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[D] Chapter three - Holy Temple of Arutsakas

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Jun 12, 2009 5:57 AM

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Chapter 3: Holy Temple of Arutsakas

The next day when he woke up and was getting ready to head out he needed to hear some rumors about the thief. So he had to ask the people around him for more confirming information. First he asked about the Mysterious person at the Inn he was staying over at but the people there didn't seem to have any interest to share some information with Demon. Then the barkeeper hinted him that she had something to tell and so Demon walked to the counter 'I've heard some men talking about the thief heading to some Ruins. But you know, it is rumored he loves treasures.' said the woman. 'Treasures... Hmm, do you have any idea where this Ruins could be?' Asked Demon curiously and the woman was thinking and said laughing 'There is no ruin nearby! Unless...' and he responded quickly 'Unless what?!' Asked Demon a bit angry. 'I don't know much of it but I know someone who does, you can meet him somewhere here in town at the Magic shop' said the woman.

Demon ran out the Inn and looked for the shop he went past the other day but before he arrived he got lost after a while. He managed to find the Magic shop he went inside and he could feel that the atmosphere was a bit nostalgic. Then an old man asked 'What can I do for you? Or is there something you need to know?' Demon said immediately 'Yeah, there is something I have to ask, I heard that there might be some Ruins close by town but I don't know where and I was hoping you would be able to answer it'. Before the man answered his question he told him 'Calm down... There aren't really Ruins nearby except the Holy Temple but it is forbidden to set foot inside it is full of traps' said the old man. Demon wanted to head out but then the man said 'Hold it right there! How do you plan to go without knowing the location? It was lost a long time ago, I suggest you give up' Demon then responded 'I don't intend to give up so easily'. He said full of hope.

He walked out the shop and kept thinking 'I have to find that place there has to be something.' He walked past an ally then he heard something someone threw a stone at him but Demon catches it and walks in to the ally and said 'Who is there? Come on out!' Then a strange guy with a cape hiding his face walked towards him and said 'Well done, I'm surprised you noticed me. I heard you were looking for the Holy Temple of Arutsakas' 'Arutsakas? You know more of this don't you?” Asked Demon surprisingly. The man told him this 'Head to the North of this town until the sun goes down then you should be able to see a glittering star who's calling to you. BUT! Only the chosen ones can enter the Holy temple so other's won't be able to enter'. When he was done telling where to go he kind of looked carefully around as if he was in a hurry. 'Thanks mister, what's your name?' asked Demon 'Call me Shadow, we shall meet again.' 'POOF!!!' And so the strange guy named Shadow disappeared into the crowd.

'I got the information I needed I hope to find the Mysterious person there but there is a slight problem as well "Only the chosen ones are able to enter the Holy Temple of Arutsakas" I guess, I will have to think of something when I reach my destination' were Demon's thoughts. He went to get some supplies in town at the chemist shop once he was ready he needed to exit via the North gate of town it was pretty big so it takes a while to get there from the other side. Now that he was all set he departed into the green meadow although the wind was blowing strongly. There wasn’t much of a choice he had but there was also no time to lose and so he walked to the north. It would take a while before the sun would be set so he went to rest for a bit.

In the meantime the guy named Shadow was standing on top of one of the tallest buildings rooftops to see whether he went to the right direction or not. 'Heh, just like my Lord predicted' were his words. Demon who was taking a break noticed something, he was able to see a bit of a few foot prints it wasn't that clearly but he knew someone was here before him. He had a bad feeling about this so he went to move on further he needs to be faster so he speeds up his speed. The sun was set and just like Shadow told him he could see a glittering star 'I'm getting closer it isn't that far anymore' said Demon as he was rushing his way. He started to run faster and faster until he could see the Holy Temple of Arutsakas, he was getting excited but someone happened to be there before he did so he hid himself behind one of the pillars watching the other person.

The gate near the Temple was closed and there he saw some idiot bashing the gate trying to open it 'BAM! BAM!' he heard. 'Ouch, why won't it open!? Damnit!' said the person. Demon observed the clothing the person was wearing and it reminded him of the mysterious person! 'Wait, a minute that's the thief... I've found you' was going on in Demon's mind. Now he needed a plan to approach him, he knew that the thief wouldn't be able to enter because the gate would only let the chosen ones inside, therefore Demon came a bit closer, the mysterious person found out someone followed him and said 'Come on out! Whoever that may be!'
And he was shaking with laughter. 'So you found out, eh?' said Demon full of confidence and walked out from the pillars where he was hiding at.

“Whahaha! Here he is! I found him!” was the loud racket Demon and the thief could hear and so they both looked at the direction it was coming from and they could see two big muscular animal like men.
One of the goons said “Hey, look he has an accomplice!” the other goon responded with “Isn’t that the one who was eavesdropping us at the inn the other day?” The goons looked at eachother then yelled “GET THEM!” both goons ran towards Demon and the thief and splitted up. Demon was fighting one of them and the other was fighting with the thief, the goons were both using an axe as weapon. Swinging violently loose to all directions all Demon had to do was await his opportunity to strike back, The goon smashed his axe from above downwards hoping he would hit Demon but he evaded and his axe got stuck in the ground that was the moment he could make his move. He clenched his fist and punched the ugly goon in the face he was instantly knocked out so Demon said “Heh, pathetic weakling”. The thief however was still in his fight busy evading playing around laughing and making fun of him. Then he saw his chance so he managed to get behind the goons back and was holding him in a stranglehold position holding his knife near the goons throat. “Goodbye, sucker for ruining my day!” were the words the thief said before he cut the goons throat.

Suddenly the ground started shaking and the gate began to open slowly 'What did you do to open the gate?!' asked the thief he dropped the body and ran to the gate to pass through it but he wasn't able to get past the barrier. Then Demon decided to give it a try he walked to the gate sighs deep and tried to get past the gate and he passes through with no problems. The thief was getting angry and started to shout and yell at Demon because he was on the other side of the door but then Demon smiled at the thief and walked on further to the Temple. The thief started banging against the barrier of the gate but during that time Demon was already able to go inside the Temple, of course the thief from outside was sulking because he wasn't able to go hunt for the Treasures inside.

'So this is the Holy Temple of Arutsakas' said Demon as he was looking around him astonishing. Everything was pretty old it was all made from Marble, for him there were 3 hallways he had to choose from but then he remembered the man's words ' it is forbidden to set foot inside it is full of traps'. So Demon took the right hallway, the fire on the torches were already lit but it was still dark inside the Temple. After he walked a bit further he found a suspicious room there was nothing in the room in particular except another door at the other side of the square room. 'This is nothing but an empty room, what if there are traps inside? I have nothing to lose' and so he just crossed the other side of the room 'Huh? Nothing happened...' When Demon was about to open the door a big rock fell down onto Demon so unexpected but he managed to gather all his strength to catch it and was holding on to it for a second and threw it away aside of him'. Now he went past the door and then he entered a long hallway that didn't seem to be ending. He walked and walked and walked in further but Demon wasn't able to see the end of it, 'Could this be some kind of trick? There's no end to it.' Demon closed his eyes and concentrated on the sound, he could hear a faint sound from the wind coming from close by. He walked closer to the wall and examined it he could walk right through it.

'Ha, that almost made me worry for a bit there'. Said Demon. He came into a new room and the first thing he could see was an altar. He went to stand there, a door was hidden behind the big cloth hanging on the wall but he wasn't able to unlock the door a key was needed. He found an inscription on the door what said 'To unlock this door a key is needed, the answer is simple'. Demon started to think 'A key... huh? Well every door with a lock needs a key so maybe...' He could see the key but couldn't grab it, it was right in front of him floating in the air, it kept disappearing right before his eyes 'What the...?! If only I could reach it'. It took him a couple attempts to catch the key because it disappeared every time when he nearly got it. Now he was able to get it only because he was fast enough to grab it. He walked to the door, unlocked it and went through, another square room was there but this one was much more bigger than the other rooms before. A giant statue of a Phoenix was standing right before his very eyes 'This is amazing, that something like this still exists' His eyes sparkled of excitement, he went to touch the statue then all of a sudden...