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Double Strawberry Bitter Cakes add
Double Strawberry Bitter Cakes is a story that begins when a high school girl, Sachi, who is good at making sweets, interacts with Kurono and Shirahaku brothers who are popular at school. (Source: more.
One-shot 09-24-19
Black Guard add
Set in the future. Mankind has created a giant floating city and is fighting against a mysterious being called "shoujou." (Source: MangaDex)
Manga 09-20-19
Final Girl add
A guy finds himself transported into the world of a classic horror movie. And what's more, as the 'slutty character' who dies first!? (Source: MU)
One-shot 09-17-19
Tori Junkies add
Manga 09-15-19
Hiiragi-san Chi no Kyuuketsu Jijou add
One-shot 09-11-19
Duranki add
In the ancient world, the gods gave their wisdom to the child Usumgallu. Here, a new myth begins!
Manga 09-09-19
Dosanko Gal wa Namara Menkoi add
Tsubasa Natsukawa has just moved from Tokyo to Hokkaido, in the middle of winter. Not quite appreciating how far apart towns are in the country, he gets off the taxi at the next town over from his more.
Manga 09-04-19
Mitama Security add
High school student Rena has always been able to see ghosts. She's gotten so used to it by now that it doesn't even bother her anymore. But suddenly, a SecuREIty agent name Mitama appears and vows more.
Manga 09-02-19