How to use BBcode
BBcode is used to format text, insert url's and pictures in a post on the forums, profile, comments and in PM's. BBcode is similar to HTML. The only difference is BBcode uses square braces [] instead of <> in HTML. Written by Cheesebaron.
Text Formatting
You can change the style of the text the following ways:
[b]bo-rudo[/b] - this makes the text bold
[u]anda-rain[/u] - this underlines the text
[i]itarikku[/i] - this italicises the text
[s]sutoraiki[/s] - this strikes through the text
[center]text[/center] - this centers the text
[right]text[/right] - this right justifies the text
Changing the text color and size
[color=blue]buru[/color] - this changes the text color to blue

You can also use colour codes to define what colour you want your text to be
[color=#FFFFFF]Shiroi[/color] - this changes the text color to white

You can change the text size by using the [size=][/size] tag, the size is dependant on what value written. You can choose 20 to 200, which is representing the size in percent.
[size=30]KOMAKAI[/size] - will give a very small text size [size=200]KOUDAI[/size] - will give a huge text size
Posting a YouTube Video

Posts a YouTube video.
Creating lists
You can create a list by using the [list][/list] tag.

To create an un-ordered list:
To create an ordered, numbered list:
Creating links and showing images
[url=]Visit MyAnimeList[/url] - this would display Visit MyAnimeList as an URL.

To insert a picture to your post you can use the [img][/img] tag.
To insert a left/right aligned picture you can use the [img align=(left or right)][/img].
[img align=left][/img]
[img align=right][/img]
Making a spoiler button
To make a spoiler button use the [spoiler][/spoiler] tag, and the text in between the tags become invisible until the "Show spoiler" button is clicked.
[spoiler]This is a spoiler for an episode of an anime that could make people angry[/spoiler]
To make a named spoiler button you can use the [spoiler=name][/spoiler].
[spoiler="big secret"]Big Secret[/spoiler]
[spoiler='big secret']Big Secret[/spoiler]
Writing raw text
To write raw text use the [code][/code] tag.
[code]You can make the text bold with [b]text[/b] tag.[/code]
Combining BBcode
You can combine BBcodes, but you have to remember to end the tags in the right order
This example is WRONG:
[url=][img] picture.jpg[/url][/img]
This example is RIGHT:
[url=][img] picture.jpg[/img][/url]
User Mention
To mention another user on the forum add an @ symbol before their name. For example @user_name