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Rabuka add
One-shot 06-14-21
Mesugaki Succubus-tachi ni Shiboritorareru Hon add
Doujinshi 06-11-21
Hidamari de Kanojo wa Tamani Warau. add
Light Novel 06-10-21
Kimi no Seishun, Watashi no Kiss wa Iranai no? add
Light Novel 06-10-21
Tonari no Kimi ga Ichiban Kawaii add
Manga 06-09-21
Isekai Tenseisha Koroshi: Cheat Slayer add
Manga 06-09-21
Tensei Babaa wa Misugosenai!: Moto Akutoku Nyotei no Nishuume Life add
Lauraris Eldanus ruled the country with an iron fist. The end to her reign of terror came by the hand of a hero...or so it should have been. However, three hundred years later, the former empress more.
Manga 06-09-21
Gene Bride add
The story follows Ichi Isahaya and Makuhito Masaki, who were part of a school event called "Gene Bride," in which genetic information is matched to create a student couple for a day. (Source: ANN)
Manga 06-08-21
Aragae! Dark Elf-chan add
Manga 06-06-21
Instant Succu add
Doujinshi 06-06-21
Youki ni Naritai Shigure-san add
Yoshida (14 years old) is the inkya (not social, dark etc.) of the class. One day, he is seated next to Shigure-san, an inkya girl. After Shigure-san realizes that Yoshida is one of her kind, she more.
Manga 06-03-21
Isekai Tensei shitara Aiken ga Saikyou ni Narimashita: Silver Fenrir to Ore ga Isekai Kurashi wo Hajimetara add
Manga 05-31-21
Ryuu Musume Titi no Kitchen Car add
Titi, a dragonkin, moves from her rural village to the big city full of humans, beastmen, and other various races. Her goal is to become the best chef in this food battleground, but naïve Titi lacks more.
Manga 05-31-21
SF add
One-shot 05-31-21
Mouja Kikan add
One-shot 05-28-21
Evil Heroes add
Manga 05-27-21
Kuroiwa Medaka ni Watashi no Kawaii ga Tsuujinai add
Born and raised in Osaka, Mona moved to Tokyo to enjoy her high school life to the fullest. Hiding her country accent and going full throttle on her feminine charm, she's dead-set on becoming the more.
Manga 05-26-21
Shinjiteita Nakama-tachi ni Dungeon Okuchi de Korosarekaketa ga Gift "Mugen Gacha" de Level 9999 no Nakama-tachi wo Te ni Irete Moto Party Member to Sekai ni Fukushuu & "Zamaa!" Shimasu! add
There are six races in this world: human, beast, dragon, elf, dwarf, and demon race. The human race is looked down and discriminated against in this world as the "most inferior." Legion (the Race more.
Manga 05-25-21
Monster no Konkatsuya-san add
Manga 05-25-21
Shinsengumi to Issho add
Manga 05-25-21
Ikemen Joshi to Josou Danshi add
Manga 05-21-21
Josou wo Yamerarenaku Naru Otokonoko no Hanashi add
Manga 05-21-21
Akuyaku Reijou, Brocon ni Job Change Shimasu add
"Brother, I loved you since before I was born!" Corporate slave Rina Yukimura was reincarnated as the villainess Ekaterina from an otome game. In her past life, she was obsessed with the brother of more.
Manga 05-21-21
Sensei Ochinchin Misete Kudasai! add
One-shot 05-21-21
Nitamono Kyoudai add
One-shot 05-21-21
Zombieland Saga Gaiden: The First Zombie add
Manga 05-19-21
Aniyome-san no Sewa wo Yaku add
Manga 05-18-21
Mutant wa Ningen no Kanojo to Kiss ga Shitai add
After a nuclear war, most of humanity was destroyed and the world is now in ruins. Meanwhile, a mutant, born from the nuclear war, meets a human girl and instantly falls in love with her. In this more.
Manga 05-18-21
Ukiwa, to Fuurin.: Tomodachi Ijou, Furin Miman add
Manga 05-17-21
Yakuza to Metsuki no Warui Onna Keiji no Hanashi add
Todoroki, an underboss of the underground syndicate "Tsuchigumo", and Arigaya, a detective of the 4th police division, are constantly at each others throats. But although the two are on opposite more.
Manga 05-14-21
Class no Daikirai na Joshi to Kekkon suru Koto ni Natta. add
High school student Saito Houjo has married his classmate, Akane Sakuramori, the girl who is his biggest rival at school. The two can't seem to get along with each other, but their heart-pounding more.
Manga 05-14-21
Tights de Iyashite Kureru Yome add
Taito Sumeragi works at a "black company"—one that exploits its workers through bad business culture. He relies on his wife, Hakua, to make his life bearable. Lending him an ear for emotional more.
Manga 05-12-21
Kakeau Tsukihi add
Tsuki Arito and Yo Kamikoma move to Tokyo to become comedians. With a 9 m² apartment and just 300 yen for food expenses, the two best friends begin to chase their big dream. (Source: Shogakukan, more.
Manga 05-12-21
Eisen no Lovelock add
Manga 05-12-21
Choujin X add
Azuma Higashi is a rather popular boy. Although he may be somewhat small, he has good fighting skills, a strong sense of justice, and his grades are at the top of his class. This is the opposite of more.
Manga 05-10-21
Dai Tokyo Oniyomeden add
One-shot 05-10-21
Chanto Suenai Kyuuketsuki-chan add
Luna Ishikawa is a rather unique transfer student: she is a vampire. Accompanied by her cool demeanor, Luna quickly became the center of attention of the class. With such an immense presence, it more.
Manga 05-08-21
Sawaranaide Kotesashi-kun add
Manga 05-07-21
Kanojo no Tomodachi add
Manga 05-06-21
Konya Bokura wa Otomari wo Suru add
Manga 05-05-21
Nokoru Mono ni wa Fukukuru add
One-shot 05-01-21
Yuujin no Okaasan to... add
One-shot 05-01-21