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Poll: Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood Episode 15 Discussion

Jan 11, 6:47 AM

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Mei Chang and Xiao-Mei were adorable and funny! I liked scenes with them and Scar, generally speaking I really enjoy seeing characters in animes who own a little pet bonded to them that copies instantly their emotions.

Did Scar forgot about that guy with moustaches' betrayal back in Ishbalan Camp...?

I'm glad we were able to see some part of FMA's universe world map, along with learning 'bout certain places, countries.

Ling Yao and his ninjas... interesting mix, plus the ninjas seem to be very skilled. Kinda expected from prince's bodyguards.

About new opening: it was fine, but I like the previous one way, way more.
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Jan 17, 8:16 AM

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One of the notable complaints I had with the show was that apart from Elric brothers, there doesn't seem to be any characters who are interesting enough for you to care about them and stand on its own in the narrative except for like one, actually two (Scar and Führer). Hopefully this is going to change with the addition of Ling and May, I already like their introduction a lot so fingers crossed. This episode is decent enough

Feb 5, 6:46 AM
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Only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is because they change the theme. The first one was godly.
Mar 18, 4:16 PM

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Ling is amazing.

I think I like OP1 better than OP2.
Apr 4, 12:08 AM

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A lot of characters from the Eastern region of Xing were introduced and they are quite the handful. They're pretty likable if not troublesome and I'd love to get to know them better.

With Bradley being one of the biggest baddies of them all, I guess Scar's going to end up as some sort of antihero eventually. It might not be in an instant, but he's surely on the way to that path because of how he didn't insist on getting rid Mei and Yoki immediately.

After remembering most of the truth, Alphonse now knows how to do circleless transmutations. Impressive!

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