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Poll: Whih chapter did you like most?

Jun 15, 2009 8:37 AM

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i loved all of them but chapter 2: liar love letter really brought me to tears...T_T i think it was really a cute one-shot, heck, describing it as "cute" wouldn't really do it justice i haveto go for chapter 2..=)
Sep 3, 2009 1:05 AM

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Yeah, I agree. I liked #2 the best :D

Although all 4 were good! I love this mangaka :3

*^*Random Rant*^*
Sep 13, 2009 7:00 AM

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no.2 & no.4. So awesome!!!
Apr 8, 2010 4:29 PM

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same here, chapter two was my favorite, and i rlly did cry while i was reading it. it was so sweet. i also loved both chapters three and four as well, though, because i thought they were hilarious! i felt chapter one was okay, but i didn't like it as much for some reason. but overall i loved the whole thing!