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Poll: Higashi no Eden Episode 11 Discussion

Apr 7, 2017 3:45 PM

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I have mixed feelings :((((((
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Aug 25, 2017 12:18 PM

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that was fucking disappointing and stupid.
Aug 28, 2017 6:47 AM

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This was a great anime and every thing was satisfying that's why I will watch the movie. I thought that last missile will hit him and Saki but it turned out great and most of all he is now the king. We never got see Mr outside but it turned out okay
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Aug 28, 2017 6:49 AM

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In real life NEET's are useless and cost the economy (DAMN LAZY BASTARDS)
"You know the rules, kill them all and keep moving "--- Lil Wayne- John
Sep 8, 2017 3:52 PM

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lool at NEET power

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Oct 8, 2017 9:05 PM

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I love it, but I was disappointed. Confused about this series.
Nov 11, 2017 12:52 PM

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pantsu is alive :o
Dec 30, 2017 5:26 AM

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Nice finale to the show. Akira managed to save the day with the help of the NEETs in spectacular fashion. So glad to see Panties survived...The computer retrieval scene was lol OMG. What a note to end on...Akira brainwashing himself again and leaving his phone to Saki. Poor girl...Her statement about the public and rumors is such a true statement...

Overall, I loved this show. Each ep had just the right amount of intriguing moments and new questions to make me eager for the next episode. Nice animation from IG and loved the soundtrack. I'm really looking forward to continuing the story in the movies.

Feb 11, 2018 5:53 PM

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The episode was pretty normal, lot of mysteries unresolved and an unpredictable future for our characters. I think that the anime lacked of explanations.
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Feb 21, 2018 7:10 PM

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The ending was better than I thought it would be, however, I still need to watch the movies for this. I got to say that this series made good on its ending unlike other series of just limited episodes. The overall theme was fun. Also, Takizawa noticed Ohsugi's balls, in not just figuratively, but literally too. This cannot become any more weird.

Good plan though, using the NEETs in order to save the country. But become king to save Japan? Where have I heard that before?

Good episode, however, I am still doubtful on the entire show as it would be. I am not gonna pass out on the movies though.

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Dec 4, 2018 11:08 AM

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I can't understand why this show has such a high score. It's a 5/10 for me and I don't think I'll even bother with the movies.
Jan 30, 8:05 AM

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Well, decent ending, but I feel like it's still unfinished.. Well, still have a lot of movies, so I'm guessing it fills the gap. Good anime, enjoyed it a lot!
Feb 9, 1:20 PM

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i've always believed it's not possible to enjoy a show with bad story and character writing. looks like i was wrong. also it's interesting how this was considered amazing 10 years ago..
May 25, 4:13 PM

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interesting series, pretty open ended with Akira manipulating himself again, i hope the 2 movies will continue the story properly.

i wonder though, was it on purpose that Osugi seems to be nothing more than an annoying spoiled 5-year old that grew too large?
Jul 3, 4:03 AM

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For me this show just went from very promising to very disappointing, especially when you consider the movies. It's just like Guilty Crown. Strong start, boring middle and ass ending.
Aug 18, 7:35 AM

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One of the most weirdest shows I've ever seen. Has a good sense of system and laws but all those nude Johnny's hangin around was hell in a cell.
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