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Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Meguri add
After overcoming the repeating June of 1983, Rika Furude has proactively decided to live in a future she has yet to see, but... why are these repeating tragedies happening, and how are they occurring? more.
Manga 10-15-21
Ao no Miburo add
The year is 1863, with the story being based in Kyoto. We follow a youth named Nio who is an honest and kind soul who's considerate of his family, yet he also has a hidden burning passion for more.
Manga 10-13-21
Dunwich no Kai add
In the isolated, desolate, decrepit village of Dunwich, Massachusetts, Wilbur Whateley is the hideous son of Lavinia Whateley, a deformed and unstable albino mother, and an unknown father. Strange more.
Manga 10-12-21
Jin add
One-shot 10-10-21
Hiiragi-san Chi no Kyuuketsu Jijou add
Every family has its own "secrets"... Shota Minamoto, a junior high school student, lives in an orphanage. One day, he is taken in by a family who lives in a gorgeous Japanese style mansion. Shota more.
Manga 10-08-21
Usogui: Tachiainin Yakou Hikoichi add
Manga 10-07-21
Sudachi no Maoujou add
Murabito, runs an item shop in a world where the hero has defeated the demon lord. In a world that's too peaceful, people are not really coming to his shop, which worries Murabito. Then one day, a more.
Manga 10-06-21
Shouha Shouten! add
Manga 10-04-21
Caramel Mille-Feuille add
One-shot 10-04-21
Tamer Shimai no Mofumofu Haishin: Mujikaku ni Mofumofu wo Tsuretekuru Imouto ga Cheat-kyuu ni Kawaii node Jiman shimasu add
Manga 10-01-21
Kanojo to Boku no End Roll add
The hikikomori boy and the girl who wants to die want to escape from the rotten reality. This is a story about forbidden love.
One-shot 09-29-21
Takachiho Honoka-senpai ga Suki de Suki de Iroiro Gaman Dekinai. add
Manga 09-27-21
Okiraku Ryoushu no Tanoshii Ryouchi Bouei: Seisankei Majutsu de Na mo Naki Mura wo Saikyou no Jousai Toshi ni add
Light Novel 09-25-21
Psycho no Sekai add
Manga 09-25-21
Nee Nee, Nene-san. add
One-shot 09-25-21
Tokyo GhostBros add
One-shot 09-22-21
Aoku Somero add
Manga 09-19-21
Kuon Otogami was a genius pianist whose name is among the greatest in the annals of the music world. He had seven children who also all became genius pianists. All seven except for the one named more.
Manga 09-18-21
Amaesasete Hinamori-san! add
Manga 09-18-21
Atarashii Kimi e add
Sakuma, a teacher at an all-girls school, sees his wife in the red-light district cheating on him one day. In response, he runs away and decides to tour Japan, going wherever his heart may lead him. more.
Manga 09-18-21
Daisuki na Tsuma Datta add
Subaru Takahashi recalls the six months after his wife, Chika, was diagnosed with cancer.
One-shot 09-17-21
Boku wa Isekai de Fuyo Mahou to Shoukan Mahou wo Tenbin ni Kakeru add
Manga 09-17-21
Oneechan no SNS add
Manga 09-15-21
Gokumane! add
The strongest duo in the "entertainment world" survival comedy. Gangster manager meets selfish prodigy child actor. What will happen when the two meet!? (Souce: Catmanga)
One-shot 09-15-21
Youtou ni Miirareshi Skeleton: Meikyuu wo Shihaishi, Muteki no Gunzei wo Hikiiru "Saikyou" no Ken Maou add
Manga 09-13-21
Gal-sen add
Manga 09-13-21
Little Hands add
Manga 09-13-21