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Zetsubou Shuuraku add
Manga 03-21-20
Yankee JK Kuzuhana-chan add
A male to female ratio of 1:359?! Saotome-kun is admitted into a school full of gyarus!
Manga 03-19-20
Adabana add
Manga 03-18-20
Kekkon suru tte, Hontou desu ka: 365 Days to the Wedding add
The "new generation wedding" manga features the tagline, "Will getting married really bring happiness? Isn't getting married a risk?" (Source: ANN)
Manga 03-16-20
Juujika no Rokunin add
Manga 03-09-20
Kanojo mo Kanojo add
High school boy Naoya gets a confession from Nagisa, a cute and friendly girl. However, Naoya already has a girlfriend, Saki, but Nagisa is too good a catch to let go. Nagisa and Nagoya's goal more.
Manga 03-04-20
Saiyouki add
Manga 02-25-20
Kiruru Kill Me add
The manga will focus on the relationship between an assassin and an invincible target. (Source: MU)
Manga 02-23-20
Joou Heika to Yobanaide add
A recluse becoming Queen?! In a contest for the throne with scions of noble families, I'll do everything in my power to avoid getting embroiled in it! In the Kingdom of Lindtor, renowned for being more.
Manga 02-18-20
Harakiri Gomen add
The "unique historical" manga centers on a samurai with blue eyes who comes from the West and who exemplifies the creed of bushido. (Source: ANN)
Manga 02-17-20