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Inazuma to Romance add
Despite living with her overprotective father, Sumire still wants to experience a lot of things—most importantly, a life-changing romance. Her second year of high school has just begun when she more.
Manga 01-13-21
Koi ni Utsutsu wo Nukasube Karazu!! add
One-shot 01-13-21
Fish add
Manga 01-12-21
Shin Gunjou Senki add
Manga 01-07-21
One Operation Joker add
The dastardly Joker needs a symbol of justice to prove that evil will always prevail. When Batman falls into a chemical vat turning him into a baby, Joker must now raise him to become a hero to more.
Manga 01-07-21
Tesla Note add
Mission T is a secret operation to save the world from destruction. Trained as a ninja from a young age, Botan Negoro, raised to become the ultimate spy, teams up with another excellent spy, Kuruma. more.
Manga 01-06-21
Media Mix Maiden add
Manga 01-05-21
Yakusoku no Neverland: Tokubetsu Yomikiri - We Were Born add
One-shot 01-04-21
Makiri no Iemitsu add
Manga 01-03-21
Tsuki to Usagi add
Manga 01-02-21
Call★of★Gal add
Manga 01-01-21
Raigou no Kuni add
Manga 12-31-20
Kimi ni Koisuru Satsujinki add
Manga 12-30-20
Futarigurashi add
This story follows the simple and domestic day-to-day lives of Rihito and Hikaru, who have recently begun their newlywed life together.
Manga 12-28-20
X no Kyuusei add
One-shot 12-28-20
Sand Storm Boarders add
One-shot 12-28-20
Heika, Kokoro no Koe ga Dadamore desu! add
Marriage with the villainous "Ice Emperor"—despite his harsh words, the voice of his heart is super sweet!? The Princess of the Southern Kingdom, Tistye, who can read people's heart, is married to more.
Manga 12-28-20
Hana wa Shinitagaru add
After losing his mother at an early age Mizushima dedicates his life to studying and pursuing the goal of creating a flower that would never wilt. One day, after meeting Hanamori, a florist from a more.
One-shot 12-28-20
Mainichi Shine Shine Itte Kuru Gimai ga, Ore ga Neteiru Suki ni Saiminjutsu de Horesaseyou toshite Kuru n desu kedo......! add
My step-sister who is the same age as me treats me like garbage. This beauty, admired by everyone around her, shows her true ugly nature only in front of me. But upon learning that she loves me so more.
Manga 12-27-20
Youkai Daisensou: Guardians add
Manga 12-26-20
Amuro to Boku add
A manga centered on Osamu Wakai's childhood and his love for the Gundam franchise.
Manga 12-26-20
Botabota add
Mako Higari is an ordinary woman who works in a food container factory. She has a reputation of sleeping with every man she works with. However, she harbors a dirty little secret... (Source: MU)
Manga 12-25-20
Phobia add
Manga 12-25-20
Batman: Justice Buster add
Manga 12-24-20
Engan no Cyclops add
One-shot 12-21-20
Sansennenme no Kamitaiou add
3000 year old god decides she wants to quit being a god so she becomes a high school girl.
Manga 12-21-20
Togetoge add
Manga 12-21-20
Psy & JK add
One-shot 12-18-20
Mask Hazushite yo, Ishikawa-san add
Ishikawa-san, the girl in the neighbouring seat, wears a mask no matter what she is doing. One day, Izawa catches sight of her face without a mask and begins wanting to see it more and more... more.
Manga 12-18-20
Seinen Shoujo yo, Haru wo Musabore add
Manga 12-17-20
Orc Eiyuu Monogatari: Sontaku Retsuden add
Bash had earned the title of a "Hero" for his unparalleled achievements in a great war between twelve races. He, the one respected by all orcs, embarks on a journey. To show the pride and honor of more.
Manga 12-17-20
Yakusoku no Neverland: Tokubetsu Bangai-hen - Haha no Ketsui add
A one-shot focusing on Isabella.
One-shot 12-14-20
Trillion Game add
Two friends Haru and Gaku plot to gain enough money to have anything they desire at any time—a trillion dollars.
Manga 12-11-20
Deadpool: Samurai add
Marvel raids Shounen Jump+?! The irresponsible hero Deadpool, an extreme outlier even among American comic heroes, is finally serialized! A super collaboration manga that involves both the Avengers more.
Manga 12-10-20
Koi ka Mahou ka Wakaranai! add
Kaito Miyamae can't use magic at all! At this rate, his promise with his childhood friend of becoming great magic-wielders together will be ruined... When he was about to give up on his dream, Kaito more.
Manga 12-09-20
Tsue to Tsurugi no Wistoria add
Manga 12-09-20
Botsuichi add
Manga 12-08-20
Yakusoku no Neverland: Tokubetsu Bangai-hen - Jijyuu no Sora wo Motomete add
A one-shot focusing on Sister Krone.
One-shot 12-07-20
Debby the Corsifa wa Makezugirai add
"I know! I'll destroy some humans to kill time!" The strongest demon ever makes an unexpected appearance! But she's... a total airhead?! A comedy about a clumsy but emulous demon trying to kill time more.
Manga 12-07-20
Loop 7-kaime no Akuyaku Reijou wa, Moto Tekikoku de Jiyuu Kimama na Hanayome Seikatsu wo Mankitsu suru add
Rishe, the daughter of a duke, is stuck in a time loop that begins at the moment her engagement is annulled and ends with her early demise at the age of 20. She has now begun her seventh loop. In more.
Manga 12-04-20
#DRCL Midnight Children add
Based on Bram Stoker's "Dracula," a gothic horror story at the end of the 19th century.
One-shot 12-02-20
Amagami-san Chi no Enmusubi add
One-shot 12-02-20
Shaman King & A Garden add
Kanna, a young girl from a good family. Matilda, a witch. Marion, an orphan. All of these girls have special powers as shamans are marked and feared as "monsters" and are fighting loneliness in more.
Manga 12-01-20
Semi-Retire shita Boukensha wa Nonbiri Kurashitai add
Manga 11-27-20
Genkaigoe no Skill wa, Tenseisha ni shika Atsukaenai: Over Limit Skill Holder add
Manga 11-27-20
"Disney Twisted Wonderland" Anthology Comic add
An anthology of stories centered around Disney's Twisted Wonderland game.
Manga 11-27-20
Around 30 OL Haman-sama add
A spin-off reimagining Haman Karn as a modern corporate section chief at an apparel company named Neo Zeon.
Manga 11-26-20
Ral Meshi: Ramba Ral no Haitoku Gohan add
This spin-off is a gourmet manga showing Zeon ace Ramba Ral tending to the Club Eden night club while the staff are away, and eating freely without anyone bothering him. (Source: ANN)
Manga 11-26-20
Kidou Senshi Gundam: Iden Nijuuyon-sai Shokugyou OL, Tensei-saki de Kycilia Yattemasu add
A 24 years old office lady is reincarnated into Kycillia Zabi, will she be able to change the fate of Zeon ?
Light Novel 11-26-20
Aragane no Ko add
In a world where "stones" are at the center of life. An ore craftsman visits an underground village and meets a boy whose left foot is petrified. The two go on a journey to save the boy's family as more.
Manga 11-25-20
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