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Kuro Gal-san ga Kuru! add
A beleaguered office worker finds his way to a cafe where he decries the hardships of his routine. In there, a friendly gyaru high schooler notices his lamentations and after hearing him vent out, more.
Manga 02-07-20
Death Note: Tokubetsu Yomikiri add
The story follows Minoru Tanaka, the smartest middle school student in Japan who has gotten first place in the intelligence test for three consecutive years. He makes a certain promise with Ryuk and more.
One-shot 02-04-20
Youkoso Bourei Sougiya-san add
Manga 02-04-20
Majo no Moribito add
In a world full of Evils, humanity's only hope is the inhuman power of the witches. The city of Berne is on the frontline of the demons and there to protect it is the witch Manasfa and the kingdom's more.
Manga 02-03-20