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Poll: K-ON! Episode 10 Discussion

Aug 10, 2017 7:19 AM

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Is K-On the best cute girls anime because it has 2 beach episodes instead of one?
Sep 10, 2017 1:11 PM

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Another beach episode. And they still didn't practice!

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Jan 5, 12:36 AM
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Back to the beach for summer training club with Azusa. Surprisingly, they got a bigger vacation house; however it's not the biggest yet ever. Looks like we have a toasted Azunyan who is having fun the most at the camp. Good to see them all getting along. Also, good thing Sawako-sensei made it to the beach although she got lost for a moment.

Feb 9, 11:40 AM

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lol Mugi's parent are always trying to show off to her friends
Oct 10, 5:26 AM

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Lol Azusa turned too tanned.
Oct 20, 3:58 AM

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Another perfect episode, absofuckinglutely love this
Oct 29, 2:48 PM
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I made a compilation of Ritsu's faces from this episode. Honestly she has the best character design and facial expressions. So varied.
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