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Poll: Aria Episode 13 Discussion

Apr 28, 2018 1:31 AM

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My favourite thing in each episode was no joke the opening sequences. I've never seen this method before where they provide some light exposition behind the opening credits. The OP is such relaxing music. And best of all is how the show logo appears in the opening. It's got so much aesthetic, reminds me of vaporwave and a videogame logo.
Aug 18, 2018 7:29 PM

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Mormegil said:
I came into this expecting a masterpiece, and it sadly didn't live up to my expectations. Not a bad anime at all, though.

Lately, I've been fighting a bout of depression, so all the talk about the world being such a beautiful place to live in, and Akari's sappy lines had the adverse effect of pissing me off unfortunately. Maybe I picked a bad time to watch a relaxing anime like this? Speaking of which, everyone keeps on mentioning how Aria is relaxing, soothing, calming, etc. Uhh, that's great? It does have that feel, for sure, but it can be slow and - for lack of a better word - boring at times.

That being said, the world-building has been great so far, and since it makes me want to learn more about the world these characters inhabit, I know it's doing something right. The setting is nice as well, being a pseudo-Venice and all.
Episode 11, in particular, was the best(some personal resonance). I also liked the one with President Aria, even though I know most people hated it...

The Natural and Origination seasons seem to have much higher scores than the first season, so maybe I'll finally get why Aria is critically acclaimed and loved by most.

These are my thoughts exactly, right down to having the same favorite episode. I definitely agree the series does a good job at creating a soothing and peaceful atmosphere. And I would say each episode does have about 1 or 2 incredibly charming and heartwarming moments, but those moments are too few and far between, and it can be a drag to reach those moments. It's not really worth slogging through the rest of the episode to reach them. Maybe iyashikei anime just isn't for me.

Still though. I do see the potential of the series, and I am certainly going to check out the sequels to find out if they're actually better.
Jan 18, 6:44 PM

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It was a pretty chill anime. Hardly anything special, but served its purpose. That being said, it could have been better. Definitely had its moments but some of the episodes were a bit of a drag to sit through.

Bartender was also a pretty relaxing experience, but a much better anime overall, imo. So there's definitely room for improvement. Will watch the 2nd series someday. Hopefully things get a bit more interesting.
Apr 29, 11:08 PM

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Man, this show is just perfect. It has the comfiness of Yuru Camp, and the messages and themes of Sora yori mo Tooi Basho, with just the right blend of both sci-fi and fantasy. Never before has an anime lingered with me for the whole day (and even sometime after that) after watching every episode. Hahi! I love it! Solid 10/10.

Watching this episode was bittersweet for me. I was sad that it was the last episode of the season, but I knew that there's still more to come, more that's supposed to be even better than this one. I'm very excited to watch the sequels.
May 23, 3:25 PM

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I may well be the person who took the longest in finishing this series by far. I don't even quite remember what happened during the first couple episodes nor the day that I picked this up lol.
I usually really like comfy slice of life anime but this one kind of bored me at the beginning, though it wasn't bad by any means. The news that there was going to be a BD release also made me stall which proved to be a mistake since the BDs turned out garbage :/

I give this season a solid 8/10 and hope that the next seasons will be superior as indicated by their MAL scores.
Jul 20, 12:17 AM

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A pretty nice show to relax, I enjoyed it. But it sure doesn't live up to masterpiece status some people label it with, and is somewhat boring at times.
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