori Shiroki Shounen no Fue 6. Bianca 7. Sayo no Nuu Yukata 8. Aki no Tabi 9. Kawaisou na Mama (Poor more.
Manga 1 7.24
11-nin Iru! add
The elite Cosmo Academy attracts applicants from every stellar nation in the galaxy. One young hopeful is Tadatos Lane, an orphan esper from Terra. The final stage of the academy's entrance exam is more.
Manga 1 7.66
11th Cat add
Cute and charming, but not so bright, little Rika is training to become a real wizard. The first step is to find a magic staff. That can’t be too hard, can it? As Rika and Eugen journey deep into more.
Manhwa 5 6.34
12 Kounen no Motoko add
Motoko confessed her love to Shinsei, he answered it by saying that he is now only interested in playing soccer. Motoko's health is not in good shape and she has to stay over at the hospital more.
Manga 1 -
12 Months add
In 12 months you'll be invited into the life of a group of students who discover with joy and sadness the meaning of "Love." (Source: ShoujoMagic)
Manga 2 6.58
12-ji no Kane ga Naru add
In this story, we’re treated to a twisted, gothic-horror remix of the classic Cinderella story as re-imagined by a shounen author for a shoujo audience, where we find, in the end, that nothing comes more.
One-shot - 6.88
12-nin no Yasashii Koroshiya - Libra: Kuroki Shinpan add
Manga 2 7.12
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