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Amamidokoro add
1. Amamidokoro R 2-4. Amamidokoro 5. Taputoro Swim 6-7. Iyashimai 8. Max Akari 9. Yawaraka Unlimited 10. Amamidokoro S
Manga 1 7.06
Amanatsu add
One-shot - 6.73
Amanee! add
1. Sensei! 2. Otonari Nurse (Next Door Nurse) 3. Tomodachinchi (My Friend's House) 4. Visit Boss (Boss Visit) 5. Reisei to Jounetsu no Hazama de (The Thin Line Between Calm and Passion) 6. Hanmen! more.
Manga 1 7.01
Amanojaku ga Koi wo Shite add
1. In Love with Devilish Tsundere 2. No Subject: Lunch on the Roof 3-5. Season of Blooming Sunflowers 6. Steady x Steady 7. Temporal Cicada Shell 8. One Piece Envy 9. In Love with Your Eyes!
Manga 1 6.93
Amate♥Kishi Neechan add
Novel 1 -
Amayadori add
One-shot - -
Amayadori add
One-shot - -
Amayakasaretai add
Due to her grandmother's last wish, Kumi was forced to attend Yuugaa private high school (a school for the rich and famous). By accident, she bumps into Akichan and Fuyuchan (whom she has offered to more.
Manga 5 -
Amayakashitari Shinai zo! add
Novel 1 -
Ame Koi add
After the death of her mother, the heroine has been living alone, managing their Inn. Our hero, a writer, goes back to his hometown to write a sequel for his novel. Due to some circumstances, he more.
Novel 1 -
Ame no Ato. add
A guy offers to hold an umbrella for his senpai whom he has a crush on. On the way home, a car splashes water on him so the girl lets him come into her house to get cleaned up.
One-shot - 6.34
Ame Nochi Shizuku add
One-shot - 6.84
Ame Onna to Amayadori add
One-shot - -
Ameiro no Kisetsu add
Novel 1 -
An Impracticable Theory add
This volume contains 8 stories: 1. After Pleasure... (Pleasure later) 2. Sky Height 3. Kijyou no Kuuron (Cousin) 4. We'll definitely meet again... (Because it is possible to encounter it again surely) more.
Manga 1 6.89
An Ugly Daughter Like Me add
A father keeps his daughter closed in a small apartment to use her as an sexual object.
One-shot - 5.76
Ana Kazoku add
Manga - 6.71
Ana no Oku no Ii Tokoro add
1. Sunao ja Nakute mo... (Even if We're Not Honest) 2-4. Gibo 5. Sister Brother 6. Nagusame Sister 7. Ane Bully (Ane Bullying) 8. Meat Hole 9. NTR Shoujo (NTR Girl) 10. Junai Collapse 1.5 11. Marie more.
Manga 1 6.89
Ana Puri: Shiriana Hime add
1-4. Hitori ni Shinaide (Don't Leave Me Alone) 5. Sugar Spot (Sugar Spot) 6. Kazoku no Jouken (Family Conditions) 7. Naisho no Honto (Secret Truth) 8. Jumble Family (Jumble Family) 9. Ame to Muchi ( more.
Manga 1 6.80
Ana Shoujo add
1. The Princess and the Slave Girl 2-6. Ana Shoujo 7. Ape Rape
Manga 1 -
Anadori Gataki Bokura add
The Yoshiki family has lived generations by a result all the members of their family have pretty strange genitals.
Manga 1 5.92
Anal Angel add
The members of the fish paste club include Arisugawa Sakura, the school's number one trap, Aoi sensei, their club advisor and a beautiful trap himself, and Kurumi, their youngest member. Thanks to more.
Manga 1 6.55
Anal Backer add
Collection of short stories.
Manga 1 6.27
Anal Benjo Ryousan Choukyou add
1. Netori Hame Kanojo 2. Anal Choukyou no Hibi 3. Mashiniki Jigoku: Tettei Ryoujoku Hakai 4. Botsuraku Reijou no Seiteki Maid Gyoumu 5. Inran Hitozuma wa Pet Suki 6. Nikubenki Maid no Shitsukekata more.
Manga 1 -
Anal Destroy add
5. Gourmet Club
Manga 1 -
Anal Justice add
We follow Nanao, a guy who enters an all-girl school in disguise in order to join the after-school futanari girls' sex club. His new relationship with Itsuka, one of the members is threatened by a more.
Manga 2 6.35
Analism add
1. Shiriai 2. Shoujo Chuu! (Virgin Addict) 3. Hokeni no Naisho (The Infirmary Teacher's Secret) 4. Renren Houkago Hokenshitsu (Lovey Dovey Afterschool Infirmary) 5. Analyze 6. AF (Alternative Family) more.
Manga 1 7.13
Analist add
1. The Beastly Promise Between Dog and I 3. Urethra Runner
Manga 1 -
Analist: Koukan Shugisha add
2. Anal Sensei
Manga 1 6.14
Anamawashi add
1. Seishori Cheerleader: Namahame Kanzen Nonstop 2. Migawari Ochi Gangu 3. Bocchi Mawashi 4. Enkou JK Zenana Acme 5. Oyako Ana: Natsu no Higeki 6. Idol Intai 7. Kujoku no Celeb Ana 8. Yomeiri Mae no more.
Manga 1 6.45
Anasen add
1. Biyaku 2. Youtonjou (High Class Pig Lady) 3. Rental Senyou! Kuro Gal Joshi Kousei Dashi Sex 4. Osagari Kareshi 5. Tomo Ane! 6. Nioi no Toriko 7. Miesugi Magician 8. Totsunyuu Sousa 24-ji! 9. more.
Manga 1 -
Anata Dakara add
One-shot - 7.25
Anata ga Fureru Tabi ni add
The first work in the tankōbon series by Dr.P, centered around a certain high school where good things happen. Most of the time it follows a two chapters per couple formula, also main characters more.
Manga 1 7.06
Anata ga Miteiru. add
9. The Princess Knight's Depravity Game
Manga 1 -
Anata ga Shaseiku Kao, Mite Ageru. add
1. Vampire Milk 2. Konban Musuko wo Goukan Shimasu! (I'll Rape My Son Tonight) 3. Milk Madame 4. Okusama to no Undoukai 5. Strong Flavor 6-8. Onnanoko ni shite Ageru 9. Lead 10. Himitsu no Kankei more.
Manga 1 -
Anata ga Shiranai Tsuma no Kao add
The boss of the company tells a employers wife that her husband would get fired unless she gives him some service.
Doujinshi - -
Anata ga Sore wo Nozomu nara add
1. Seiheki 2. Zakuro 3. Denpa Z-ko no Goku Heikinteki na Ichinichi 4. NG BREAKER 5-6. Haruka
Manga 1 -
Anata ni Mune Ippai: Meganekko★Hatsukoi add
Novel 1 -
Anata no Doutei, Boku ni Itadakemasu ka? add
Doujinshi 1 -
Anata no Mono add
1. Usagi-kun to Kame-chan to (Bunny, Turtle, and...) 2. Natural Mama 3-4. Initiative 5. Kakure Oppai-san (Miss Hidden Boobs) 6. Yaritai Toshigoro (The Age You Want to Do It) 7. Ani Kano 8. Ora no more.
Manga 1 -
Anata no Sentaku add
The story investigates how far one can go pursuing own sexual fantasies and fetishes when an opportunity to do it suddenly opens and if in some cases such pursuit should or should not being more.
Manga - 7.22
Anata no Shiranai Kangofu: Seiteki Byoutou 24-ji add
The main character has been hospitalized for medical checkup. As nurses take care of him kindly, his sexual desire gradually becomes bigger.... "If they took care of my sexual desire as well, it more.
Novel 1 -
Anata no Tame ni add
A couple is blackmailed by a perverted NEET as he is threatening to expose the husband with the documents containing sensitive information, which the husband had thrown into the trash. For the sake more.
One-shot - 6.21
Anata no Tonari de add
Doujinshi 1 -
Anata to Mita Sakura: Shimaizuma add
Issei loves Nanako. But she marries his brother, Eiichi, after graduating high school. But a few years later, Eiichi suddenly passes away.... And this spring, he starts to live at her house to join more.
Novel 1 -
Anata wo Suttemo Ii desu ka? add
Yuuki grew used to living alone after his father died. Yet now he's living with a girl named Mikage who appeared before him and settled down in his home. Mikage just happens to be a vampire, but more.
Manga 1 7.37
Anata wo Yogarasete Ageru add
1. Itai Tokoro 2. Sister Credit 3. Koko to, Asoko to 4. Zutto Isshoni 5. True Partners 6. Yasashisa no Sumika 7. Oneechan ni wa Todokanai 8. Wanwan Trainyaa (Doggy Trainyaa)
Manga 1 -
Anax add
1. Ya♥Tebya♥Lyublyu (From Russia with Love) 2-4. PSL-bu e Youkoso (Welcome to the PSL Club) 5. Zubora na Ane 6. Tsurai! Tsurai? Shiawase!? (It's Hot! It Hurts! It's Good!) 7. Watashi no Honto 8. more.
Manga 1 6.50
Android wa H na Yume wo Miru ka? add
1-6. Android wa H na Yume wo Miru ka? (Do Androids Dream of Eros?) 7. Sisters☆Panic 8. Dorobou wa Koi no Hajimari!? 9. Dokidoki Kimodameshi
Manga 1 -
And_Hand_Tied add
Doujinshi 2 -